New Poll: Who Will Produce First Mass Market LENR Product?

Just for a bit of fun I have added a new poll today. The question is, which company will be the first to produce a mass market LENR product? So this does not include creating a working prototype, or a custom built machine (Rossi says he is already doing this with his 1 MW plant). I am meaning a product that would be produced on a mass manufactured scale. If there is another company that you think should be included as an option on the poll, let me know. You will see the poll in the panel on the right hand side of the site. If you want to explain your selection, put it in the comments below.

National Instruments to Feature LENR Presentation by Akito Takahashi at NIWeek 2012

Austin, Texas based National Instruments holds and Annual NIWeek event which features a plethora of presentations, workshops and training sessions. This year’s event is going to feature a presentation on LENR from Akito Takahashi, Senior Adviser at Technova Inc. in Japan. Takahashi is a retired professor from Osaka University and has been involved in research in the hot and cold fusion fields for many years. NI was for a time involved in providing consulting to Andrea Rossi, and although the relationship never became permanent, it looks like NI is maintaining an interest in the LENR field. Below are details about the session which are found in the catalog for the week. NI WEEK 2012 TS9240 Technical Session 8/8/12 (Wednesday 8th) 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM Ballroom E Status of CMNS/CF/LENR Research at Kobe-Technova Title: Status of CMNS/CF/LENR Research at Kobe-Technova Length: 30 Minute Technical Level: Introductory Abstract: The Kobe-Technova team has worked to elucidate the underlying physics of anomalous heat evolution effects in deuterium (D) and protium (H) gas-loaded nano-metal-compound systems. Basic tools are the twin D(H) gas-loading equipment and the supporting theoretical modeling by the TSC multibody fusion theory. Using various Pd-based and Ni-based nanofabricated samples, the team [...]

Plenty Of Money Being Spent On Alternative Fuels

The countries of the world are spending millions of dollars – probably billions – on development of alternative energies. The worldwide search for non-fossil fuels involves every element on the planet. In Saudi Arabia, solar panels cover miles of ground, with one entire city devoted to the use of renewable energy. In Brazil, the push [...]

Will the E-Cat home unit make any unwanted noise in my home?

I have been following the E-Cat story for only a few short months now. I have read many posts and reviewed many articles. As a consumer, I was mainly concerned with two things with regard to the practicality of installing an E-Cat unit in my home. 1.  Electrical inputs – Will the E-Cat run on my 120VAC/60HZ/20AMP home circuitry? 2.  Noise – Will the E-Cat home unit make any unwanted noise in my home? It is my understanding that the E-Cat has some kind of internal frequency generator in it. This was my biggest concern. I was worried that I would shell out a few hundred bucks for a space heater that sounds like a cat caught in a meat blender. Or a high pitch noise coming out of it that might kill my dog. I could not find answers to these questions on E-Cat world so I decided to ask Mr. Rossi himself. I sent a message to Mr. Rossi on 6/27/2012 asking him both questions. His response (in true Rossi fashion) was, “Dear Sir, Yes and Yes, Warm Regards, A.R.”. It is great that it will run on standard United States electricity. The noise, however, is still an [...]
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