[Updated] Rossi’s E-Cat Technology to be Presented in Zurich, Switzerland on September 8-9,

I have just received an email from Andrea Rossi who confirmed to me that the report posted on the blog of  Dr. Myron Evans which reports that his technology will be presented at a Zurich Conference in September is correct. The exact content of my email exchange are below: Me:  A link has shown up in the internet today which mentions a conference in Zurich in September where your technology will be presented. http://drmyronevans.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/low-energy-nuclear-reaction-lenr/ Can you confirm — and if so, may I publish any information about this event? Andrea Rossi: Perfect, go ahead. You are very correct. So it’s time now for more research! I will update here as I learn more. UPDATE: Many thanks to Adolf Schneider, E-Cat licensee for Switzerland for providing  this information. The conference where information about the E-Cat  will be presented is entitled “Energy Change  with E-Cat Technology” and will be held on September 8-9, at the Technopark Zurich, Technoparkstr. 1, CH 8005 Zurich, Auditorium The Conference will be hosted by TransAltec Inc., E-Cat Germany and E-Cat Switzerland. Full details can be found at this link: http://www.borderlands.de/Links/Kongress080912E-e.pdf. Among the presenters will be E-Cat licensees from European regions, and Andrea Rossi.

Rossi: E-cat COP of 6 Remains The Standard

The latest update about the progress of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat fusor is indeed very exciting. The Italian inventor said that he has achieved 1000C stable e-cat temperature. This is obviously an amazing improvement of the new technology that faces many problems when it was first introduced to the public January of 2011. But Rossi maintains [...]

E-Cat home unit for your house

Rossi: “Stirling engine is an option”

Is the Hot Cat able to utilize the Stirling engine? Rossi’s immediate answer to this question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics was, “Yes, now the Sterling engine is an option.” It has...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

New Interview With Aldo Proia

Another Italian web site, Nextme.it, has conducted an interview with Leonardo Corp.’s licensee for Italy, Aldo Proia. Of course the interview is in Italian, and so a clear translation of the interview is not readily available for English speakers — but with the help of Google and Bing, I have gleaned a few points made by Prioa. He made contact with Leonardo corporation following changes in the law in Italy which negatively affected the large scale photovoltaic installation business he was previously involved in. He became impressed with E-Cat technology after visiting Rossi’s workshop and witnessing experiments done with the high temperature (600C) units. He was particularly impressed after seeing an E-Cat run for at least 12 hours without external electrical input. Proia says he is not afraid to go up against the established industrial powers because in the world of the Internet, he believes it is impossible to stop a revolution. He states that large multinational companies (not naming any) are investigating LENR, and it seems that even in Italy the opposition towards LENR seems to be decreasing. He sees no real competitors to Leonardo corporation in Italy in the medium term future, and considers competition is years away [...]

E-Cats With Adjustable Temperatures

Andrea Rossi often interacts with loyal readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Dr. Joseph Fine frequently contributes to the comments section of the blog, providing information for Rossi’s consideration and asking E-Cat...E-Cat Report - getting r...

British LENR Company Working with Celani

A British startup company called Kresenn Ltd is apparently conducting Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) research with Italian physicist Dr. Francessco Celani. Kresenn’s website states that Celani is developing a test reactor that will use a complete...
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E-Cat Videos and Documents Made Public [Update: Rossi Comments, Videos Removed]

Two videos and some documents have been published on Gary Wright’s Shutdownrossi.com site that were apparently shot at Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat factory in Bologna during a visit of Roger Green from E-Cat Australia in February of this year. Gary Wright has also published a copy of the license between E-Cat Australia and Leonardo Corp which covers the licensing of E-Cat sales and distribution for the Indian subcontinent. In addition, there is a copy of an NDA published by E-Cat Australia, and mention of some emails (not posted yet). After a review of the videos, I don’t see anything that could be considered damaging to Andrea Rossi or Leonardo Corp. here. Most of the video time is taken up with Andrea Rossi talking to visitors from Australia and India about the E-Cat, along with a tour of the factory and an examination of an E-Cat unit as well as a 1 MW plant. Rossi’s discussions in these videos seem to square very well with his many other public statements. A couple of interesting details that come out in the videos are that Rossi states that William Donovan, who is listed in E-Cat Australia publications as their technical adviser, is working on [...]