MFMP’s ‘Project Dog Bone’ Has Begun

The following was posted in the Replication Thread by Bob Greenyer []=Project Dog Bone=[] One week ago, the MFMP asked the question “So you want to see a replication?”, well, there seems to be demand for one (thanks for all the well-wishers and donations) however, we obviously cannot do a “replication” per se because we […]
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The Slow Pace of Technological Progress (Guest Post by Billy Jackson)

The following post has been submitted by Billy Jackson The Slow Pace of Technological Progress “When the Wright Brothers first began seriously thinking about the challenge of manned flight, their only goal was the notoriety that would come from being the first ones to solve the problem.  Soon, they came to realize that flying held […]
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Open Letter to the Authors of the Lugano Hot Cat Test (Peter Gluck)

The following open letter was posted by Peter Gluck on his Ego Out blog, and Vortex-l To: Giuseppe Levi Evelyn Foschi: unknown, please convey Tornbjorn Hartman: Roland Petterson: Bo Hoistadt: Lars Tegner: Hanno Essen: Dear Authors, For the sake of Science and especially for the New Paradigm of the […]

Communication from Industrial Heat Warning about Fraudulent Solicitations

The following message was posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by Andrea Rossi today To the Readers: I report a communication released today from Industrial Heat: “Recently we become aware of information being distributed offering ownership,shares or prepurchase agreements for Energy Catalyzers (E-Cat) with request of money in the following Territories: North America, Central […]
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E-Cat “The New Fire”: the Biography of Andrea Rossi by Vessela Nikolova (Press Release)

The following press release was submitted by Vessela Nikolova. Announcing Publication of E-CAT “THE NEW FIRE”: the Biography of Andrea Rossi A new book providing details on the fascinating E-Cat saga is available: it is E-Cat “The New Fire”, a translation from the Italian version, E-Cat “Il Nuovo Fuoco”, an original essay that aims to reach a […]
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Huffington Post Covers E-Cat — Authors Concede that Rossi Could Have Made a ‘Very Important Discovery’

In the Huffington Post Blog today, contributors David H. Bailey of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (retired) and University of California, and Jonathan M. Borwein, Laureate Professor of Mathematics, University of Newcastle, Australia cover the latest news in the world of nuclear fusion in a post titled “Fusion Energy: Hope or Hype?” They first talk […]
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