U.S. Lab Reaches Nuclear Fusion Success

According to an article in the BBC NEWS Science & Environment, The National Ignition Facility, or NIF, has created a powerful laser with nothing more than “a small pellet of hydrogen fuel”. The article states:  “NIF, based at Livermore in California, uses 192 beams from the world’s most powerful laser to heat and compress a […]

What Motivates Andrea Rossi?

In posts of just a few days ago on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi shared with his readers that he works with a commitment to God and Man. Frank Acland, a frequent visitor to the forum, asked Mr. Rossi for a little more information about this: “You speak of your Team’s sense of […]

The E-Cat And Direct Electricity Production

Some time ago, Andrea Rossi informed the readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics that he had observed some direct electricity production with the E-Cat. This is exciting news, and has been questioned a great deal by readers of the journal. However, Mr. Rossi has been understandably reticent in providing further details, considering that all […]

“No Conspiracy” Says Rossi

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Eric Ashworth stated, a week or so ago, in a comment to another poster that: “It becomes painfully obvious that there is an ongoing conspiracy to hold back the advancement in scientific understanding but also the e-cat works so what is the problem there, I know Andrea needs certification […]

Old Reactors’ Bits & Pieces

Koen Vandewalle recently asked Andrea Rossi about a promise he made some months back. Mr. Rossi had said that at some point, he would probably make old reactors and bits and pieces of his prototype units available to the public to tinker with. Mr. Vandewalle asked: “Sometimes we think that technology and knowledge and strategy […]

Andrea Rossi & Schroedinger’s Cat

Joseph Fine has recently engaged Andrea Rossi in some interesting speculation on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. He provided links to a couple of sites, and commented to Mr. Rossi:  “Apparently, atomic clocks can now do more than just keep accurate time (as in GPS satellites). Now, they can be used to perform quantum simulations. […]