‘The Hypothesis of Micro Acceleration Mechanism for Nuclear Fusion E-Cat Reactor (Fedir Mykhaylov)

The following paper was submitted by Fedir Mykhaylov, an energy systems engineer from Lviv, Ukraine. His own preface: “To describe the operation of the reactor, processes confirmed by modern science were used,without involving exotic and unproven theories.” The Hypothesis of micro acceleration mechanism for nuclear fusion E-Cat reactor.

McKubre Slides From Norway Presentation Chronicle SRI’s LENR Replications — Brillouin Featured

Cold Fusion Now has found some interesting details from Michael McKubre. The slides that were presented by Michael McKubre at the symposium on LENR held in Oslo, Norway on November 5th have been uploaded to the LENR-CANR.org site here. There’s a lot of interesting detail in these slides, including a list of nine replications that […]

Economic Times (India) Makes Case for LENR Research

Thanks to Sanjeev for finding article in the Indian Economic Times written by science and technology writer Hari Pulakkat which looks at some the latest news and developments in the field of cold fusion/LENR. Pulakkat mentions some of the controversies surrounding cold fusion and says that the field has no academic standing, but shows that […]
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Dr. Stoyan Sarg to Address Nanotek & Expo 2014 on LENR

Canadian Physicist Dr. Stoyan Sarg has been invited to the 4th International Nanotek & Expo confererence to be held on Dececmber 1-3, 2014 in San Francisco, where he will be co-chair of the section Nanotechnology in Energy Systems. He will present a talk “Physical models of LENR processes using the BSM-SG atomic models”. He will […]
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Andrea Rossi acknowledges that the Rossi Effect has been replicated … (Tom Conover)

Andrea Rossi acknowledges that the Rossi Effect has been replicated … ————————————————– Marco Serra November 20th, 2014 at 2:51 AM Dear Andrea, you said that “We cannot feed more information to our competition, which now is very powerful”. My question is: how can any competitor be powerful without knowing the core effect that drive the […]

Michael McKubre, Hanno Essén and Others Participate in Norway Seminar to Discuss Possible LENR Alternative to Oil

There’s a very interesting article posted in Infinite Energy magazine written by Michael McKubre of SRI International where he describes a recent visit to Norway he made at the invitation of Nils Holme chair of a committee organized by the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA) and The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific […]
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Excerpts from Interview with ENEA Frederico Testa on Bill Gates’ Visit

Many thanks to Giuliano Bettini on the LENR, Cold Fusion and Andrea Rossi Facebook Page for providing a transcription and translation of excerpts from a recent interview by an Italian Radio station (Radio Capital) with Frederico Testa, Commissioner of ENEA, regarding Bill Gates’ recent visit to ENEA’s Frascati labs. 00:20 Question ..how was this meeting with […]
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