Gates, Other Billionaires Form Breakthrough Energy Coalition to Fund Innovations in Clean Energy

Bill Gates, along with other tech billionaires such as Jack Ma. Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others have formed the Breakthrough Energy Coalition with the purpose of funding  basic research to provide clean energy technologies that will allow for a carbon-free future. Here’s a link to the Breakthrough Energy Coalition’s website ( with some excerpts: […]
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Norman Cook on E-Cat Fuel Elements (Tungsten and Iron mentioned)

On December 11-12, 2015 the The 16th Meeting of Japan CF-Research Society will be held at Kyoto University in Japan, and one of the presenters will be Norman Cook, who has collaborated with Andrea Rossi on theoretical work about the “Rossi Effect.” The abstract of Cook’s presentation titled ‘A Hypothesis Concerning the Connection Between the […]
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E-Cat X Makes Gas-Powered E-Cat ‘Obsolete’

At one time Andrea Rossi was working hard on developing a natural gas-driven E-Cat because he said in many cases it would be cheaper to use the energy input from cheap natural gas compared to electricity. It has apparently been a struggle to get the ‘Gas-Cat’ to work, and Rossi has never declared success with […]
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Public concept drawings of domestic ECAT We have received conceptual drawings of the domestic ECAT from the reader Daniel Badoual that’s very interesting. Thank you Daniel. All images posted below. All images courtesy of Daniel Badoual. The post Public con...

Thanksgiving Thread 2015

It’s Thanksgiving again in the United States, and it’s funny how fast holidays seem to roll around. To me they tend to mark time when I look back at the history of this website which has become an integral aspect of my life since I started it up in April 2011. It’s been a fascinating journey […]

Is Green Energy Bad for the Environment?

Two recent and largely ignored news stores are raising the prospect that so called “green energy” might actually be bad for the environment. To make matters worse policy makers seem to be ignoring the important conclusions these articles point to when they discuss alternatives to windmills and solar such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). [...]

Fulvio Fabiani on “The New Frontier of Energy” — Discusses Rossi and the E-Cat with Mats Lewan

Fulvio Fabiani is an Italian engineer who has worked side by side with Andrea Rossi since 2012, and is now in charge of R&D activties at Leonardo Corporation under the direction of Rossi. Mats Lewan has just published an interview he conducted with Fabiani on his blog where lots of interesting information about what […]
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Rossi: Production for 1 MW Plants Should Start ‘Within One Year’ (If Current Test Succeeds)

The big question with any highly expected new product is always: how long before we can see this technology on the market. People have been asking this for years about the E-Cat, and early expectations of a quick appearance of a domestic E-Cat on the market have not materialized. Andrea Rossi has previously said that […]
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Polyneutrons (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil At 6:43 of this video of a Russ Gries experiment with a hydrogen plasma, the experiment shows the emergence of a streak of plasma that when through the glass and into the space just outside the glass. Fisher and Oriani used the polyneutron theory to […]

Study Finds Arctic Warming Effect from Cleaner Energy

The benefits of clean energy are widely discussed, and there is a wide consensus among people in government, science, media, and business that cutting greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution will lead to a cooler globe, or at least limit the warming that it is feared could be catastrophic for the planet. However, […]
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