After the E-Cat Report

I feel reasonably confident that we will see the long-expected third party E-Cat test report within the next few weeks. There have been a number of clues, leaks and hints that seem to point in that direction, anyway. The question on my mind right now is that assuming the report gets published, and it provides […]
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The goodXchange Plan

A couple of weeks ago we discussed goodXchange, a new organization that has been started in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the same business address as Cherokee Investment Partners and Industrial Heat, LLC. When I looked at the site I wasn’t exactly sure what the organization was all about, but thanks to some help from Dr […]
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Strange Wind Storage Project Proves What’s Wrong with Renewable Energy

A proposal for a gigantic energy project in Utah shows what’s wrong with renewable energy and why we need to invest in next generation technologies such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). Four companies want to spend $8 billion to build a facility they claim can store wind. The “Hoover Dam of Wind Energy” or [...]

GE Takes Order for its Largest, Most Efficient Gas Turbines (61%)

General Electric has announced it has entered into a $500 million contract with Excelon Corp. to build four combined-cycle high efficiency HA gas gas turbines which will be the most efficient in the United States, along with two steam turbines and six generators. A press release from Excelon states: “The HA turbines apply advanced materials […]

Perovskite Holds Promise for Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Power

An article in the Wall Street Journal today about a mineral called perovskite which is becoming of increasing interest in energy production because of its impressive performance when used in solar cells. Researchers have been able to increase efficiency of solar cells made with perovskite-based materials to levels close to the best silicon-base solar panels […]

India Aims to Invest in Nuclear Power, Decrease Coal Use

An Indian Supreme Court decision which cancels over 200 coal mining permits because they were awarded illegally has pushed the country towards a more nuclear friendly energy policy, according to an article published today by the AFP (via Yahoo News) The Indian government wants to increase nuclear-powered electricity to 25 per cent of the nation’s […]

Timing of the Patent (Ian Walker)

I said some time ago on Vortex that Rossi’s Patent was timed to get maximum a period of precedence on competing products and that other patents in their hundreds will be lined up on every minuscule bit of e-Cat functionality to provide ammunition for future legal battles. Probably the chief thing IH are providing is […]