MFMP Glowstick Test Provides Hope of Excess Heat Detection from LENR — What Next? [Update: Raw Data Files Now Available]

The 47-hour live test by the Martin Fleschmann Memorial Project on their Glowstick reactor has got a lot of attention, and after 700+ comments on the live thread here, I thought we could have a new thread for wrap-up and reflection. We are left with some intriguing results, which I don’t think can yet be […]
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“New Result of Anomalous Heat Production in Hydrogen-loaded Metals at High Temperature” New Report by Songsheng Jiang of the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)

I received the following paper today from Songsheng Jiang who works in the Ni-H Research Group in the China Institute of Atomic Energy, in Beijing, China. This is the first time I have heard of this institute, but a little research indicates that the China Institute of Atomic Research seems to be a legitimate research […]
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Parkhomov Slides from Presentation on ICCF19 Show Lugano Team’s Work

Alexander Parkhomov (along with others) gave a presentation at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow yesterday titled “Review of the reports submitted to the Conference on LENR , CNF and Cold Nuclear Transmutation ICCF19 April 13-17 in Padua”. Slides from this presentation have been presented — not very technical this time. Below you can see […]

LENR, the Drought and Elon Musk

A power source like low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) could be more vital to our future than previously thought. Recent stories indicate that some of our present sources of energy are not adequate to meet our needs and power future technologies. One future technology that could be powered by LENR is the hyperloop, Elon Musk’s [...]

MFMP to Start New Glowstick Test, May 28th — Live Thread

There’s a post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Facebook page announcing a new live test which is to start later today. Alan Goldwater of the MFMP gives this schedule: The current plan is to start the test at 4 PM local (23:00 UTC), to accommodate a wider range of time zones for the second […]
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Rossi Warming to Battery Powered E-Cats

Andrea Rossi has been quite positive lately in his comments about the length of self-sustain periods he is able to obtain with both the 1MW plant, and the Hot Cats under test in his laboratory. Earlier this week he stated that his team had been successful in extending the self-sustain periods in the Hot Cat. […]
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Experiment to Simulate Excess Heat (Nick Oseyko)

I received the following document from Nick Oseyko, an LENR experimenter from Kiev, Ukraine. He has carried out an experiment to try to determine whether, in an LENR experiment, using a PID regulator to control temperature along with a wattmeter to measure power input, is appropriate and sufficient to determine whether excess heat is being […]

Unfueled Test Report (Obvious)

Many thanks to Obvious for sharing the following about an unfueled test. I think reports like this can be very valuable for replicators and replication students. This was originally posted on this thread. A quick summary of a test last night (no fuel): I added ceramic paste to the outside of my tube that has […]
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