Andrea Rossi Statement About His Silence

The Journal of Nuclear Physics is Andrea Rossi’s blog. However, he has not had a lot to say, lately. While there is still some highly technical – and often heated – discussions recorded on the JONP, but Mr. Rossi himself seldom comments these days. Tom Conover, who has posted frequently on the JONP, supplied some […]

Rossi: Can’t Find Stirling Engine Fit for Purpose

If you remember, a few weeks ago Andrea Rossi put out a request on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, asking if anyone had a Stirling Engine that might be suitable to work with an E-Cat. He said, “Please send your proposals for Sterling Engines to be coupled with the E-Cats (power 5 kW and 10 kW). The best offers will be bought for testing.” When a reader asked Rossi today if there had been any suitable proposals made, he replied: I arrived to the conclusion that does not exist any Sterling Engine mature for an application to the E-Cat. We received many proposals regarding concepts, prototypes to be developed: we need a product off the shelf. I suppose it’s not terribly hard to understand why this might be the case — Stirling engines are not the kind of thing one finds in an industrial or domestic setting these days. I can’t think when I have seen one in operation outside a demonstration model, so commercial units are probably quite unusual, and Rossi doesn’t want to have to deal with underdeveloped Sterling engines. For those unfamiliar with Stirling engines, they are relatively simple machines which run on a principle of air […]

Teaser from MFMP

I’m not sure what is going on here, but MFMP has a teaser post up on their blog which suggests something significant is about to be revealed. On July 27 they wrote a post titled “Could this be it?…. Ready, Set, Go…..” in which they said: Preparing a big blog post… No we are not hacked… Keep watching… And recently they posted an update where they wrote: We are re-grouping… so much to digest… spent whole day with Francesco Celani yesterday which held us back from working on the blog, but it has added a raft of new understanding… So it sounds like this news has something to do with Celani who they have been cooperating with for quite a while now. I know Bob Greenyer is a reader here — anything to add Bob?

OPEC and Saudis Losing Clout

I read an interesting article from Fox News which focuses on the effect that the current boom in the US energy sector is having, and will have in the future on the fortunes of OPEC countries — specifically Saudi Arabia. Prince Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a top Saudi investor warns the Saudi oil minister that shale gas extraction in the US and elsewhere threatens the welfare of the country which is almost entirely reliant on oil for its revenues. Demand for crude oil from OPEC countries has decreased in recent years, and is projected by experts to continue to do so in the future. This could spell trouble for many OPEC nations who, like Saudi Arabia, are largely dependent on oil revenues to fund their government operations. I bring up this article here because we have sometimes looked at what the effects of a widespread adoption of LENR could mean to major energy producing countries — but it looks like there is something happening already in this regard because of the conventional energy boom taking place largely due to new methods of fossil fuel extraction. If LENR is thrown into the mix we could be seeing even more rapid changes [...]

E-Cat FAQs

Andrea Rossi recently provided some pertinent information to the readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics. As questions continue to come to the journal, many of them are simply the same question worded in different ways. This is Mr. Rossi’s way of dealing with the issues, as the manufacturing of the E-Cat is perfected. He […]

Reasonable Doubts?

After two-plus years of publishing E-Cat World I have noticed a change in the tenor of the conversation regarding LENR — more specifically LENR+, the high powered brand of LENR that Rossi and Focardi introduced in early 2011. For a long time it seemed that we were in detective mode here, looking for every sliver of information that could corroborate the validity of the extraordinary claims. It seemed that early on, many people were hopeful of the technology being real, but couldn’t bring themselves to fully get off the fence. It feels like things have changed now. The independent E-Cat test report and the recent Defkalion live demo appear to have put a lot of concerns to rest regarding the reality of the LENR+ phenomenon amongst those who have been following the story closely with an open mind. (I’m not referring here to those hardened skeptics who seem to have an irrational emotional objection to LENR+) These are just my impressions gathered from reading what people on this and other sites are saying, along with talking to trusted friends on the topic. But I am wondering if I am right on this, and would like to submit to the collective [...]

MFMP: Independent Report of Defkalion’s Hyperion to be Published

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have posted a very positive assessment of this week’s ICCF-18 conference on their Facebook page. They see it as being a ‘watershed’ event with convincing evidence of excess heat being presented by Defkalion and Takahashi (see here), and an important advance for the principle of Live Open Science which the group is practicing. MFMP was founded last year at the ICCF conference in Korea, and seem to have the support of many players in the LENR research field. They report being offered equipment, IP and technology by attendees at the ICCF. They also make an interesting statement regarding independent testing of Defkalion’s technology: We have been told by a trusted source, whom we can not disclose, that there will be an independent report of DGT Hyperion technology published at some point. It is understood that some respected university professors have been involved. We certainly hope this is true and that we can have some detailed, rigorous analysis to support the promising live demonstrations of recent days. Defkalion’s presentation this week was more of a demonstration than a validation — although Mats Lewan did a fine job providing an independent assesment of things he was able [...]