Interviews Shed Light on LENR Developments

Two interesting interviews have shed a lot of light on recent developments in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). Dr. Michael McKubrbe of SRI International who will oversee the testing of Brillouin’s hot boiler technology at that institu...
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E-cat Technology To Fuel Vehicles In The Future

Incorporating cold fusion or LENR technology into fueling the vehicles can be made possible if the technology continues to generate positive demonstrations in order to increase general public profile. As soon as the world learns about the benefits of the new technology to the lives of the people as well as to the world, they [...]

E-Cat home unit for your house

A Video LENR Presentation At NASA By Joseph Zawodny

For more than 20 years now since its first introduction in 1989 via the announcement of the experiment spearheaded by electrochemists Martin Fleischmann and Stanely Pons, we seldom hear positive response surrounding the cold fusion or LENR based products until recently. Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has disclosed to the public his cold fusion/LENR work in [...]

Cold fusion, a continuing debate

by Christos Stremmenos

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Oltre al breve rapporto su una delle tante ricerche riguardanti i processi di interazione nei sistemi idrogeno/deuterio-metalli di transizione, nell’articolo viene valutata l’esistenza e la natura dei vari inattesi effetti sporadicamente osservati. Vengono inoltre attribuite alla complessità del fenomeno, le cause principali della non riproducibilità [...]

John Hadjichristos – Defkalion’s CTO Interviewed

Peter Gluck details a new interview with Defkalion GT’s CTO, John Hadjichristos on his blog, here.

While he offers nothing to demonstrate they have anything of substance, there are a number of interesting additions to the story they tell. When asked about the company history, JH tells us that Rossi’s deal with Ampenergo was problematic in that it interfered with their rights to Canada. As an aside, he also says that the Ampenergo deal collapsed later, too. It is certainly curious to see no movement from that quarter (not even a site update) for months.

I treat anything the company says with caution until they do what they said they would do but there is enough story-telling meat in this interview that those looking for meta-data might find it interesting. If we ever get lucky in finding that the company has more than words to offer, this new ‘information’ could turn out useful.

There is more on Peter’s blog; Ego Out

In the mean time, Rossi signed a contract with Ampenergo that was in conflict with our contract. Ampenergo would act like us in US, but due to their contract with Rossi, for the whole American continent exclusively. Ampenergo published their relationship with Rossi on 25 of June 2011, that created us a huge problem: our Greek-Canadian share holders were basing their investment on our company under the hypothesis that we could distribute products to Canada also….

And on the discovery process:

What most people do not know is that we got very big help from what had been published already in CF/LENR literature. Most of the scientific announcements, including those of Rossi made in public, indicated us WHAT NOT TO TRY. On the other hand, a lot of positive indications and useful scientific knowledge related,  had already been published in public domain from other fields such as plasma physics, astrophysics, chemistry, metallurgy, volcanism, new material science, nanotechnology etc.

And on the tech:

Very quickly we realized that the “thermal method”, as well all the “gas loading methods” were not giving us the expected results that could lead to an industrial prototype due to their very slow feedback. We designed then our R4 lab reactor where a more aggressive triggering method (plasma ignition or ion-bombardment as some people call it) was introduced.




Celani video and Defkalion interview.

Short of time today, I just thought I would post a couple of items here. First is a video of Francesco Celani at at ICCF-17 in Korea talking about his nickel wire LENR device. You may need to concentrate a little to understand his English through his heavy Italian accent. (I might try to transcribe his words sometime). The second item is a link to an interview that Peter Gluck just conducted with John Hadjichristos, Chief Technology Officer of Defkalion Green Technologies. Among other things Hadjichristos speaks about the company’s history, including their inital collaboration and later split with Andrea Rossi. A link to the interview can be found here.

Defkalion says: HENI is a more proper name…

Interview with John Hadjichristos, Chief Technology Officer of Defkalion Green Technologies GlobalI had the privilege to discuss with John Hadjichristos about the Ni-H technology of Defkalion in a human cultural frame. This scientist is more than 20 ye...

Kilojouls to BTU

Scott Hansen asked Andrea Rossi recently about the energy output of the domestic E-Cat. Hansen lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. The average high in Fairbanks during the winter months is 3 degrees F, with...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer
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