Sergio Focardi on The Need for Atomic Hydrogen in the E-Cat

Following up on Max Temple’s recent article here egarding the possible role that palladium could play in LENR reactions, by rapidly disassociating molecular hydrogen into atomic hydrogen, is an interesting interview from 2011 from Daniele Passarini’s website Here are the relevant quotes: [Male interviewer] Isn’t that the famous powder mentioned earlier? Yes, there is the nickel powder, […]

Global Warming’s Impact on Environment Worse than we thought

The effect of climate change on wildlife and the environment might have been grossly underestimated. Nearly half the threatened mammals and quarter of the birds might be impacted by global warming, a study published in the Climate Change Journal indicates. “Many experts have got these climate assessments wrong – in some cases, massively so,” coauthor [...]

Palladium: Rossi’s Potential Hydrogenating Hammer (Max Temple)

The following post has been submitted by Max Temple Atomic hydrogen is critical to maximize hydrogen absorption into nickel. Nickel by itself can disassociate molecular hydrogen (H2) into atomic hydrogen (H1) but the process can be slow and inefficient. However, palladium (Pd) is an element that can rapidly disassociate molecular hydrogen into atomic hydrogen. The […]

David Niebauer Interviews Mats Lewan

David Niebauer has published a new podcast interview, this time with Mats Lewan, Swedish author and journalist who has been writing about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat for the last few years. Here are some of the key points that stood out to me from the very interesting discussion(many other topics were covered, also). These […]
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Regarding the Manelas Device (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil Regarding the Manelas Device For background see It might be that the pulsed current of the 137 kilohertz square wave input current produces a magnetic dipole with a large instantaneous power factor because the current is produced by a square wave like the Brillouin method. […]
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Brilliant Light Power Developments: David Niebauer Interviews Author Brett Holverstott

In a newly released podcast, California-based attorney and abundant energy advocate David Niebauer, who is currently seeking to organize an ‘Abundant Clean Energy X-Prize’, interviews Brett Holverstott. Holverstott is a former employee/intern at Brilliant Light Power, and who has recently published a book about BLP titled Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy. David […]
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Georges Lochak’s Monopole (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil A UDH swarm tracks from Fig. 1 are correlated as a group but cannot all be overlaid on top of each other. These tracks appear to be correlated, yet twisted or acted upon by some central force. The tracks were digitized in a vector graphics […]
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Rossi vs. Industrial Heat — How is Boeing Involved?

A couple of new documents have been posted in the court documents recently regarding a hearing that is scheduled to be held on February 9th in the office of magistrate John J O’Sullivan in Miami. The documents are 133 and 135 here. In my mind there is nothing too remarkable about the documents — they […]
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A Picture to Explain e-capture (Gerhard Hunf)

The following post has been submitted by Gerhard Hunf Some metals (Pd, Ni, ..) or their metal alloys “solve” large amounts of hydrogen, based on adsorbtion and absorption. Adsorption is here seen as a kind of loose chemical bond between metal and hydrogen – on the surface, while the absorption is a deposit of hydrogen […]