Overview of the Electric E-Cat X

As expected, since announcing the generation of electricity from the E-Cat X there have been lots of questions for Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about it, and Rossi has provided many answers that I will attempt to summarize here, rather than copy a list of direct quotes Original quotes can be found […]
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Rossi Planning a Commercial (as Well as Technological) Revolution

Now Andrea Rossi has made an apparently spectacular breakthrough with the E-Cat he seems to be turning his mind not just to technological revolution, but commercial revolution. Here are some comments he made yesterday on this topic. “My dream is a product for everybody that makes everybody make money with it. I am also studying […]
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Rossi: Yes The E-Cat X Produces Electricity Directly

The latest version of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device could produce electricity without mechanical means. The inventor himself made that claim on his blog on December 26, 2015. “Here is the big news: yes, the E-Cat X produces directly electric power,” Rossi wrote to a correspondent named James Watt. “We are [...]

CFA Institute on Possible Global Impact of Cold Fusion

Here’s a little mention of LENR from the CFA Institute. According to its own profile, “The CFA Institute is a global community of investment professionals working to build an investment industry where investors’ interests come first, financial markets function at their best, and economies grow.” In a Christmas day review by Ron Rimkus of the […]
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French Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Announces First Symposium (March 18-20 in Avignon)

Matieu Valat has contacted me with the following information about an upcoming symposium to be held by the French Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science: The French Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science aims to promote this field of physics to French scientists and enthusiasts. There are societies in Japan, Russia, Italy and in the […]

Season’s Greetings — The Fossil Fuel Age Has Ended! (Ian Walker)

The following post has been submitted by Ian Walker Hi all, For me, the key factor for confirmation has always been: how would major businesses, with business intelligence apparatus that would dwarf that of many first world nations, react? Some of them have moral and ethical views on economic shock, and all want to keep […]
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