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What Andre Rossi is afraid of?ZPEnergyWGUGLINSKI writes: In his blog Journal of Nuclear Physics Andrea Rossi is trying to transmit wrong information to the readers, when the subject is about the nature of the reactions occurring within his eCat. For in...
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Energy at Less than $0.01 per kW: An Interview with Alex Xanthoulis | AllAboutAlpha.com

It has been a couple of years since Andrea Rossi first showcased his E-Cat and introduced the world to the idea that LENR might actually be possible and could offer a viable, cheap, safe form of renewable energy for the future. Research has been fairly secretive but the end is near as some companies are finally getting ready to release their products to the public. One company leading the way is Defkalion, with its Hyperion Energy Source In an exclusive interview with Alex Xanthoulis, the CEO of Defkalion, we discuss: