University lecture on Mills’ Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics

The following post has been submitted by Optiongeek Prof. Huub Bakker, a senior lecturer in engineering at Massey University, presented the following lecture on Randell Mills’ Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUTCP). Prof. Tony Signal, representing the Physics Dept., responded with a critical view. Prof. Bakker’s presentation is a survey of Mills’ 1800-page thesis […]

Iceland To Drill Hottest Hole Ever to Tap Magma for Energy Production

New Scientist has an interesting article which reports on a project Iceland to drill the hottest hole on earth. See: Iceland lies over a rift in continental plates and this provides the nation with access to vast amounts geothermal energy which it is seeking to exploit for the benefit of its people. The Iceland […]

Rossi: QuarkX Commercialization Depends of 5 Sigma

We mentioned recently here that Andrea Rossi is focusing hard on obtaining a 5 Sigma rating for his Quark X reactor (5 Sigma in physics being a probability that an event happening the same way every time is 99.9999%). It seem now that there is a very practical reason for striving to reach this goal: […]
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LENR: gli ultimi progressi verranno presentati nel corso del 25mo Anniversario della World Clean Energy Conference – Ginevra, 1-4 Novembre 2016

La necessita’ di trovare una soluzione al problema climatico/ambientale ed energetico e’ sempre piu’ pressante, ed ormai nel mondo sono molti gli scienziati e le industrie che dedicano le loro energie (e le loro risorse economiche) a...

New Process Discovered to Convert CO2 to Ethanol

A team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory reports a technological breakthrough that could have an impact on some of the most perplexing environmental and energy issues of our day — how to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, how to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and coming up with an efficient method […]

ICCF20 Presentation: Validation Experiment Report of Brillouin Hydrogen Hot Tube by Michael Halem

A video from the ICCF20 conference in Sendai, Japan has been uploaded to YouTube of a presentation Michael Halem of LENR-Invest, LLC, reporting on his experience trying to validate the Brillouin Hydrogen Hot Tube (HHT) in an experiment carried out at SRI headquarters in Berkeley, California. His goal was to find out if the HHT […]
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Rossi v. IH Case: Protective Order Issued, Judge Strikes, Upholds Affirmative Defenses

Some new document has been published in the court case. One is an “ORDER granting Motion for Protective Order. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O’Sullivan on 10/14/2016” in which materials considered to be confidential by any party involved can be covered by a strict order of secrecy. The full order can be read here: […]

Germans want to Abolish Internal Combustion Engine

Germany might become the first of the major powers to abolish use of the internal combustion engine. The Bundesrat; an upper house of Germany’s parliament that represents state governments recommended that the country get rid of diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030. The action is not binding but it is surprising and important because Germany [...]

Roger Shawyer Interviewed about the EmDrive: Sees his Invention Transforming Transportation in a Decade

Roger Shawyer, the British inventor of the EmDrive, a exhaust-less thruster, has been interviewed by the IB Times. There is an article, with two videos at this link Here are some notes I took from watching the interview with Shawyer. Eric Laithwaite claimed that a gyroscope could be used as a thruster. This got […]