Tesla Taking the Lead in Democratizing Energy Production

One of the fond hopes of many people who are supportive of LENR as a viable and affordable energy source is that it might provide the means for people to live off-grid. Many hold out hope that at some point LENR (in the form of the E-Cat or something similar) will allow for the domestic […]
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Transitioning to the Future (Tom Whipple)

The following post has been submitted by Tom Whipple Last Wednesday I had what may turn out to be a glimpse of mankind’s future in, of all places, New Jersey. Keep in mind that New Jersey was where Edison invented the light bulb, so the state has a track record of earth-shaking innovation. The venue […]

Rossi Plans QuarkX e-cat Demonstration for February

Andrea Rossi is planning some sort of public demonstration of his QuarkX e-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device early next year. E-Cat world contributor Frank Acland thinks that the test will probably be held in February 2019. Rossi did not confirm that in posts at his blog but he did make some intriguing remarks [...]

Report from Brilliant Light Power Industry Day Event (Tom Whipple) Update: Video and Slideshows Now Posted by BLP

UPDATE (Oct 29, 2016) A video of the Brilliant Light Power SunCell reactor in action has been posted, along with slideshows and other documents from the recent Industry Day event. The video is below: Slideshows and presentations from the Industry Day can be found at this link: http://brilliantlightpower.com/demonstration-days/ The following post has been submitted by […]
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E-Cat Plant Test Plan (Fabio Penon)

The following text of the plan for testing the 1 MW plant written by Fabio Penon before the 1 year E-Cat plant test began, is taken from Exhibit 70 -1 from the docket of the Rossi v. IH Court case. This is a transcription of the document which can be found in the original at […]

New Exhibits Posted in Rossi v. Industrial Heat Case — Includes List of Plant Visitors, and Test Plan by Penon

Some new documents have been posted in the Rossi v. Industrial Heat case. My time is limited today so I don’t have time to go into a long analysis I will post the link to access the documents here here  and open this thread for discussion. The new documents are responses from the defendants to requests […]
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Early 2017 for QuarkX Presentation?

We’ve been here before, waiting for an E-Cat event. Since Andrea Rossi went public in 2011 there have been various events and reports that have been widely anticipated by people interested in the E-Cat, yet to date there has not really been the breakthrough that many observers have hoped for; namely, bulletproof evidence for his technology […]
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University lecture on Mills’ Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics

The following post has been submitted by Optiongeek Prof. Huub Bakker, a senior lecturer in engineering at Massey University, presented the following lecture on Randell Mills’ Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUTCP). Prof. Tony Signal, representing the Physics Dept., responded with a critical view. Prof. Bakker’s presentation is a survey of Mills’ 1800-page thesis […]

Iceland To Drill Hottest Hole Ever to Tap Magma for Energy Production

New Scientist has an interesting article which reports on a project Iceland to drill the hottest hole on earth. See: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2109872-iceland-drills-hottest-hole-to-tap-into-energy-of-molten-magma/ Iceland lies over a rift in continental plates and this provides the nation with access to vast amounts geothermal energy which it is seeking to exploit for the benefit of its people. The Iceland […]