Rossi: Photo of the Plant to be Published Probably this Week

For whatever reason, Andrea Rossi and his team are keeping interest in the 1MW E-Cat plant alive. We have already seen some photos of the plant under construction, and now Rossi is promising another picture of the plant on location. A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics reminded Rossi that he had said that he […]
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Live Experiment from Denis Vasilenko (AKA Firax Tech) — (UPDATE #2 New test started, May 24)

A new LENR Experiment has been started by Denis Vasilenko, aka Firax Tech. He writes that this experiment is designed to test his quartz reactor for hydrogen leaks. In this thread on the LENR-Forum, Denis describes his reactor: ​Features a small tube: quartz, external diameter – 6.1mm, 3.8mm internal diameter, length – 13.5mm It features […]
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Parkhomov-style LENR Test by Me356 — Update#5: Sat. May 23 Test Concludes with Heater Failure

Thanks to Pelgrim for finding this live experiment of a Parkhomov-like reactor taking place today (Saturday May 9th) being run by ‘Me356′ — not sure where this is taking place. At this link: you can see live streaming data, along with photos that are taken every minute. There’s a live chat session taking place here. Me356 […]
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Understanding Attenuation of Potential Ionising Radiation in a Parkhomov Style Reactor (MFMP)

Understanding attenuation of potential ionising radiation in a Parkhomov style reactor. []=Project Dog Bone=[] A concerned follower and very generous British donor called Stephen has made it possible for the project to acquire a full turn-key UCS30 spectrometer system which arrived yesterday at Alan’s in California and was set up by him and MFMP volunteer […]

Clean Planet Inc. Hosts Symposia on Future of Cold Fusion in Japan

Clean Planet, the Japanese company that is partnering with Tohoku University in the formation of the Clean Energy Research Lab, has reported on its Facebook Page about meetings it has recently held. They write (translated from Japanese): We are pleased to report that we hosted symposiums, Future of Cold Fusion, at 2 national universities in […]

Rossi on Manufacture of Plants, 3-D Printing, Competition [Update: IH ‘Very Seriously’ Studying Metal 3D Printing’]

I asked a couple of questions today of Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the future development and manufacture of E-Cat Plants: Q: What will be the estimated cost of a 1MW plant like the one you are now operating? Andrea Rossi May 17th, 2015 at 8:29 AM Frank Acland: It is […]
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“LENR: Unexpected Energy Future” — Energy 2.0 Society Presentation at IEEE in Madison Wisconsin

On April 15, 2015, Gary Scott and Tom Wind, both founding members of the Energy 2.0 Society were invited to make a presentation on LENR at the Madison, Wisconsin chapter of the IEEE. The title of their presentation was” “LENR: Unexpected Energy Future”, which was put together to give an overview of the history and […]