Rossi Fights for his Patent (More from E-Cat Patent Amendment)

Thanks to Omega Z for providing a link to the full patent amendment recently filed on behalf of Andrea Rossi in which an extended time period is requested for consideration of the application pending the upcoming third party tests. Readers here might recall that Sean Burke, patent examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office, […]
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Patent Document Anticipates Successful Third Party E-Cat Test Result

Over on the Italian Cobraf forum, poster Nevanlinna has uncovered some interesting documents connected with Andrea Rossi’s US Patent application. There is a document that was written on September 25th, 2014 by James V. Costigan of the intellectual property law firm Hedman and Costigan in New York City titled “Petition for Suspension of Action under […]
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New Mobile Version of E-Cat World!

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of a new mobile version of E-Cat World. I hope this will make it easier for people on smartphones and tablets to negotiate the site without having to do too much scrolling, expanding and pinching of the screen. Mobile users should be directed to the mobile site, […]
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Perspective on the 1MW Plant Problems (Omega Z)

We have many perceptive and articulate posters contributing here at E-Cat World, and I wanted to find a way to feature certain posts that I think deserve more attention than they may get in the comments area. So I have added this ‘Featured Reader Comments’ area to the site. Below are two comments in response […]

Alternative Energy and World Peace

There’s not a whole lot to discuss in the world of LENR right now with most followers just watching and waiting for developments on the E-Cat front. However I found an article in the Huffington Post, which while not about LENR I think has relevance to the field. The article is by Michael Shammas and […]
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Elon Musk Sees Tesla’s Batteries Providing Energy Storage for all SolarCity Installations within 10 Years

We often discuss the future of home energy production in terms of what LENR could make possible, but it’s likely that it will be some time before home LENR systems become available. Meanwhile an increasing number of homeowners are looking to cut energy costs and increase energy independence by installing rooftop solar panels on their homes. An […]
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