Forbes: Is Cold Fusion Feasible or a Fraud? (Ethan Siegel)

Thanks to georgehants for posting a link to a new article on the Forbes website by Ethan Siegel titled: “Is Cold Fusion Feasible, Or is it a Fraud?” Link his here: This is another article from an established media entity on the subject of cold fusion lately, so for some reason there’s more attention […]

CBC Covers the Cold Fusion Story

A new article on the current state of cold fusion has been posted on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website written by Torah Kachur, titled “Q&A: Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again” The link is here: It’s pretty much the same kind of article that we see from time […]
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Reflections on the Tohoku University LENR Experiments

I have been re-reading the report about the Tohoku University LENR experiment and have found it includes information that might provide clues about why LENR may or may not occur in some experiments. Just to recap: 1. The Tohoku experiment uses a system with two palladium electrodes inside a cylindrical chamber. A nickel mesh is […]

Report: ‘Stable Excess Heat’, ‘100 Per Cent Reproducible’ in LENR Experiment at Tohoku University, Japan

Thanks to reader Bob (not Greenyer) for a comment today which cites a new report by Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP Clean Tech Institute, translated from the orginal Japanese by Jed Rothwell and posted on the LENR-CANR website here: It reports on work taking place at the Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS) Department at Tohoku […]
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Aarhus University/MFMP LENR Project Covered on Danish Website

Thanks to readers who have pointed out the following article from the Danish website Ingeniøren (The Engineer) which looks at the recent developments at Aarhus University where the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has been invited to collaborate on a LENR research project. The link below is to an English translation (by Google) of the original […]

Science Lessons from Cold Fusion/LENR: Webinar With Ruby Carat, September 24th

The Energy 2.0 Society is hosting a webinar which will be presented by Ruby Carat, the publisher of, documentary filmmaker and long-time advocate of cold fusion/LENR. Ruby will be speaking about her experiences in the LENR field going back to 2010; she has interviewed many key researchers in the LENR field and has worked […]

Brilliant Light Power Announces October 26th Industry Day, CEO Mills Predicts Power Industry Disruption in 2017

Brilliant Light Power continues to promote its technology, and has recently announced that it will hold a Fall Industry Day on October 26th at its facility in Cranbury, New Jersey where, according to the announcement, there will be “Invitational Public Presentation by Noted Speakers from Telecomm, Climate Change, Academic, and Market Strategy Fields with SunCell® […]
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