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eCat News started as an effort to illuminate the extraordinary claims of Andrea Rossi. If true, the eCat would be one of the most important developments in modern history. Supported by a number of apparently credible scientists, the claims were worth a closer look. Credibility by association can only get you so far. Over time, for me, the socio-dynamics in play became the interesting factor in this story. eCatNews has served its purpose.  Fascinating as it is, there are more productive ways to use our time. With thousands of comments and a community absorbed by slowly unfolding events, I am reluctant to close the site. For that reason, I keep it open. Unless something happens to change the eCat landscape, posts here will be a very occasional thing. I am not into spectator sports – particularly slow-motion car crashes. I encourage you all to move on. Do something that matters.

Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Occurring in Hydrogen-loaded Nickel Wire (Songsheng Jiang)

The following post and embedded document have been submitted by Songsheng Jiang of the Ni-H Research Group, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, China Dear Frank Acland Attached is a post report titled “Low energy nuclear reaction occurring in hydrogen-loaded nickel wire”. The excess heat, greater than 240 W in 80 minutes is observed, and […]
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“Robot Replace Human” Program in China Shows the Impact of Robotics on Manufacturing, Jobs

An interesting article from the Chines People’s Daily website reports on how phone manufacturing company Changying Precision Technology Company in Dongguan, China has upgraded its production lines to be operated solely by robotic arms. From the article: “The first unmanned factory in Dongguan, a city of southeastern China’s Guangdong province, lays out a vision of […]

Neutron production in LENR (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil The overarching theme of this essay is to explain how neutrons are only transmuted from protons as a result of beta decay mediated under the control of the weak force. Nuclear decay requires the weak force and neutron production requires nuclear decay. Nuclear decay resulting in the […]

IEEE host Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro discus LENR in September at Teradyne.

The following announcement was submitted by Ian Walker Hi all On the 23-September-2015 05:30PM to 08:15PM (2.75 hours) US/Eastern time at Teradyne in Massachusetts Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro will host meeting to discuss: On the LENR Phenomena and Potential Applications, Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro Here’s part of the […]
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New Study Supports Claims about EM Drive Fuel-Less Propulsion System

There is some interesting news concerning research into the EM Drive propulsion system — an invention of British engineer Roger Shawyer. Shawyer and other proponents claim that the EM Drive requires no propellant, but is able to convert electricity directly into thrust. This is something that is considered to be impossible by many in the […]