Leonardo/Industrial Heat Court Case on “Complex Track” — to go to Jury Trial in September 2017 (Rossi: Effect on E-Cat Commercial “None”)

Thanks to Sifferkoll for providing links to the latest court documents in the Rossi/Industrial Heat court case. Andrea Rossi has gotten what he requested so far — the court case has not been dismissed as requested by Industrial Heat, and it will go to a jury trial. However there will be a long time to […]
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1 MW E-Cat Plant Testing Setup (Repost)

I was going through some old material on E-Cat World yesterday and came across a comment by Andrea Rossi that he made during the year-long 1MW E-Cat plant test in which he described the measurement system that was in place for the test. There’s been quite a bit of discussion about how measurements were taken […]

Russian Team “Actinides” Announces Discovery of Industrial Biochemical Method of Elemental Transmutation (Press Conference and Press Release)

I received an email today about a press conference that was held at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva on June 21, 2016 by a Russian Corporate Partnership called Actinedes consisting of inventors Viktor Kurashov and Tamara Sakhno, and the administrator Vladislav Karabanov. I will provide some transcription from the conference. Vladislav Karabanov: Ladies and […]
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Excess Heat Generation in Ni + LiAlH4 Sytem (New Report by I.N. Stepanov and V.A. Panchelyuga)

There’s a new report that’s been published by I.N. Stepanov and VA Panchelyuga, which was presented at the recent conference on LENR and Ball Lightning held in Sochi, Russia, which again shows excess energy production in a Nickel-Lithium Aluminum Hydride reactor. The report is in Russian, but it’s not terribly verbose, so it’s not terribly […]
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Rossi accuses Industrial Heat of Trying to Sell him his Own Ecat License

Andrea Rossi is now accusing Tom Darden’s Industrial Heat of trying to sell his own e-cat low nuclear reaction (LENR) technology back to him. “As usual, the guys of Industrial Heat (IH) are ready to sell what they do not own; now they are offering us to buy back our license, the license that they [...]

Researchers Create “Dark Hydrogen” in Lab — Believed to Exist on Gas Giant Planets

With thanks to Jack Cole for posting about this on Vortex-l — an article on Gizmag reports about a new theory about ‘dark hydrogen’ on Jupiter. Layer of strange “dark hydrogen” believed to exist on Jupiter-like planets Some excerpts: “Researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science have just produced a third version of the element […]
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Alexander Parkhomov Reports COP of 1.1-1.3 in LENR Reactor for More than a Month

Many thanks to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project for providing a translation of a report given by Alexander Parkhomov at a conference LENR in Sochi, Russia today. Here’s the comment from the MFMP Facebook page: The full slideshow, in Russian, can be seen here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz7lTfqkED9WaFhjLU9wcml4WjQ/view So this is another interesting report from Alexander Parkhomov — […]
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Rossi on Leonardo Scientific Committee Members

Andrea Rossi has mentioned that Leonardo Corporation has assembled a committee of scientific advisers to help with the development of E-Cat products and today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he has given a little more detail about at least one member. Here are the relevant comments: Andrea Rossi June 22, 2016 at 3:04 PM Koen […]

Remote Area / Disaster Relief AC/DC power, Heated air, Warm Water and Clean Water E-Cat QuarkX System Concept (Engineer48)

Yesterday on this site Engineer48 posted a schematic for a concept of what he calls a “Remote Area / Disaster Relief AC/DC power, heated air, warm water and clean water system” to be powered by E-Cat QuarkX reactors. Engineer48 states that he has been in contact with Andrea Rossi about the idea, and Rossi has […]
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