University of Verona Statement: Bill Gates’ ENEA Visit was to Investigate LENR (Cold Fusion) Update: New English Translation

Thanks to Alainco for sharing the following on A post in the Univermagazine, published by the University of Verona news agency talks about Bill Gates’ recent visit to the ENEA labs in Frascati, Italy Here’s a Google translation of the article (edited): Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Monday, November 17th was on a visit […]
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Huffington Post Science Blog Calls for More LENR Research

On the Huffington Post Science Blog today, David H. Bailey of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (retired) and University of California, and Jonathan M. Borwein, Laureate Professor of Mathematics, University of Newcastle, Australia have written an article titled “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Papers and Patents” in which they take a serious, but very cautious look at some […]
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Thanksgiving OPEC Meeting Leaves Oil Production Unchanged — Price Plummets

While US financial markets are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday today, a closely-watched meeting of OPEC has resulted in the oil cartel taking no action in cutting oil production. According to a Reuters report, Saudi Arabia blocked calls from poorer members of OPEC who wanted cut oil production to boost prices which provide vital revenues […]
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Silicon Carbide Three Phase Heating Element by SIC Industries Matches Data From Report [Update: Practical Joke Admitted]

The following comments were posted by Andreas Moraitis: Thanks to cobraf, AlainCo & others: Image from this document: This SiC heating element seems to match perfectly the data from the report. I’m not sure about the absolute values per wire, but the relationships are apparently correct. The resistance drops about 1/3.5 from 450 to […]

Rossi Looking for ‘Perfection’ in 1MW Plant

Thanks to Georgehants for posting the following question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics: Dear Mr. Rossi, after all your years of hard work, at this time what is the thing that you are most looking to achieve and will give you the most satisfaction in your work? Could it be the successful completion of […]
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E-Cat Licensee Situation (Mats Lewan)

The following information was provided to me by Mats Lewan and is published here with his permission. I had asked him if he was aware of the current situation with Hydro Fusion, Swedish E-Cat Licensee who operate the website. As far as I know Hydrofusion is still a licensee with good relations to Rossi. […]

Göran Andersson of Bobcat Sweden AB on Support of LENR, MFMP

The following is an interview conducted with Göran Andersson, owner of Bobcat Sweden AB. Bobcat Sweden AB has so far donated a total of $20,000 to support the work of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. 1. Can you provide a brief profile of your company, Bobcat, and your own position and role at the company […]
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Rossi: 1 MW Plant Reactors Occupy 1/2 Cubic Meter in Volume

Andrea Rossi was asked today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the largest and smallest E-Cat working reactors that he has made. He responded: I can say this: the total volume of the reactors of the 1 MW plant is half cubic meter ( 500 liters of volume). All the rest is heat exchangers. […]
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