More From Rossi on Theory

There’s been quite a lot of discussion about the theoretical basis behind the E-Cat since the Lugano report was published, and more recentlyalso after the publication of the paper on ‘bound neutron tunneling’ by Carl-Oscar Gullström, which Andrea Rossi told me in an email (and gave me permission to repeat) he considered a ‘small jewel’ […]
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Fusion Discussed on BBC Radio — Cold Fusion Mentioned (Fortyniner)

Thanks to Fortyniner for this report: Fusion power was discussed on the BBC’s ‘In Our Time’ morning chat show today. Much predictable talking up of hot fusion by three ‘experts’, then (to his credit) host Melvyn Bragg asked “But what about cold fusion?”. Momentary silence, then some tentative comments about how it had looked hopeful […]

Rossi in His Lab, 2013 (Picture)

Thanks to Mr. Moho for finding this page on Vessela Nikolova’s E-Cat-The New Fire website where she is marketing her new biography of Andrea Rossi by the same name. The picture is of Andrea Rossi in his Ferrara, Italy, factory (before Rossi moved his operations to Industrial Heat, LLC, in North Carolina) and was apparently […]
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A Theory to Work With (Anon)

An associate of mine, who resides here in the U.S., and I have for some time been discussing the E-Cat and related LENR topics. He recently shared some ideas concerning the newly published bound neutron tunneling paper. What’s really nice with Carl-Oscar Gullström’s recently published paper is to see a graduate student taking on the […]

How Hot was the Lugano Lab During the E-Cat Test?

Here’s an interesting post from Andrea Rossi in response to a question from a reader (Achi) on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the temperature in the lab during the running of the Hot Cat test, which ran for 32 days during February and March this year. He asked: How was the room ventilated? From […]
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Rossi Congratulates Carl-Oscar Gullström on Theoretical LENR Paper

A few days ago, Carl-Oscar Gullström, a doctoral student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University, Sweden submitted a paper to E-Cat World for publication here, titled ” “Low radiation fusion through bound neutron tunneling.” The paper can be read at this link: Today, I posted a link to the paper, […]
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Is There Enough Nickel? (Pierre)

Here’s a post by Pierre on this thread who is posing a question that might be interesting to readers here. Not sure if my question was answered, regarding is there enough nickel around to use ecats to replace oil. Would love it to be true through. Need to see the right math. Seems reasonable that […]

What is the E-Cat’s First Home? [MFMP Project Dog Bone Video]

Here’s a very interesting video created for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s “Project Dog Bone”, an attempt to replicate the E-Cat reactor tested in Lugano earlier this year. This video is made by Bob Greenyer who recently visited the Heat Treatment Congress in Köln, Germany, where he studies a number of interesting heating elements and […]