Updates From Rossi About The Important Event?

Last week, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi revealed that there is a very important event that took place in his US based company Leonardo Corporation. This important event received much attention especially from the e-cat LENR world. Those who have been following the new and controversial technology are very excited to get details about this latest [...]

Should the E-Cat be Gas Powered?

Gas power for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is a great accomplishment, but there have been some questions about whether the efficiency is worth the switch from electricity to gas. Rossi confirms that gas is...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Leonardo Corp Staff

On his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi recently answered some questions about his staffing as he works on the E-Cat and the Hot Cat. Rossi informed poster Joseph A. that...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

eCat EU Patent Rejection – Updated

Update – As though to head off any accusations about a cold fusion block at the EU Patent Office, Piantelli has been informed that his patent will be granted. This appears to have happened in August of this year but it is interesting to note that Rossi’s patent (referred to as WO2009125444) was cited within the Piantelli records under the label ‘examination’). It appears that the reference was submitted by a ‘third party’ to be cited in Piantelli’s application. The list of docs is here. While all of this says nothing about the veracity of Piantelli’s claim, it does cut the knees from any argument Rossi might have about cf prejudice. [With thanks to Ivan Mohorovicic in eCatNews comments]

End of Update.

Reports that Rossi’s EU patent is being considered appear to be grossly misleading. While technically true, the application is in a critical condition with the prognosis for survival poor.  A letter and its annex has been sent from the EU Patent Examiner [To Leonardo Corp] requesting more detail/proof of the claims and indicate rejection unless they are forthcoming.

You can download the files from the EU Patent Register here [Files of note are both dated 19 10 2012 and are communications from the Examining Division to Leonardo Corp]

Here is a snapshot of the letter:

The main detail is contained in the Annex. In my opinion, this is not an example of cold fusion being treated unfairly but a true reflection of the quality presented by Rossi to the patent office. The reasons for potential rejection are specific and reasonable. Patents are granted to encourage innovation and must contain enough detail for a skilled individual to build the device or at least test its veracity. That is clearly not the case here.


The following is one page from the Annex:

I encourage you to read the full document.

Leonardo Patent Report Publication Scheduled for Nov 21? [UPDATED — EU Examiner Dissatisfied]

Thanks to E-Cat World reader Torbjörn for bringing attention to the European Patent Register report on Leonardo Corporation’s “Method and Apparatus for Carrying Out Nickel and Hydrogen Exothermal Reactions” patent application. I am not familiar with how this patent application process works, but there are entries in the status report that indicate recent activity in connection with this patent. On October 19th of this year there is an entry stating, ” Despatch of a communication from the examining division”, and the “First Examination Report” is listed as taking place on November 21, 2012. I am not sure how to interpret these entries. It seems to me that a despatch of a communication would indicate a report sent to Leonardo Corp., and that an “examination report” would be a public disclosure, but I don’t really know if that’s the case. If there are any people here experienced with how this whole process works, it would be interesting to hear your comments. UPDATE: It seems I did not dig deep enough. There are documents associated with this patent application published on October 19th which show that the patent examiner are not satisfied with the amount of information provided by Leonardo. In this [...]

Cold Fusion Conspiracy Ebook – Chapter 6: Opinions of Various Experts, Critics and Commentators on Cold Fusion

Chapter 6: Opinions of Various Experts, Critics and Commentators on Cold Fusion [ N.B: This article is a short abstract of the Ebook: "Cold Fusion Conspiracies" : if you own a website related to Cold fusion/Lenr and you want a full copy to redistribute to your visitors, please write to ebook[at]coldfusion3.com . Thank you ] [...]

From the BBC Archive : Too Close to the Sun

Here’s a very interesting video which I have recently come across, but was created back in 1994 for the BBC Horizons TV program. I found it  to be a surprisingly sympathetic treatment of the subject of Cold Fusion created five years after the Fleischmann and Pons announcement at the University of Utah, and it features some of the major players in field. Pons and Fleischmann are interviewed, along with Michael McKubre, Randall Mills, Eugene Mallove, and others. Also featured are Randall Mills of Blacklight Power, and Stanley Meyer, inventor of a purported free energy water fuel cell. Critics are also interviewed. It’s quite a long piece — around 50 minutes — but a nice in-depth look at the origins of cold fusion and some of the people involved, especially Pons and Fleischmann, and it highlights how the discussion surrounding CF has barely changed over the years.