Your 2015 LENR Predictions

I was expecting for the holiday season this year to be rather quiet on the LENR front. With the Lugano test report published and Andrea Rossi in a quiet period regarding the development of the E-Cat, it is likely we won’t get much significant news about Industrial Heat’s activities for quite some time. Rossi has […]
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Report of First MFMP Live Dog Bone Test — Null Result, but Success for Live Open Science [Update #2 MFMP Conclusions on Test Failure]

Last night I followed the first Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Live Dog Bone Test. For those who were not following closely, the procedure was basically this: An unfueled reactor was tested at various power levels, and temperature measurements (internal and external) were taken using thermocouples. Following this dummy run, the reactor was fueled and the […]
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MFMP Dog Bone Test (‘D B Day’) Live Thread

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Dog Bone Test is now being streamed live on the internet. I thought I would create a new post so we can keep track of this event in one place. It’s getting late in Europe, and it’s likely that the test will be going on for many hours, and it […]
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Alexander Parkhomov on Calibration in His Test

There have been a number of questions raised about what kind of calibration Alexander Parkhomov did to ensure accuracy of his heat measurements when he carried out his Hot Cat replica test. Peter Gluck, too, said he was getting some comments on the topic and asked if I might contact Prof. Parkhomov, anf ask about […]
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New Interview with Andrea Rossi on Vessy’s Blog

Vessela Nikolova has published a new interview with Andrea Rossi on her website E-Cat “The New Fire”. For frequent readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics, there isn’t much in the way of new news about the E-Cat here from Rossi, but it is interesting to read his reflections on his life and work, and […]
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Hot Cat – Do It Yourself Suggestions (Mike Ivanov)

Based on several discussions on this and other sites I see the DIY approach as one of chances for LENR to break the wall. Lets make an assumption what Ni-H combination works and Rossi’s e-cat and hot cat are real can do COP> 1.  We still have large problem with commercialization. Business implementation requires a […]

Cold Fusion Tops Silicon Republic’s List of Top 2014 Clean Energy Techs (Veblin)`

Thanks to Veblin for posting this in the Always On Thread: Silicon Republic 8 clean-energy stories that brightened our world in 2014 29.12.2014 15:00 #1. Power output of potential cold fusion reactor baffles scientists “By a considerable margin, the exploits of Andrea Rossi and his seemingly too-good-to-be-true story of creating a cold fusion reactor […]

Making E-Cats in the Garage (or on the Couch)

I thought this exchange today here between Mike Ivanov and Mats002 summarized nicely what we might start seeing as a result of the work of Alexander Parkhomov. If you look closely at the picture below from Parkhomov’s report you will see that the experimental setup appears to be in a living room. Mike Ivanov: After Parkhomov experiment I […]

Nickel Grain Analysis from Alexander Parkhomov

There have been a number of people who have been wanting to know about the size and shape of the grains of nickel powder used in Alexander Parkhomov’s ‘Hot Cat’ replication attempt. I asked Mr. Parkhamov about this, also about what his future plans were for continued testing were, and whether he had considered using […]
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