Norway’s Aftenposten Newspaper: Independent Confimation Rossi’s 1MW Plant Working (Source with ‘Heavy Scientific Background’ has Inspected Plant)

We have already mentioned here that the Norwegian newspaper Aftenpost has covered in general terms the topic of cold fusion, and has reported that Bo Høistad has said that his team has successfully replicated the E-Cat. Another article in Aftenposten by Per Kristian Bjørkeng (who wrote the article linked to above) has written a second […]
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Denis Vasilenko Publishes LENR Experiment Report

There’s an interesting document posted on the LENR-Forum by Denis Vasilenko reporting on the experiment he conducted on May 24, 2015 in which two reactors, one fueled and one without fuel were heated simultaneously. The link to the experiment is here: Denis writes in conclusion: Operation of the reactor at the maximum heating continued […]
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Is Thermal Runaway in Lithium Batteries LENR? (Alain Samoun)

The following post was submitted by Alain Samoun To return to a previous story published here on ECW, I read this study by a team of Austrian researchers on thermal runaway in lithium cells that gives more information: Here is the abstract of the article: Li-ion batteries play an ever-increasing role in our daily […]
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Polariton Coherent Light and Rossi’s Cat and Mouse

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil In his blog comments, Rossi tells us that the “Mouse” and the “Cat” are two separate fueled modules. Only the mouse receives input power. Rossi also tells us that the mouse stimulates the Cat. The Cat produces almost all of the power since the Mouse has a […]

LENR Posed as Carbon-Free Solution in National Post

Thanks to AlainCo for sharing this. The Canadian news magazine National Post asked for responses to the announcement by the G7 that they will push for making the world carbon free by the end of this century. A number of people familiar with LENR were made aware of this and some of their responses have […]

1 MW Hot Cat Plant to follow Current 1 MW Plant

If you are wondering what Andrea Rossi might be doing after the current test of the 1 MW plant is over, he has just revealed at least one new thing we can expect — a Hot Cat Plant. Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he explained: The Hot Cat 1 MW plant is object […]
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Rossi: Conducting R&D for Direct Electricity Production from Hot Cat [Update: Rossi has said E-Cat Gives ‘Electrostatic’ Charge]

There was an interesting question and response on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday regarding the production of electricity from the E-Cat. A reader asked: Dr. Andrea Rossi, the thread of research to arrive to produce electricity directly insid the E-Cat has been abandoned? Mathilde Rossi responded: Mathilde Posas: No, it has not been abandoned, […]
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Solar Hydrogen Trends Publishes Patent

Thanks to Fyodor for posting a link to this article from the New Energy Treasure website which discusses a new patent published by Solar Hydrogen Trends, who claim to have developed a technology that can produce huge amounts of hydrogen from a previously undisclosed process. Here’s the abstract from the patent application: “The present invention […]