Mats Lewan Assesses the E-Cat Story

Mats Lewan has reposted on his An Impossible Invention website and article about the current status of LENR that was originally published in the Indian journal World Affairs. For people following the history of LENR, there is a lot of information that is probably familiar, but for those unfamiliar with the topic, it provides an […]
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Anthropocene Institute Publishes LENR Investing Report for 2017

The Anthropocene Institute has published a long document which they call ‘Lenararies’ which is described as follows: ” In this new survey report – LENRaries – over 100 entities actively engaged in LENR discovery are profiled.  More than 50 of those are identified as commercial R&D entities having reportedly raised more than $250 million as […]
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What me356 Taught Us (Max Temple)

The following post has been submitted by Max Temple What Me356 Taught Us I’ve heard it said that there is no better way to learn than by hands-on experience. Me356, seemingly a highly successful replicator of the Rossi Effect, is a perfect example of someone who mastered a skill by continual and exhaustive repetitive practice. […]

Rossi Recounts 2010 Naval Research Laboratory Test

Andrea Rossi today has written a brief account of a test that was apparently carried out at a Washington, DC lab connected with Naval Research Lab in 2010. This is the Q&A from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today: Miguel February 23, 2017 at 6:10 AM Dr Andrea Rossi: Is it true that during a […]
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Sergio Focardi on The Need for Atomic Hydrogen in the E-Cat

Following up on Max Temple’s recent article here egarding the possible role that palladium could play in LENR reactions, by rapidly disassociating molecular hydrogen into atomic hydrogen, is an interesting interview from 2011 from Daniele Passarini’s website Here are the relevant quotes: [Male interviewer] Isn’t that the famous powder mentioned earlier? Yes, there is the nickel powder, […]

Global Warming’s Impact on Environment Worse than we thought

The effect of climate change on wildlife and the environment might have been grossly underestimated. Nearly half the threatened mammals and quarter of the birds might be impacted by global warming, a study published in the Climate Change Journal indicates. “Many experts have got these climate assessments wrong – in some cases, massively so,” coauthor [...]