Hope For Home E-cat Remains High

A few weeks ago on Andrea Rossi’s official e-cat blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, poster Koen Vandewalle commented: “Derived from all questions and answers, I’m ready to believe that there will be no home-ecats. Affordable electricity will be good enough.” It is good to read the Italian inventor’s answer which remains hopeful: “In the short [...]

MFMP Appeals for Help from the Crowd

Here’s a video from the Marting Fleischmann Memorial Project in which they are appealing to the crowd for help with their open source science project. These guys continue to impress with their commitment to making their LENR project as open as possible — and the crowd science model seems to have won them a lot of friends and supporters. Ryan Hunt says that their big needs are in the area of programming, web design, and funds to cover bandwidth.

Recent Advances Show that LENR is not Free Energy

If the free energy enthusiasts take a look at the recent advances in the field of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research and development they are going to be very disappointed. Recent revelations from cold fusion researchers such as Francesco Celani, Andrea Rossi and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project demonstrate that LENR is far from [...]

Shale Gas and Rossi E-cat

There has been a lot of fuss in the news about shale gas impact on the United States. There is no denying that the United States needs big energy breakthrough. The country’s oil industry clearly needs a new hope and the vast deposits of shale oil in the United States provides that. However, Kevin Bullis [...]

Energy in the News: Ferguson on Shale Gas Impact on the U.S.

I found this CNN interview with Harvard historian Niall Ferguson very interesting. The topic is the impact of the production of shale gas in the United States, and its economic and political impact. While this has nothing to do with LENR in terms of science or technology, I feel like the discussion has relevance here, as it deals with the impact of energy breakthroughs on society. Some points that Ferguson brings out about shale gas: It today accounts for about half of all natural gas produced in the U.S. from nothing a few years ago. It is driving down the cost of electricity which is now one third of the cost of German electricity. It is bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. because of cheap energy costs. Coal power plants are being replaced by cleaner gas plants. The question that comes to my mind after watching this is, if shale gas can already have such an impact in just a few years, what happens when the E-Cat is introduced?

Projected Weight Of The 1MW Hot Cat

We have had a pretty good estimate of the size of a 1MW Hot Cat. Recently, on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Mark Saker asked Andrea Rossi about the approximate weight of the...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Unauthorized Website Sells E-cat In Poland

On his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi made a very important announcement regarding an unauthorized website that sells e-cat products. The message that was posted on JONP recently was addressed to all the readers from Poland. The Italian inventor gave the link of this fraudulent site. Rossi also reminded his followers and [...]

That Was eCatNews

WordPress is trying to tell us something. Its increasing reluctance to post comments breaching the thousand-mark is preparing us for the inevitable.

My interest in the eCat and its progeny lay in its promise for the future. Now that I doubt Rossi’s claims to the point of near certainty, the subject does not deserve the work involved in keeping this blog alive. At one point in sight of a million visits a month, it is easy to see how money can be made from the dreams and wishes of good people. I now fear that underlying the smiles of a few key players, a dark heart beats and I refuse to follow popularity at the expense of truth. A key driver in my decision to start eCatNews lies at the feet of hard sceptics. Something did not fit. Surely if their conviction was genuine, they would not waste their lives working on a propaganda campaign trying to convince us all that Rossi was a fraud. It did not make sense. Rather than convince me of their point, their hard work and dedication looked suspicious. I wanted to shine a light into the darkest corners in the hope that we’d find something wondrous. That was not to be. I may be puzzled by such a negative pursuit but no longer conclude anything from it. Now, with scant hope of Rossi delivering on his promises, I find myself wondering why I would waste any more time on him. If he is committing fraud, he should be pursued by the police. Interest in the man or the subject is now relegated to the level of curiosity, not dedication.

Many people have asked me to switch my focus to the wider subject of LENR. Forced to share an arena with sharks and shysters, real scientists in this field are assaulted from all directions. Ordinary people, investors and politicians struggle to know who to believe or fall to the trap of believing anything that conforms to the world as they think it truly is. For what it’s worth, I think there is a place for a site independent of any particular faction and run on the basis of constructive scepticism. This is how science works. The core mission of such a site would be to lend credibility where it is due and highlight genuine and well-meaning criticism that might shape future experiments. Constructive criticism should not be confused with negativity. It is far harder to question a particular result in a helpful way than to echo whatever we are told. With that in mind, I have given serious thought to shifting my focus to www.lenr-news.com. However, by letting the conversation run without interference here, I can see that such an approach would not work. To be constructive and make a difference, I would have to police comments and take an assertive investigative stance. In other words, to make it work, the enterprise would become a major focus in my life and need funds. I am reluctant to do such a thing without help and have to balance that effort with other priorities.

While I have a keen interest in science and technology and truly believe that we will discover a way to tap clean and plentiful energy from the universe, I am also interested in the culture of trust and collaboration. The example of the MFMP is a shining beacon in the field of cold fusion and plaudits must go to Celani and others who are similarly open with their results. We see the power of such openness throughout the Net in the various open-source communities and in the actions of millions of carers around the world. Taking what I have learned here and through the Honesty Project, I want to explore ways of magnifying the efforts of millions of people working together in the spirit of enlightened self-interest – not just in a scientific endeavour but in an economic fight against austerity. The potential of such selfish collaboration is as powerful as any physical force we might seek to tap. This is not the forum to discuss that project but if anyone is interested in joining the discussion, email me at myfirstname at ecatnews.com.

For the above reasons and others, I will happily set up www.lenr-news.com if a small group steps forward to run it. Failing that, this is likely my last post open to comments. Unless events make a u-turn necessary, WordPress will decide when this ends. In that case, and in time, I will post a final word which will stand as a warning to anyone researching the term “eCat News”. Thank you for giving me your time. No matter what happens, I will continue to monitor the space. If anything changes or something happens that I feel you should know about, I will post it to the newsletter.



Rossi: 3rd Party Report ‘Not Worse’ Than Pordenone

Andrea Rossi is not giving too much away about the third party report on the hot cat that we have been expecting. However, he has made some comments that do give us an idea about what we can expect. He has mentioned that the results that the 3rd parties obtained were better than those of the July 16 hot cat report  of Fabio Penon which showed a unit producing maximum temperatures of over 1000 C with a COP of around 3. Rossi recently responded to a question about the upcoming 3rd report by saying that it is “not worse” than the report that he presented at Pordenone, Italy in October which reported a unit producing average temperatures of 1050 C for 13 days with a COP of 11.7. Rossi has said that the 3rd party testing has been completed, and now we have to wait for the report to be published.  Rossi won’t comment any further on the report because he says he is under NDA. If we take Rossi at his word we can assume that this is going to be very positive in terms of the power and efficiency of his hot cat system. The Pordenone numbers shows [...]