Naval Applications For E-cat Technology

With the marvelous achievements of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat LENR based technology, the future of the automobile has been discussed. On his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics, the Italian inventor made quite an interesting post a few months ago: “About cars I am very convinced that we will not see applications to cars before 10 [...]

Will 2013 be the Year of the New Fire or Not?

2012 has seen a lot of progress and news in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) particularly important have been the revelations about Brillouin, Defkalion, NASA and George Miley and the public demonstrations of the Celani and NANOR reactors. Many of us are wondering if 2013 is going to be the year of cold fusion or [...]

2013 — Happy New Cold Fusion Year?

As we end 2012, here’s another interesting comment from Andrea Rossi about the 1 MW E-Cat plant that was seen in the recent Swedish SVT program: Dear Scott L.: As I said and wrote many times, the Container of the 1 MW plant is the same tested one year ago, since to the military Customer we delivered different ones. This one, seen also in the Swedish Television, has been used to make tests, modifications, improvements, certification. It has been a tremendous tool for R&D. Now it is destined to a Customer. It will be delivered on March, after further series of modifications we have in course now. Thanks to it now we can pass to a repetitive manufacturing line. After a glorious first life as a prototype for R&D, it is on his way to go to work in a centralized heating plant to supply heat: this will be his seconf life. Warm Regards, A.R. I am reluctant to make firm predictions about the emergence of cold fusion/LENR, since there are many unknowns — but I will make a cautious statement that the way things stand right now, it seems to me that 2013 may be the year that the [...]

New WIPO Nickel-Hydrogen Patent Application Published

An interesting patent application has been published of U.S. based inventor Han S. Nee by the Wordwide Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for “Nickel Alloys for Hydrogen Storage and the Generation of Energy Therefrom”. The abstract of the patent describes the process: The hydrogen-storing nickel alloy structure comprises a nickel alloy skeletal catalyst mixed with an oxide. The applied electric potential, and the increase in the gas pressure and temperature of the hydrogen from the applied heat, create a reaction between hydrogen nuclei and nickel nuclei in the nickel alloy structure whereby thermal energy is generated by the emission of phonons from the nickel alloy structure. When referring to the alloy, the patent description states, “the nickel alloys include nickel combined with one or more of aluminum, lithium, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, iron, chromium, and cobalt. The nickel alloys may also include one or more non-metallic elements selected from the group consisting of carbon, silicon, and boron” The patent describes a process of melting, cooling, and grinding the alloy to a powder of the desired particle size, and mixing it with a powdered oxide and then forming it into a “hydrogen storing nickel alloy structure.” A lot of the description in [...]

Will Rossi Achieve His E-cat Dreams In 2013?

Andrea Rossi said that there will be a lot of things he wishes to do for his e-cat LENR based technology in 2013. Many e-cat believers hope that the Italian inventor achieves his e-cat business and dreams this year. For more than a year now since he first introduced his device to the public, Rossi’s [...]

LENR/Cold Fusion Year in Review 2012

Although it didn’t produce the breakthroughs that some people were hoping for 2012 was an interesting and exciting year in the terms of cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). There were a lot of fascinating developments even if the big breakthrough didn’t occur (or if it did nobody noticed). So what were the [...]

More Info On Rossi’s Collaboration With US Partners

On his official e-cat blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi announced that he has sold his LENR based technology to an unknown US partner. The Italian inventor added with much enthusiasm that Leonardo Corporation would no longer be the same. Obviously, many e-cat followers were shocked by this revelation made previously by Rossi. This […]

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