Excess Heat Claim In Chinese Ni-H System (Video)

I have been sent a link to the video below by someone in China who has communicated with me briefly in the past. So far I have very little information provided beyond what is in the video. I don’t even know the full name of the person who sent me the video. This is the […]
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Paper: “Peculiarities of hydrogen absorption – Nd90Fe10” (Vladimir Dubinko)

Thanks to Alan Smith from Looking For Heat, who has shared with me a new paper written by Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Dubinko titled “Peculiarities of hydrogen absorption – Nd90Fe10” The article is published on the Looking For Heat website here: http://www.lookingforheat.com/peculiarities-of-hydrogen-absorption-by-melt-span-amorphous-alloys-nd90fe10/ Here is the abstract: A fierce exothermic reaction was detected in Nd90Fe10 films with […]

Rossi: QuarkX Presentation Not Tied to Achieving Sigma 5

A some questions regarding Andrea Rossi’s plans for presenting the QuarkX have brought up some interesting responses: Brokeeper December 24, 2016 at 4:22 PM Dear Andrea, This may seem elementary but could you clarify as to what is required before the presentation of the QuarkX? 1. Sigma5 reached? AR: – not necessarily 2. Modules required […]

Merry Christmas, 2016, and a Happy 2017 to All!

I would like to wish all E-Cat World readers a happy and peaceful Christmas season and a Happy New Year. I am always happy that people come to this site to learn, share and discuss interesting topics that are not widely covered elsewhere. The E-Cat story is in many ways still an ongoing mystery which […]

MFMP Features Video with György Egely on Transmutation and Cold Fusion in Dusty Plasma

There’s a new post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Facebook page in which they announce a new series of interviews with Hungarian scientist György Egely who has been interested in the subject of transmutation and cold fusion in ‘dusty plasma’. Egely has recently had an article published in Infinite Energy magazine, titled “Transmutation by […]
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USQL, JM Products Post Corporate Disclosure Statements: ‘No Parent Company of J.M. Products’

There are a couple of new documents that have been posted in the court docket today, one on behalf of United States Quantum Leap (USQL) and one by JM Products, each titled Certificate of Interested Parties. The documents are numbers 93 and 94 are available at this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzKtdce19-wyb1RxOTF6c2NtZkk The documents, filed by lawyers from […]
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China: Proof-of-Concept Testing of EmDrive Ongoing in Space Station (Popular Science)

Since an article was published in The Journal of Propulsion and Power in which the authors confirmed in experiments that apparent propulsion-less thrust was detected in and EmDrive type device, there has been an increasing amount of interest this technology which many people say should be impossible in terms of known physics. Despite the skepticism, […]

Bill Gates’ League of Billionaires will spend $1 Billion on Energy Research

Bill Gates is organizing a $1 billion fund that will invest in fusion and other clean energy technology. Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) has the backing of some of the world’s richest people; and it might invest in cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). Gates will serve as chairman of the fund which is [...]