Germany Making Moves To Close Fossil Fuel Plants

The Green Initiative in Europe has had mixed reviews, and is eyed with much skepticism by many. However, Germany is reporting successes that could lead to the closing of some fossil fuel plants....E-Cat Report - getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer
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New Poll: Best Model for LENR Proliferation

We’ve had some spirited discussion here regarding how best to bring LENR technology to the world, and I thought it might be interesting to put up a poll on the topic. A large majority of readers who visit E-Cat World don’t commment here, and I think it would be informative to find out what a larger sample of readers think on the topic. See the poll in the right sidebar, and as always feel free to explain your position further.

Rossi on Open Source, Again

Andrea Rossi again addresses the issue of open source in response to a comment from Remi Andre who appeals to him to release his IP to the world as a means to avert armed over energy — specifically in Syria. Rossi’s response: I answered many times to this issue. To give away the IP will kill all the serious investments, for obvious reasons. We are making a rigorous work of test and validation and when it will have been finished our technology will reach a wide diffusion made by the concerns that now are investing because they have an IP. My responsibility is to make this technology have the strongest possible backing to be really useful, not to go to the Nirvana. Honestly, I think we have to serve God not to go to the Nirvana, but to merit the life and give a sense to it. If you want to really diffuse a technology you need real backing, and no backing has ever been given to open source stuff. You have a paradigmatic example if you make a comparative analisys between Linus [Linux] and Microsoft. Should we give away the IP we would lose all the serious backers and […]

RealClearScience: Cold Fusion Not Real

RealClearScience has a column on their web site that deals with controversial scientific topics which it believes should not be considered controversial, stating that: Many Americans are being misled on serious scientific issues, and science journalists have to spend an inordinate amount of time debunking myths which seemingly never die. The article goes on to list 10 topics it considers to be settled science; topics include evolution, global warming, genetically modified foods — and cold fusion. They make the familiar case that cold fusion cannot happen in a low temperature environment because temperatures like that of the sun are needed for fusion to take place. They then go on to say that Andrea Rossi has claimed to have achieved it with his E-Cat, and therefore should be dismissed — not realizing that Rossi is not claiming that his effect is produced primarily by fusion, and that he has released no theory to explain what is causing the reaction. They state further: We here at RCS would love nothing more than for Rossi’s E-Cat to work. You can’t dislike the idea of limitless, clean, and affordable energy! But the old maxim still applies: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Far from extraordinary, […]

MFMP Presentation from ICCF-18

As we have been talking about open source LENR development I thought it might be a good idea to post the slideshow that the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team presented at the ICCF-18 conference in Columbia, Missouri. I found this presentation to be very informative — a nice concise summary of what their mission and goals are. Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Presentation by ecatworld

Rossi as Teacher

We all realize how closed-lipped Rossi can be when it comes to sensitive information about the E-Cat and his business endeavors, but when you get him on a non-sensitive topic he can become very communicative — as demonstrated in this exchange with a reader about the Higgs Boson particle. Jan.Gustavsson August 25th, 2013 at 7:18 PM Dear Dr Rossi: are you able to explain to us not expert what is and how works the “Particle of God”? I made a bet with friends that you are able to make simple what is difficult. JG Andrea Rossi August 25th, 2013 at 8:02 PM Jan.Gustavsson: He,he,he… nice bet. I have studied all I could of the Higgs Boson, and, as a matter of fact, it is very difficult to explain what it is and how it works without the rigorous language of mathematics; this said, I want to help you win your bet, even if I am sure my “vulgarization” will raise not few eyebrows. To explain what is the Higgs Boson and how it works we need a model easy to be understood. Let us start from an attempt of scientific definition, and then down to the model. The Higgs Boson […]