The Waiting Game

Those of us who have been following the development of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat are in the doldrums right now. This is in the truly literary sense, as “doldrums” is an ancient nautical term...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

New excited levels of the bottom and anti bottom mesons in integral charge quark SUSY

by U.V.S. Seshavatharam Honorary faculty, I-SERVE Alakapuri, Hyderabad-35, AP, India E-mail: . Prof. S. Lakshminarayana Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University Visakhapatnam-03, AP, India E-mail: . Read the whole article Download the ZIP file . Introduction On 21 December 2011 a new meson of rest energy 10.530±0.005 GeV was detected in CERN – LHC and the ATLAS detector. This new meson, known as χb (3p), consists of two parts [...]

Rossi on Factories

Andrea Rossi has responded on his Journal of Nuclear Physics Site to a question asking about his manufacturing facilities and a request for pictures of them: Dear Brian: Our factories are in the USA. We have a R&D center in Italy wherein we also manufacture prototypes. We are programming a manufacturing center in Sweden. All the other information are confidential, let alone the photos. Warm Regards, A.R. There’s not a whole lot to go on there, of course, but I think it is probably safe to say that if Rossi now has a partner in the United States who is already a manufacturing company (as AR says), that the E-Cats will be manufactured in its factories.

Smaller E-Cat Units Are Safer

At the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi has constantly been answering many inquiries about the possibility of producing larger E-Cat units. Rather than making a 1 MW reactor out of 100 10...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Rossi: Work in E-Cat Factories ‘Never Been So Intense’

Going by the latest comments by Andrea Rossi says, what he and his associates see, and what we, the waiting public see are quite different things. E-Cat enthusiasts (and some skeptics) are looking for even the tiniest glimpse, or a 3rd party report a plant in action, but nothing recent has been produced. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Steven Karels asked if Andrea Rossi might ignite the world’s imagination by putting on a demonstration of a self-sustaining plant in action and silence the critics who say he has nothing. True to form, Rossi rejected the idea and commented: 1- we are working very strong to manufacture our plants. In our factories the work has never been so intense as it is in this period. Therefore the E-Cats, that soon will hit the market, will not fade, be sure. If there is around somebody saying the contrary, let them talk, while we work. 2- the report of the indipendent third party will be published, as I always said. Whatever the result 3- the efficiency and the convenience of the E-Cats is very simple to measure: the Customer looks how much energy consumes and how much energy produces: it is not [...]

Solar Power Versus E-cat LENR Device

The Ecatreport website recently posted a very interesting article about solar power. As an alternative source of energy, solar power does not lead to any harmful emissions during operation, but the production of the panels leads to some amount of pollution. The website stated: “Considering that sunshine is free, solar power units are certainly expensive. [...]

Rossi on Being Called ‘The Man Who Saved the World’

A very enthusiastic article by Gianluca D’Agostino in praise of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat invention has been published at He titles it “Andrea Rossi, the man who saved the World” and he sees Rossi’s contribution to the world as more important than those of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. D’Agostino writes: Yes you read it right. Andrea Rossi, an Italian engineer who developed a cold fusion device in a little warehouse in Bologna, he’s the man who is going to save planet Earth from the energy crisis, the climate change and the economic collapse. Like Superman or Batman, even if he looks much more earthling than the average Superhero. In a follow-up comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, D’Agostino even suggests (seemingly seriously) that the Vatican might name Rossi as a saint. How does someone respond to such praise? Here’s what Rossi said in response: Thank you, but I am not sure we will save the World. I am sure we are making good and sound plants, that’s what I am sure of . . . We are just working at the best of our possibilities. God will decide which is the merit of it, not me [...]

Solar Power About To Get Cheaper?

Considering that sunshine is free, solar power units are certainly expensive. The number of solar panels necessary increases the price. The batteries and the amount of space the panels use can also be...E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catal...
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