Solar Hydrogen Trends Update

Thanks to Christopher Calder for posting the following regarding Solar Hydrogen Trends: An article on the web site states that the operations of the company have moved from a garage/back yard into a 2000 square foot industrial facility (pictures at the post). The article also reports about a test performed by a company called […]

Cold Fusion on Reddit Futurology

I noted yesterday that I was getting big spike in new traffic from a Reddit domain, and thanks to some sleuthing from readers here I found that the source of the hits was an article on Reddit’s Futurology subreddit here: Reddit is one of the top site in the world when it comes to reader […]

Swedish Radio Pair Honored for Skeptical Series on Cold Fusion (LENR-Forum)

David Nygren has posted an article on the LENR-Forum about the ‘Golden Shovel’ awards made this weekend at a seminar held by the Swedish Association for Investigative Journalism in which an honorable mention was made for the work of science news editor Ulrika Björkstén and free-lance journalist Marcus Hansson. The article can be found here: […]

An Outline for Future Progress (G Whit Thomp)

The following post was submitted as a comment by G Whit Thomp An Outline for Future Progress. Step 1 – Replicate Parkhomov This phase should be done by MFMP people or others currently involved and knowledgeable. Resist attempting to improve. Use Parkhomov nickel, similar tube materials, heating wire, heating control etc. Measure the same parameters. […]

Airbus Files Patent for LENR ‘Power-Generating Device’

Thanks to AlainCo for posting about a recently published patent application submitted by European Aerospace giant Airbus for an ‘apparatus and method for power generation’. It appears that patent was first submitted on September 17, 2013, and was made public on March 19th, 2015. So it seems that Airbus has been paying attention for quite […]
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New Indian Express on Encouraging LENR Research

There continue to be repercussions from the publication of the special section on LENR in the Indian journal Current Science. Today in the New Indian Express newspaper, V Sudarshan writes about the publication of this collection of papers in an article titled “Making a Nuclear Power Point”, and proposes that Indian scientist should examine the […]

Parkhomov Breakthrough [Update #2 — Report: Heater Coil Burned Out, When Replaced, Reactor Restarts From Cool]

UPDATE #2 (Mar 21, 2015) Bob Greenyer just contacted me and directed me towards the latest post on the MFMP Facebook Page regarding the latest development in the ongoing Alexander Parkhomov test. The MFMP writes: Dr. Parkhomov reports that the target temperature of 1200ºC in the fuelled reactor was achieved by the time the electric […]
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How To Prove LENR?

There has been quite a lot of interesting news coming out recently regarding what seem to be success in efforts to demonstrate LENR effects from various parties who are sharing results more or less openly. I am hearing about other efforts to demonstrate other systems and replications, and all this has led me to feel […]
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Open Power Association Preliminary Report on Reactors With Tungsten Powder, COP of 2.26 Measured [Update — Video]

I received the following report today from Ugo Abundo at the Open Power Association in Italy, which provides a short overview of tests the association has been doing using a reactor containing tungsten powder and hydrogen (compared to a control run with argon instead of hydrogen). They report: “Hydrobetatron preliminarily performs up to 2.26 ratio […]
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