Rossi E-cat Undergoing Third Party Validation and R&D

Andre Rossi has once again let slip information that indicates his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology is no longer under his control. In a September 20, post on his blog Rossi stated that ecat validation and research and development (R&D) work is being shared with what he called a “Team.”   He also [...]

Cota — Wireless Charging System Demonstration

Here’s an interesting demonstration of a new wirless charging system by Hatem Zeine, founder and CEO of Redmond Washington company Ossia, at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF conference in San Francisco earlier this month. Zeine says that his system can deliver 1 W of charging power wirelessly over a radius of 30 feet — enough to…
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Cold Fusion Now Publishes ICCF-18 Videos

Great work by Ruby Carat at Cold Fusion Now — the proceedings of the first day of this year’s ICCF-18 conference at the University of Missouri have now been uploaded to the Cold Fusion Now Youtube Channel. Ruby says that more will be coming. I’ve been browsing though some of them and so far, I…
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New Technology and the Law: Laser Pointers

As we consider new technologies coming into the mainstream, there are often unexpected legal issues to deal with. Here’s something I hadn’t really thought to much about before — the use of laser pointers as dangerous instruments. These hand held lasers are commonly available these days and can be bought by anyone for a few…
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IPCC Report Issues Summary Report

I am aware of the fact that a thread like this could generate some debate, but since the focus of this site is so much on a potential clean energy solution, I think it would be appropriate today to throw the floor open to people who want to discuss the just-released summary of research findings…
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Reader Comments on Science Sites (Popular Science Ends Them)

Thanks to Gerrit for pointing out an article  which explains that Popular Science magazine has decided to no longer allow readers to comment about articles posted on their web site. I read the article with much interest because I was curious to find out what led them to make such a far-reaching decision. In the…
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