Chinese Company 3D Prints 10 Houses Per Day

Somewhat off-topic, I know, but we may just be looking at the way the construction of the future will be done in the video below. A Chinese company called Yingchuang New Materialshas developed a system of building houses using large-scale 3D printers that allows them to build ten small homes per day on-site using mostly […]
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LENR Patent Filed by Former Motorola Researcher, Others

Ron Kita at Vortex-l has discovered a new LENR patent application filed by Marc Chason of Marc Chason and Associates of Schaumburg, Illinois, who was formerly with Motorola Labs. The other inventors listed are Daniel Gaomota and Rick Latella. The patent is for a “System and method for supplying hydrogen and deuterium to lenr and […]
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CHP and its Future With CF/LENR (Guest Post)

Many thanks to ECW Reader Alain Samoun who has provided the following article about combined heat and power systems. Some statistics that I have gathered about CHP (Mainly from Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production (COSPP) ) CHP: Combined Heat and Power (electricity)  also called Cogeneration and DG distributed generation. The local production of energy is more […]
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Breakthrough: Electricity from Graphene and Water

We’ve mentioned some of the remarkable properties of graphene here before, and here’s some news that shows the potential of the single- atom-thick-material for energy production. A research team at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics have published an article in Nature Nanotechnology describing how they have discovered a method of producing electricity by dragging […]
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The Industrial Heat Web of Connections includes GE, Others

Thanks to Mr. Moho for the following post which provides a feasible link between Industrial Heat LLC, and GE. The Tom Darden patent for a distributed energy system mentioned in a post here yesterday lists the co-inventor as James Kevin (Jim) Syperski, who is CEO of a Raleigh, North Carolina company called Power Generation Services, […]
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Tom Darden of Cherokee/Industrial Heat Files Patent for Microgrid System

Thanks to Andreas Moraitis for finding this interesting patent application filed by Tom Darden (CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners and Chairman of Industrial Heat LLC) titled “Systems and methods for microgrid power generation and management” It’s unclear to me whether this was filed with the E-Cat in mind because the application date is listed as […]
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E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #3: Report maybe be end of June)

Since there is an increasing amount of anticipation about the long-expected report from third party which has been involved in long-term testing of the E-Cat, I thought I’d create a thread where news, links, rumors, etc. could be posted. Remember, in the fog of war there can be confusing and perhaps innacurate messages, so we […]
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Private LENR R&D requires permit in Germany?

I thought this was a point that readers here might find interesting. A few weeks ago ECW reader ‘hunfgerh‘ made a comment here that in Germany private experimentation of LENR reactors was forbidden. Today the same poster has more specific saying: “Authorities people from the area of atomic energy act have threatened me with a report to police. […]
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A Brief Report On Hubble Volume, Molar Electron Mass And The Four Cosmological Interactions

. by U.V.S.Seshavatharam Honorary Faculty, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas(I-SERVE) Hyderabad-35, AP, India Email: . S. Lakshminarayana Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University Visakhapatnam-03, AP, India . Read the whole article Download the ZIP file


Abstract Basic idea is – current cosmological changes may be reflected in any atom. At any given cosmic time, ‘Hubble length’ can be considered as the gravitational or electromagnetic [...]