‘Senate’ Directs E-Cat Work

We don’t know very much at all about the business structure that is now running the commercialization aspects of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention. Andrea Rossi announced last year that he had entered into a partnership with a US company, and that this company now had access to the secrets involved in the workings of the E-Cat. Rossi has said that his position is now that of chief scientific officer of the company, and it has been a long time since he has even referred to Leonardo Corporation, where he used to hold the title of CEO. A question came up on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently,  asking about the leadership of the E-Cat efforts in light of the new partnership, and Rossi responded:  The leadership is a team, kind of the Senate of the ancient Rome, not an individual. This is our strength.   I am sure that when the contract was drawn up (described as a ‘mammoth’ contract by Rossi), leadership and decision-making was something that had to be clearly defined, and team decision-making was probably something spelled out there. If you have a good team that works well together it can create a powerful dynamic where shared [...]

Wired Covers MFMP, Rossi

David Hambling, a science columnist for Wired.co.uk has written an article covering recent developments in the cold fusion field — most of which we have been covering here.  Hambling has interviewed Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project and gives generous coverage of the MFMP’s activities and goals,  and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign which has been discussed at length here. The Wired article should help with visibility for that. The article also discusses Andrea Rossi’s announcement of the upcoming 3rd party report, emphasizing the recent closure of Ecatnews.com and the haitus in e-cat coverage taken by Daniele Passerini’s site. Hambling says that we could be hearing a lot more about Andrea Rossi in the mainstream media if a positive report is published, but if it is not, ” it is hard to see that anyone other than the most die-hard believers will continue to cling to Rossi in the absence of independently-verified evidence.” Hambling seems to be impressed with the open science approach of the MFMP, and contrasts it with Rossi’s secretive approach, which, he says while it “might make him a billionaire (assuming he has what he says), it makes him vulnerable to negative reports.” It’s nice to [...]

MFMP Seeking Input on Campaign Document.

The MFMP team has just put up a blog post in which they are asking for input from the LENR-following community about the following document that they are going to put on their Kickstarter page. I spoke with Bob Greenyer tonight and he said that the feedback they had received here and on Quantumheat.org had been very helpful in helping them define the scope of their future goals which are outlined below. The purpose of posting this document here, as well as on Quantumheat.org is to give as many people the chance to provide readers to help them make this document as effective as possible. The audience for the document is the general public — mostly people who have no knowledge of LENR to this point. If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, etc. that would be helpful to the MFMP team, please post them in the comments below, or on the Quantumheat site. They are not seeking a critique of the project itself — that has now been decided — they are now looking for help with making the pitch document as good as it can be.   The goal of this project is to show the world there is [...]

The People’s E-Cat Plant

It has been good to have Bob Greenyer from the MFMP on the site talking about the work they are doing, and what their goals and hopes are. I think they are doing a terrific job with a very transparent open science project in promoting and demonstrating LENR to the world at large. They had talked about is purchasing a 1 MW Rossi plant if they can raise the funds, but from feedback they have been receiving it seems that this might not be something that is a priority for their team now. So I would like to raise the idea for discussion here. For a long time I have thought that one of the most effective ways of promoting LENR as a viable power source would be for there to be an E-Cat plant that could be made available for the press and public to visit, and for scientists to test. Here’s what I envision. The plant installed in a place that is well frequented and easily accessible for the general public, the press and interested persons from the business, education and scientific, governmental and other communities. The plant would be working — doing something useful, such as providing [...]

Rossi Anticipates More Results To Come

Tumultuous enthusiasm reigns after Andrea Rossi’s announcement of a successful conclusion of the third party testing. While Rossi, himself, does not have any specifics to share, he has told that the testers he spoke with were excited about what they found as the results of their testing. In the past, Andrea Rossi has commented on [...]

MFMP Reveals Fundraising Strategy

In a recent blog post over at Quantumheat.org the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team set forth their strategy for raising funds to enable them to achieve short and long term goals in their quest to provide incontrovertible evidence that LENR is indeed a New Fire that needs to be lit for the benefit of humanity. They have a base goal of raising + which would go towards completing their experiments with Celani wire. They have recently built version 1.3 of their Celani cells about which they say: “We are seeing something really interesting and potentially amazing on an energy density basis with the Celani wire – we hope that the next tranche of tests will settle the debate we have encouraged and we will have a great tool for further investigation around the world”. Beyond the base goal they have “stretch goals” of higher amounts. £150,000+ would allow them to distribute 3 Celani cells for replication around the world; £350,000+ would expand that distribution to 10 experiments worldwide; £1.3 million+ would allow them to purchase a 1 MW E-Cat plant from Andrea Rossi, and put it to use as a demonstration model that could be put on display for the [...]

Your Predictions — How Will the Report be Received?

Assuming the 3rd party report is issued, and it contains the positive confirmation that Andrea Rossi has reported, it will be interesting to see what impact it might have on the world at large. Certainly it will be received with interest and perhaps with much celebration by people who have been paying attention to the story, but I am wondering how much attention a scientific report on a topic that most people are completely ignorant of will get. I do have one concern about his report. If it is published by a traditional scientific journal it is possible — even likely — that it won’t be made available in full for free. Many journal publishers charge users over $30 per article, and if you purchase it you do not have permission to put it up on the web. This might prevent news about it spreading very rapidly. I expect in this day and age there will be places where the report will be made available, but I wouldn’t be able to post it on this site without permission. So how do you think it will be received — will it be hailed by experts as a seminal moment in the [...]

Andrea Rossi In Good Shape For Funding

Andrea Rossi has said in the past that he never accepts government or institutional funding. All of his research is paid for by himself and the Leonardo Corp. Add to that, now, the money Leonardo Corp. makes from selling E-Cats, and the business is pretty self-sustaining. Recently, Bernie Koppenhofer asked Mr. Rossi about funding for [...]