LENR Startup Clean Nuclear Power Launches Website, Announces Plans

Thanks to AlainCo for sharing this interesting news about Clean Nuclear Power. Clean Nuclear Power is a Swiss startup company with the goal of developing clean LENR energy. CNP’s new website gives some interesting information about the company, including about patents granted and applied for. http://www.cnptechnologies.net/ Here is a quote from their website: On August […]
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Brian Ahern to Start Parkhomov-Style Experiment Sunday [Update #2: Null Result with Sodium (Monday)]

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting about this on the Always Open thread: UPDATE #2 (Mar 31, 2015) David Nygren on the LENR-Forum provides an update from Brian Ahern who wrote: “I regard the NaAlH2 run as a null result. We load LiAlH4 tonight.” See here for full thread: http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1181-Brian-Ahern-Parkhomov-replication/?postID=3540#post3540 UPDATE #1 (Mar 16, 2015) Brian […]
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Magnetic Control of LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil Andrea Rossi has stated that the input power to his reactor must be supplied using an AC source in order for the LENR reactor to be viable. Putting this clue together with the revelation from Francesco Piantelli that pressure change is required to fire up the LENR […]

Cold Fusion Goal by 2020 Olympics: Press Release — Clean Planet Inc. and Tohoku University Launch “Clean Energy [LENR] Research Lab”

Thanks to Sverre Haslund for the following story: The following joint press release has been issued today in Japan by Clean Planet, Inc. and Tohoku University. Link: http://cleanplanet.co.jp/news/en/15.03.30%20Clean%20Planet%20-%20Press%20release.pdf Clean Planet Inc. and Tohoku University to launch “Clean Energy Research Lab” to develop a clean, safe and abundant form of energy for our global community. FOR IMMEDIATE […]
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Water in Space as an Analogy to Understand Hot and Cold Fusion (Mats Danielsson)

Hi all, Axil Axil’s very exciting creative thinking about the LENR process and our discussions lately gave me this thought: We need a new analogy (model) to understand what we cannot experience. The standard model is not intuitive enough; it is much too static and based on complex concepts. We need something that anyone can […]

Discussion of Airbus LENR Patent on LinkedIn

There is some interesting discussion of the recently published Airbus patent in the Cold Fusion E-Cat group on LinkedIn See the thread here A few interesting points come up in the comments. For example, Rob Woudenberg writes: I’ve read this patent application in more details as well meanwhile. They claim some interesting (new) methodologies. One […]