An Onion-Cat?

I’m wondering if Andrea Rossi may have been dropping some hints about a new E-Cat configuration in some recent posts on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Recently Steven Karels, a frequent poster on the JONP, wrote: You referred to the “Mouse and Cat” design for eCat control. The Mouse provides stability, runs part of the […]
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Mats Lewan Responds to Swedish National Radio Reporting on Rossi, CF

Mats Lewan, reporter for Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik, and author of the recently published book An Impossible Invention, has written a response to the three part Sveriges Radio program that was aired this week Andrea Rossi and cold fusion. Lewan does not spend a lot of time trying to defend himself, or Andrea Rossi […]
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The E-Cat Report: Who Needs to Know?

If the report we are anticipating on the long-term E-Cat testing turns out to be well done, and contain positive results — i.e. it clearly demonstrates the viability of the E-Cat as a superior source of energy — then I think it will be an immensely important document that should be widely reported about and […]
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Blacklight Power Explosively Detonating H2O (Video)

This post (edited) was submitted by JD Sweeney. The following video takes a bit of explanation to understand why it’s significant. What’s shown, according to Blacklight Power’s CEO Randell Mills, is the SF-CIHT fuel going through the detonation process for a *second* time, after undergoing nothing but re-hydration. Thus, Mills is showing that the active element in his […]
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With the Birth of the E-Cat, Let’s Let Solar Die (Guest Post)

The following guest post has been submitted by Rick Allen Solar power is popular and growing fast. Almost every day I read about a new program to put solar panels on homes, a new solar “farm” being constructed, or a breakthrough in photovoltaic panel efficiency. The cost per watt of solar power is also dropping rapidly. […]
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Climate Change is already Affecting USA

Climate change caused by air pollution created by the burning of fuels is already having catastrophic effects on the United States a study mandated by the President has found. The National Climate Assessment prepared by a large panel of scientists provides even more reason to speed up investment in new energy technologies such as low [...]

China Seeks to Secure Future Energy Sources

An article in today’s New York Times focuses on the surge in the need by China to secure energy sources to power its growing economy as it continues rapid modernization. A telling statistic mentioned in the article is that in 2000 China consumed only half as much energy as the United States, and now it […]
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LENR: Having Eyes to See

There is much anticipation regarding the long-expected third party report of long-term E-Cat testing, and I think I am as eager as anyone to read it and find out the results of the testing. But I don’t feel much of a sense of anxiety about it, because I fully expect that it will once again […]