New Celani Paper Reports Improved Excess Heat Production, and Voltage Generation in a Reactor

A post on Daniele Passerini’s website provides information about new research carried out by a team led by Francesco Celani, a longtime Italian LENR researcher. In new testing by Celani et al., they report an interesting phenomenon in their reactor in addition to the generation of excess heat: ‘spontaneous voltage generation’. The report states: […]
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American Chemical Society Journal Article: LENR Seen as Possible Explanation for Anomalous Heat

I would like to thank Curbina for bringing attention to a paper that I had not yet studied that seems to have some important findings connected with LENR. The title of the paper is “Oscillatory behavior and anomalous heat evolution in recombination of H2 and O2 on Pd-based catalysts” written by a Polish team lead […]
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Airbus to Host LENR Workshop in October

An announcement has been made of an upcoming workshop titled: 11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals to be held at Airbus in Toulouse, France, on 15-16 October 2015.Airbus Group Innovations Vice-President and Chief Scientist Jean-François Geneste is the conference organizer. I think the term “Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals” is another way […]
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20+ Years Before LENR Aircraft: Rossi

Many people following the LENR story are often convinced that it is the energy source of the future, and at some point will be ubiquitous. Given what we know of the E-Cat, I think that’s a fair assumption to make — but in making prediction and projections, we have to also take into account the […]

Report: Bazhutof Plasma Electrolysis System Provides up to 6 times Excess Heat

There’s a slideshow of new electolysis experiments being done by a Russian researcher Yuri N. Bazhutov that he presented at a seminar at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow on June 25th that shows some potentially interesting results. ( Unfortunately the slides are all in Russian, so it’s hard to get a full picture of what is going on, but […]
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