Nickel or Palladium? — The Future Direction of LENR Research

I’ve seen some discussion regarding the recent ICCF-19 conference about the direction and future of LENR research in terms of the types of systems that are being tested and reported on. Many of the talks at the Padua conference were given by long-time researchers who have focused on the palladium-deuterium reactions that that were the subject […]
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A Possible explanation for observed LENR heating behavior and Transmutation using Simple Physics Principles (Stephen)

The following article was submitted by Stephen My Motto Discovery: Discovery is often down to a change in perspective. We are often like the ant that can’t see an elephant because of the mouse standing in front of it, discovery happens when the ant steps to the side and decides to look around the mouse. […]

Rossi on Hot Cat Improvements

From what Andrea Ross has told us, we know that while he sits inside his shipping container monitoring the performance of the 1 MW plant, that he is keeping busy with other projects. He has mentioned working on his theoretical collaboration with Norman Cook, and also working on R&D with the Hot Cat (high temperature […]
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Parkhomov Reports on ICCF-19, Meeting with Lugano Testers (Who are Also Replicating)

Thanks to Sanjeev for reporting this information which came via LENR-Forum: Alexander Parkhomov has made a post on the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM site a brief report of his visit to ICCF-19, which includes some interesting news about meeting with some of the testers who were involved in the Lugano experiment. He posts (Google translated […]
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Rossi Reports Online Meeting with Parkhomov, Plans Visit to Russia in Future (1MW Plant Stable, Hot Cat Efficiency Improving)

Andrea Rossi reported on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today of an interesting communication he has had with Alexander G. Parkhomov. In a recent response to a question about Parkhomov’s work, Rossi posted that he thought AGP’s work was important, and that they had something in common: they are both hard workers. Then today, he […]
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Infinite Energy interview Tom Darden on Rossi, E-Cat, LENR: “We’ve Seen Some Really Good Stuff”

Marianne Marcy of Infinite Energy Magazine has conducted an interview  with Tom Darden of Cherokee/Industial Heat at the ICCF-19 conference in Padua. It’s a long interview that covers quite a lot of ground, and Darden talks a lot about his background and environmental philosophy, and there are interesting areas concerning LENR. Here are few excerpts […]

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #9: MFMP Running GlowStick Test — Live Video Stream)

UPDATE #9 (April 17) Live from Padua Italy is a new MFMP test using a GlowStick with Parkhomov fuel — live video is below: Part 5 of the videocast: Part 4 of the videocast: Part 3 of the videocast: Part 2 of the videocast: Part 1 of the videocast: Direct link […]
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ICCF-19 Conversations and Impressions (Mats Lewan) [Updated]

The following post was submitted by Swedish author and journalist Mats Lewan Thursday was my first day at ICCF-19, and it was worth every minute. Let me first give you a picture of the situation. I quickly understood that ICCF-19 is very different from earlier years. The number of attendees is the double of what […]
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