LENR Cities to hold Event for Industrialists in Italy, February 2015

On the LENR Cities web site is an announcement of an upcoming event in Italy. Following their Oxford University (UK) conference in January will be a meeting in Italy for “Industrialists” Here’s the information from the LENR-Cities website: EVENTS LENR-Cities is in Italy, February 2015. It’s for Industrialists. LENR-Cities creates a “win-win”. First we meet […]
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Battery Powered E-Cats — Rossi asks for Help

Here’s an opportunity for the ECW crowd to maybe help Andrea Rossi out a little bit. I have been thinking about the natural gas powered E-Cat which Rossi has said they are pursuing because of its cost efficiency (natural gas being much cheaper than electricity at the moment), and started thinking about the possibility of […]
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Zenn Motor Releases Testing Report on its Capacitor Technology (EEStorrFanFib)

Good day disruptive technology enthusiasts. I’ve waited 6 years for this day. Zenn Motor / EEStor released testing results and cap industry expert commentary today on their new, valuable capacitor technology. The reports are available for viewing at http://www.zenncars.com or at http://www.eestor.us. These materials are also available for viewing at http://www.sedar.com. Here’s an excerpt from […]

Secret USPTO SAWS Program Specifically Refers to Cold Fusion and Worries About Public Opinion (Guest Post)

The following post was submitted by E-Cat World reader Mike Today’s article in the National Law Review reports on the US patent office’s (USPTO) secret SAWS program that focuses specifically on cold fusion and perpetual motion machines.  An interpretation is that it could be quite unlikely that the USPTO will award Rossi’s E-Cat related patents before […]
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Audio in English of Radio24 Interview With Bo Höistad

Thanks to Andreas Moraitis for finding a link to an English language interview that Maurizio Melis of Italian Radio24 Smart City hosts conducted with professor Bo Höistad of the University of Upssala (Sweden) You can hear the audio here: http://freeenergyscams.com/andrea-rossi-e-cat-industrial-heat-llc-complete-bo-hoisted-interview-on-radio24-in-english/ This is really the first serious statement we have heard from any of the testing […]
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Gamma Ray Bursts found to be Common in Thunderstorms

I have no idea if this has any relationship to LENR, but I find it interesting that there is now convincing evidence that thunderstorms commonly produce stong bursts of gamma rays — a phenomenon once thought to only occur in deep space. Researchers presented findings on the topic at a meeting of the American Geophysical […]
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The Impact of Oil Prices on LENR

It’s almost impossible not to notice the currently ongoing precipitous drop in oil prices. Headlines daily are talk about the effect of oil’s drop on consumer spending, the stock market, Russia, North American oil production, OPEC countries, etc. Even if you don’t watch the news, the signs we see at our local filling stations tell […]
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