E-Cat Cold Fusion Reactor Shames Thousand Ton ITER Electromagnet (Hank Mills)

The following post was submitted by Hank Mills. San Diego’s General Atomic’s is providing the ITER reactor a critical component: a seven story, one thousand ton electromagnet (see story here: http://m.utsandiego.com/news/2015/apr/11/fusion-reactor-atomics/). This enormous piece of equipment will help contain the superheated plasma which is needed to allow deuterium and tritium – two isotopes of hydrogen […]

Parkhomov Explains Cut-and-Paste of Plot Lines in March Experiment [Update: Raw Date Published]

Thanks to Pelgrim for finding this: There has been a lot of discussion regarding a repeated pattern found in the temperature traces in Alexander Parkhomov’s most recent report which indicated that certain parts of it had been cut and pasted. Today on Facebook a reader named Stefano Marcellini reported a communication he has had with […]
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Thermal Runaway in Lithium-ion Batteries Studied

Thanks to artefact for posting about this article in the Always On thread. An article in Science Daily discusses research that has been carried out at University College in London to try and understand how Li-ion batteries occasionally overheat and go into a ‘thermal runaway’ state. The US Federal Aviation Administration has carried out tests […]
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Report of Rochester, Minnesota Public LENR Presentation by Tom Wind (Ivan Idso)

Tom Wind, president of Wind Utility Consulting in Jamaica, Iowa, and president and founding board member of the Energy 2.0 Society gave a public presentation on April 26, “The Advance of Low Energy Nuclear (LENR) Technology”, at the Earthfest Ecofair in Rochester, Minnesota. We had an audience of about 15 people which included, to my […]

Live Parkhomov-Like Replication by ‘Firax Tech’ Taking Place (Video) [Update: Event over Reactor Failure]

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for pointing out this live replication effort that is going by someone going by the name of Firax Tech, in an unidentified location (but the experimenter seems to be a Russian speaker). The author is commenting in the Youtube chat box, and so some details have been given. Thanks to Sanjeev for putting […]
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A Theory to Address the Mysteries of LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil The greatest mystery associated with LENR and the hardest question to answer is how nuclear energy production can occur without gamma ray emissions and unstable isotope production. This most puzzling behavior of the LENR reaction could well be explained by a newly discovered but experimentally verified Quantum […]

The Lugano Transmutation Mysteries. (Axil Axil)

https://www.facebook.com/MartinFleischmannMemorialProject/posts/952626724768027?comment_id=952888898075143 The above referenced analysis describes the amount of increase or decrease in the masses of the various components of the fuel change. Certain components of the fuel increased and others components decreased. This analysis also speculates about how these changes in masses of the various fuel and ash components might be brought about by […]