H-Cat Resonance Puzzle

Here’s a video that I found interesting and thought I’d put it up here to see if anyone has any ideas about what might be going on. Thanks to David for sharing this. The video is from an H-Cat experimenter named Peter Bannister, who discove...
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Slideshow of Mizuno-Yoshino Presentation at MIT Conference Published

Jed Rothwell has added the slideshow from the recent presentation by Hideki Yoshino and Tadahiko Mizuno at the cold fusion conference at MIT to his LENR-CANR.org site. Below is one slide that provides summary information of the testing they reported on. The best results were obtained using nickel and deuterium. One interesting finding presented in […]
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Calorimeter Built by Alan Smith for HHO Test

Here’s an update from Alan Smith of Leap Forward Laboratory on his experimental setup for the HHO experiment we have sponsored here at ECW. This is the first ‘dry run’ assembly of the water-bath calorimeter I am building – a build sponsored by the members here at E-Cat World forum. The idea is to test […]
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Schizoscientificità acuta

Quando uno scienziato anziano e stimato  dice che una certa cosa è possibile,  con quasi assoluta certezza ha ragione;  quando dice che è impossibile,  il più delle volte si sbaglia.  (Arthur C. Clarke) C'era una volta - e chissà...
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E-Cat Patent Still Unapproved in US — Examiner States Process is ‘Inoperable’

Andrea Rossi’s attempt to get a US patent approved for his E-Cat continues without so far any sign of a conclusion. Thanks to Artefact for finding the latest action via the USPTO web site, which is a “non-final rejection” of the application. Patent examiner Sean Burke provides some reasoning behind this recent rejection, basically stating […]
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Il MIT rivaluta la fusione fredda?

Qualche giorno fa c’e’ stata una ricorrenza importante da ricordare, ossia il 25° anniversario dall’annuncio di Fleischmann & Pons della scoperta della fusione fredda. E dopo un quarto di secolo, in uno dei luoghi forse piu&#8217...