Tom Conover’s Multiple Reactor Meltdowns (Hank Mills)

The following article has been submitted by Hank Mills Another individual has emerged who seems to be producing anomalous heat while utilizing combinations of fuel similar to that used in Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. Tom Conover has reported performing close to two hundred test runs utilizing nickel powder, lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4), and sometimes other lithium […]

Q&As on E-Cat Production Status

Below are some Q&As from the Journal of Nuclear Physics from July 23rd about the current state of production and testing of E-Cats products. How is work going with the 1MW E-Cat plants? — Well Do you have multiple customers with orders in for the 1MW E-Cat plants (low temperature)? — Yes How is work […]
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New Fire’s 100+ Year Gestation Part 1 (New MFMP Video)

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has released a new video called “New Fire’s 100+ Year Gestation Part 1) in which Bob discusses the results of research he has done, and conversations he has had, and looks into historical references in the scientific literature that he feels could significance to the LENR field. […]
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Elon Musk Publishes Tesla’s Master Plan Part 2 with Goal to Power the World and Transform Transportation

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, Inc. has published part two of the company’s Master Plan, which reveals a grand ambition for Tesla to provide the means for its customers to become their own energy producers via rooftop solar systems (combining solar panels with Tesla batteries), expanding EV production and improving self-driving technology, and […]

“Method and Details for Creation of a Spectacular Brilliant Light Flash Potentially Resulting from Hydrino Formation” (BLP Replication Effort)

On the Facebook LENR, Cold Fusion and Andrea Rossi page, a poster named Simon Brink, an Australian engineer, has provided a link to a document he has published in which he attempts a replication of the Brilliant Light Power method. The report by Simon Brink, published in the Journal of Advances in Physics, is titled […]
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A Proposed New Design of E-cat Boiler (Paul Dodgshun)

The following post has been submitted by Paul Dodgshun A Proposed New Design of E-cat Boiler (using the Operating Principle of a Once-through Boiler and with Steam Conditions suitable for driving a Steam Turbine) Inspired by the realisation that the finned heat exchanger in the 1MW E-cat is a once-through boiler and having worked at […]

Documentary: The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy (VPRO Backlight Video)

The following documentary video from the Dutch public broadcasting agency VPRO provides an interesting perspective about the implications of the falling price of wind and solar energy. The thesis of the video is that now the unsubsidized cost of solar and wind energy is cheaper than fossil fuels, and having reached this crossover point, the […]

Foreign Policy Article on Cold Fusion and the Life and Death of Eugene Mallove

Foreign Policy is an American journal published by the Graham Holdings Company, formerly the Washington Post Company, and is considered one of the premier publications for discussions of topics considered of international importance in such fields as politics, economics, science and technology. Over the years it has carried articles by prominent politicians, academics and diplomat. […]
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