Rossi: Research on QuarkX is ‘Jazz, not Classical Music’

Andrea Rossi has give an interesting reply on the Journal of Nuclear Physics to a question by Tom Conover who asked Rossi if he could disclose any more details, without revealing anything confidential, about his current work with the QuarkX, the current version of the E-Cat that is under development. Here is Rossi’s response: Andrea […]
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Conversations on LENR with John Maguire (Ed Storms and Frank Acland)

John Maguire is a journalist and interviewer who has been interested in the LENR/cold fusion field for some time, and he has interviewed some interesting interviews with people in the field. He has recently published a couple of new interviews on his Pentamental show on Syncbook Radio,  with Edmund Storms and myself, Frank Acland. Both […]

Fleischmann Project Makes an Intriguing Statement

Our friends at the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) have put an intriguing statement on their Facebook Page. Here it is: “What if you had a document that… - Showed nuclear synthesis without harmful radiation - had two catalysts, a big and a small one - could self-sustain - operated between familiar temperatures - had [...]

MFMP Prepares for an Announcement

Thanks to Ged for posting this: “Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up that MFMP may be releasing something important soon. Those who get the donor e-mails will know what I mean. I don’t know what it is, just to keep an eye on their Facebook page.” I have been in touch with […]
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Forbes: Is Cold Fusion Feasible or a Fraud? (Ethan Siegel)

Thanks to georgehants for posting a link to a new article on the Forbes website by Ethan Siegel titled: “Is Cold Fusion Feasible, Or is it a Fraud?” Link his here: This is another article from an established media entity on the subject of cold fusion lately, so for some reason there’s more attention […]

CBC Covers the Cold Fusion Story

A new article on the current state of cold fusion has been posted on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website written by Torah Kachur, titled “Q&A: Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again” The link is here: It’s pretty much the same kind of article that we see from time […]
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Reflections on the Tohoku University LENR Experiments

I have been re-reading the report about the Tohoku University LENR experiment and have found it includes information that might provide clues about why LENR may or may not occur in some experiments. Just to recap: 1. The Tohoku experiment uses a system with two palladium electrodes inside a cylindrical chamber. A nickel mesh is […]