Neutron production in LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil The overarching theme of this essay is to explain how neutrons are only transmuted from protons as a result of beta decay mediated under the control of the weak force. Nuclear decay requires the weak force and neutron production requires nuclear decay. Nuclear decay resulting in the […]

IEEE host Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro discus LENR in September at Teradyne.

The following announcement was submitted by Ian Walker Hi all On the 23-September-2015 05:30PM to 08:15PM (2.75 hours) US/Eastern time at Teradyne in Massachusetts Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro will host meeting to discuss: On the LENR Phenomena and Potential Applications, Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro Here’s part of the […]
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New Study Supports Claims about EM Drive Fuel-Less Propulsion System

There is some interesting news concerning research into the EM Drive propulsion system — an invention of British engineer Roger Shawyer. Shawyer and other proponents claim that the EM Drive requires no propellant, but is able to convert electricity directly into thrust. This is something that is considered to be impossible by many in the […]

MFMP Setting Up Long Term Test, Reheating Padua Glowstick

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is setting up for a new test ‘somewhere in Eastern Europe’. The plan is to re-test the glowstick reactor that was tested in Padua earlier this year for a full week with data being provided live. Bob Greenyer says that the test might start today, but that’s not confirmed yet. […]
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PESN: Solar Hydrogen Trends Technology PrimarilyBased on Chemical Reaction

Thanks to Sanjeev for providing a link to a story by Sterling Allan at PESN who reports about Solar Hydrogen Trends, a company whose claims of high levels of overunity in its hydrogen production system we have covered here before. The main PESN article is here: Sterling Allan reports that one of the original […]

Does Plasma Power the E-Cat? (Hank Mills)

The following post has been submitted by Hank Mills Replicators still do not fully understand how the high temperature E-Cat produces excess heat. Although some individuals such as Alexander Parkhomov and Songsheng Jiang have produced working reactors, many other people have failed in their replication attempts. This is because we have yet to figure out […]
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LENR Thermal Rocket (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil The nuclear rocket is such an attractive concept for space exploration that the space fairing nations of the world have repeatedly experimented with this concept for the last 50 years in an attempt to perfect this idea. Even with the great dangers and disadvantages in this approach […]
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