Article in Ukrainian Newspaper Mirror Weekly Calls for State LENR Program

An article published on October 30th 2015 in the Ukrainian Weekly Newspaper the Mirror Weekly (Russian: Zerkalo Nedeli, Ukrainian: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia) calls for the Ukrainian government to fund an LENR research program as a means of securing the country’s energy future. The article is written by Dr. Vladimir Vysotsky, professor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences […]
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Beyond the E-Cat Test: The Next Phase

With all the warnings about the possibilities of a negative out come, as well as a positive one, we might wonder whether we should even think about what might happen if the test results turn out to be positive. I estimate that there are now less than four months to go in the year-long 1MW […]
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“E-Cat X: Go, Go, GO !!!”

Yesterday I asked Andrea Rossi for an update on the current testing going on in his shipping container, and got the following response: Frank Acland: 1 MW E-Cat: stable, long periods of ssm. E-Cat X: go,go, GO !!! ( Promising. Could make a revolution, even if totally covered by the US Patent we got, which […]

Liquid Solutions Prepares to Bring the Orbo ‘Never Die’ Battery to Market (Press Release)

This is a press release from Irish company Liquid Solutions Embargoed until 7pm GMT, 28 October 2015 Liquid Solutions Prepares to Bring the Orbo ‘Never Die’ Battery to Market Register for webinar Liquid Solutions, the only Irish producer of certified e juice for e cigarettes, today announces it has licensed the revolutionary Orbo […]

Overunity Product on Market At Last? Steorn’s Orbo O-Cube Webinar (Video and Transcript now Available)

It’s been over five years since Steorn has made any direct effort to engage with the public, and most people who heard about them in the days when their strategy was to ‘upset science’ with their claims of free energy have probably assumed that they have faded into ignonimity as their technology has never yet […]
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“The Myth of Basic Science” (GreenWin)

The following post has been submitted by GreenWin Today’s Wall Street Journal Review features a full page spread by (UK House of Lords member) Matt Ridley titled: “The Myth of Basic Science” (Link here: Ridley emphasizes the disruptive shift from institutional, tax-paid research to entrepreneurial innovation. Speaking of years of government intervention and “forbidden […]