Some Stories you May Have missed

Here is a roundup of stories from around the world of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) and technology you may have missed.       Airbus Reportedly Interested in LENR A French scientist named Jean-François Geneste claims that the giant European aerospace company Airbus Group is interested in LENR, New Energy Times reported in January. [...]

20+ Years Before LENR Aircraft: Rossi

Many people following the LENR story are often convinced that it is the energy source of the future, and at some point will be ubiquitous. Given what we know of the E-Cat, I think that’s a fair assumption to make — but in making prediction and projections, we have to also take into account the […]

Report: Bazhutof Plasma Electrolysis System Provides up to 6 times Excess Heat

There’s a slideshow of new electolysis experiments being done by a Russian researcher Yuri N. Bazhutov that he presented at a seminar at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow on June 25th that shows some potentially interesting results. ( Unfortunately the slides are all in Russian, so it’s hard to get a full picture of what is going on, but […]
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LENR and the Long March into Forgetfulness (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil From the times of Tesla in the 1890s, Cold fusion has been discovered and then forgotten and then later rediscovered in a tragic cycle of frustration and forgetfulness. Tesla may have been the first. There is a persistent urban legend about Nikola Tesla. The prolific Serbian […]
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Bill Gates: Traditional Renewable Energy is Not Enough, Basic Research Needs Funding.

Thanks to Georgehants for posting a link to an article from The Register here today regarding an interview Bill Gates conducted with the Financial Times on the topic of green energy production. In the interview Gates praises the United Nations for raising awareness of the issue of climate change, but expresses concern that focusing on […]
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Airbus to Fly E-Fan Electric Plane Next Month

Thanks to the LENR–ECat site for featuring the following video from Airbus about a new all-electric plane they are developing called the E-Fan. Airbus plans its maiden flight this July. From the Airbus website: Airbus Group’s all-electric E-Fan demonstrator aircraft is set to cross the English Channel on 10 July, flying from Lydd, England to […]
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Projections for the Future of Transportation Fuel (

This article, reprinted with permission from, is not dealing with LENR, but it’s an analysis of the future of transportation, and how solar could impact the way fuel efficiency is measured in electric vehicles. I found the article very interesting. I agree that the internal combustion engine is on its way out, and solar has the […]

ECW Think Tank: Working in LENR

Here’s a topic that I think migbt be on the minds of many people who are following the topic of LENR, and who are thinking that it could well be very significant technology: How can I find work in this field? Where will the jobs be? What kinds of training/education should I get to best […]

The History of Things to Come (Axil Axil)

This comment was submitted by Axil Axil in this thread It is true that the U.S. scientific community, government, patent office, U.S. based global oil and gas companies, and so on, have a very hostile attitude toward the goals and methods that Rossi has employed in the past and wants to employ in the future. […]

Norwegian Newspaper Aftenpost Reports on LENR — (UPDATE: Bo Høistad Says Reports of his Team’s Confirming Lugano Report Not True)

Thanks to Mats Lewan for sending a link to this article from the largest Norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten which reports on the topic of LENR/Cold fusion. (English Google translation of the article here) It’s a typically very cautious mainstream media article, with all the necessary caveats and warnings from experts regarding how the phenomenon is […]
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