Radio Waves Experiment (Sean)

I thought it would be useful to start a new thread with these two comments by Sean from the recent Electric Universe Thread here, who has shared some details from an experiment he has done.

1. Just did an experiment. I took a normal 3 inch long x 3/8″ Dia.Steel spring an using a voltmeter set to Millivolts and proceeded to do the following. Across the spring length = 0 mv. across the magnet = 0 mv. Placed insulation tape between magnet and spring = .8 mv. I think that its picking up background radiation. So the next experiment was to measure my mobile VHF/UHF ham radio antenna indoors. I hooked up the PL259 plug directly to to voltmeter and I measured 3.7 mv.

2. Well I think I have found the missing ingredient to that You-Tube video. It is something that you cannot see. RADIO WAVES. I set up the experiment again and keyed up my Baofeng hand held ham radio a few feet away and up went the voltage to 2.3 Volts. That’s enough to light a LED. I remember when I had CB sets back in the 70’s, You could tape a Neon light to the antenna for fun. When you keyed up the neon would light up extremely bright especially if you place it near the loading coil at center mast. (It got very hot also).

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Electric Universe Conference in UK to Feature SAFIRE Team Leader Childs

Thanks to Steve Taylor for posting the following about an upcoming presentation about the Electric Universe project. Many readers will recall that the SAFIRE (Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment) project is connected with the Electric Universe project. The SAFIRE team is carrying out experiments to test the ‘Electric Sun’ theory.

In a presentation made last year the SAFIRE team reported about an anomalous heat event that occurred inside their experimental reaction chambers in which a tungsten probe used to measure reaction temperatures was vaporized when the input power at the time was only 182 W.  The presentation can be seen on this video:

Steve Taylor posted this:

There is a presentation coming July 7 thru 11 in Somerset, UK. Montgomery Childs [SAFIRE team leader] will be one of the speakers. It is part of the Electric Universe Reconnect 2018 conference. I do hope they will tell what progress has been since August last year. Maybe this should be highlighted in a current post.

Details about the upcoming presentation can be found here:

Ionizing Radiation from E-Cats beyond Background has ‘Never’ Been Measured

Here’s an interesting exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today regarding the issue of whether the E-Cat produces ionizing radiation.

Prof July 4, 2018 at 7:30 PM
Dr Andrea Rossi

There is a buzz in the internet that your Ecat SK could have issues related to the radiations it could emit.
Are you worried of this issue? Could your presentaton of the industrialized Ecat SK be jeopardized by it?



Andrea Rossi July 4, 2018 at 9:20 PM
We constantly measure all the radiations emitted by the Ecat. The emissions have also been thoroughly measured by the specialized officers of the Healthcare Office of Florida, that has a team of specialized agents for this specific purpose, as well as from Physics Professors specialized in such measurement and NEVER has been measured an excess of ionizing radiations beyond the background. This also is an indirect confirmation of the theoretical intuition Gullstrom and I are studying upon ( Carl-Oscar Gullstrom, nuclear physic from the University of Uppsala- you can find his lecture on Youtube whose link is also in our website, or Google ” Youtube video Carl Oscar Gullstrom theoretical lecture of Ecat presentation Stockholm November 24 2017 ”

Warm Regards,

In some of the public tests that have taken place over the years, there have been radiation measurements taken close to the E-Cats, and no radiation beyond background has been reported. This comment is the first time that I can recall Andrea Rossi stating that officers from the Healthcare Office of Florida have measured radiation from the E-Cat. It would be interesting to read a report from those tests.

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Michael McKubre at ICCF-21

LENR consultant and former Director of Energy Research at SRI International Michael McKubre presented at the 21st International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado. The five-day conference ran June 3-8, 2018 and featured multiple groups reporting solid results in the generation of excess heat and transmutations. …

Continue reading "Michael McKubre at ICCF-21"

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Brillouin Energy Closes Second Paid Commercial License Within The Asia-Pacific Region (Brillouin Energy Press Releas)

The following is a press release from Brillouin Energy. Original document is available here: (Thanks to Sam for the heads up)


CECR technology rights sold to a leading industrial group

BERKELEY, CA, July 2, 2018 – Brillouin Energy Corp. (, a leading company in the low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) field, announced that it has secured its second paid commercial license of its CECR technologies. The license was sold to a leading industrial group within the Asia-Pacific region. This latest achievement marks another significant step in the company’s mission to create ultra-clean, low-cost, renewable energy products that are capable of producing commercially useful therma lenergy (heat).

“This announcement is an important milestone in our quest to deliver world-changing ultra-clean, low-cost renewable energy technologies”, said company CEO, Robert W. George. “This latest accomplishment further validates the commercial potential of the company’s underlying CECR technologies.”

The new license agreement pays a combination of up front fees plus various royalty streams over time. Brillouin will use the immediate revenue to continue development of its green energy solutions that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can design into highly energy efficient products. This in turn brings the company closer to the reality of commercial LENR power.

For more information about Technology Licensing or OEM Partnerships with Brillouin Energy Corp., please see

For further information about this News Release, please contact: Grant Draper +1-415-745-0254

About Brillouin Energy Corp.:

Brillouin Energy is a clean-technology company based in Berkeley California USA, which is developing an ultra-clean, low-cost, renewable energy technology that is capable of producing commercially useful thermal energy from LENR. Brillouin’s LENR technology includes a proprietary method known as CECR, which electrically stimulates nickel metal conductors using its Q-Pulse™ control system. The stimulation process produces LENR reactions, which generates heat. The potential cost of the system inputs relative to the heat outputs is very low. Other than the heat output, there are no (zero) toxic or CO2 byproduct emissions of any kind.

For further information about Brillouin Energy Corp., please contact:David Firshein, CFO +1-415-419-6429

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Rossi: E-Cat SK Test a ‘Great’ Success

Andrea Rossi had been reporting that a very important test of the the higher-powered E-Cat SK was to take place at the end of June and yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he reported that he was extremely pleased. Here are a few of his comments:

“I just finished now the test with the SK. I am trembling for the emotion. Probably we will present it. We made enormous progress in the last several weeks. The test has been not good. The test has been great.”

“We tested a version very close to the industrialization and it did not show any trouble in a long test, besides I had confirmation of the validity of an intuition that simplify remarkably the SK system.”

“We will probably present both the QX and the SK”

We have come to learn that this kind of report is quite typical of Rossi — he never rests trying to improve his products and he regularly tests new ‘intuitions’ that he think can improve and/or simplify his products. He is still talking about two products: the QX and the SK, but I wonder if the new progress on the SK will start to take all his attention.

There’s another thing to point out in his recent comments — Gerald McEk asked him if he still thought he could deliver an industrial E-Cat plant by the end of this year; Rossi’s response was “no”. So his timeline projections are slipping somewhat — which I had somewhat expected — since just a few weeks ago he said he hoped to have products delivered to customers before the end of 2018.

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