The Corvallis Advocate and LENR

It seems that more and more magazines – both mainstream and peripheral – are publishing articles on LENR and cold fusion. The Corvallis Advocate recently posted an article titled “Cold Fusion: Hoax, Dream…and...E-Cat Report - getting ready for ...

The Week In JONP Website

This week, Andrea Rossi has provided some intriguing comments on his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics or JONP. In this blog, the Italian inventor posts important announcements regarding the development of his e-cat LENR based device. There are also e-cat followers who ask him questions about his work. It is interesting to note that […]

E-Cat home unit for your house

Rossi Might Produce Home E-cat With Gas And Electric

The domestic e-cat model of Andrea Rossi’s LENR based technology has received much attention lately following the surprised announcement of the Italian inventor that the third party testing validation has already been completed. Rossi stated on  his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics: “You merit this info: yesterday the third party validation of the Hot [...]

Rossi: 3rd Party Testing Will Finish in 2 Weeks

Andrea Rossi has commented some more on the validation process. In comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Rossi stated in response to a question I posted about whether the new partner’s interests might swallow up Leonardo’s interests, Rossi replied: Our Partner shares our philosophy. Stay alert: the third party validation will finish in 2 weeks, after which they will prepare the report. I’ll keep you informed. Another poster mentioned that this comment contradicted Rossi a comment Rossi made on November 21 when he said that testing had been completed. To this Rossi responded: Yes, we met serious problems that we had to resolve, which delayed the tests conclusion. It looks to me then, that the report may not be published until 2013 with the Christmas and New Year holidays coming up.

E-Cat Dreams

A poster on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently proposed a prospective calendar of events to Andrea Rossi. Jan Srajer told Rossi: “I have a dream. Winter 2013: E-Cat 1 MW in trial...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Rossi Made An Agreement With Important Partner

A frequent poster on Andrea Rossi’s official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Koen Vandewalle asked the Italian inventor about the complexities involved in designing the 1 megawatt hot cat. He further enumerated these complexities: 1. produce as-high-temperature-as-possible fluidum with 1000C hotcats, and to 2. put the hotcats in a compact design, and to 3. make [...]

Rossi on ‘Very Important’ Partner

Andrea Rossi keeps us guessing with comments about what he leads us to believe is a very important partnership to help bring the Hot Cat to market. The following post he made yesterday indicates that whoever Leonardo corporation is working with, they will have the wherewithal to do the necessary engineering and development. “We made an Agreement with a very important Partner who will be able to develope the production as much as requested from the market. The first step are the 1 MW plants we are manufacturing now. It is true what you say, we are changing the design during the manufacturing, because we discover every day possible upgradings, but this is normal when it turns into a completely new technology.” A few weeks ago Rossi said that Leonardo had “signed a mammoth contract, giving the certainty of a solid future to our development.” Rossi is certainly not lowering expectations, and these kinds of comments are very intriguing. As always, however, much information that E-Cat observers would like to know is kept hidden, and we have no choice but to wait for more details. It probably will still be a number of months at least before this partner is [...]