Video Tour of IEC Earth Engine ‘Training Center’/Factory

This is a new video showing a tour of the Inductance Energy Corporation [IEC] factory floor (30,000 square feet) — also known as a ‘training center’ — in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they make and display the ‘magnet motor’ Earth Engine. Visitors are shown various versions of the Earth Engine, and are shown some videos of inventor Dennis Danzik talking about the motor and demonstrating its operation.

Danzik states that they have to put a little bit of ‘inertia power’ into the motor to get it going, and then gives it a push.

He also shows a simple experiment using a razor blade showing how the magnetic field used in the Earth Engine is directed. From one direction the blade is attracted to the magnet, from another, even though it is in close proximity to the magnet, there is no attraction.

They state that Earth Engines will be manufactured in different states in the United States, and they seem to be looking for manufacturing partners in every state.

They show some of the parts used to make up the Earth Engine, and show an Earth Engine in action.

New Brilliant Light Power Video and Patent Application

Here is a recent video titled “SunCell® Hydrino Reactor Power Conversion and Calorimetry”

No calorimetry results are provided, but they say that this is an “initial water bath test of SunCell® hydrino reactant gas mixture”

Also, below is the abstract from a Brilliant Light Power patent application published by the


Abstract: A power generator that provides at least one of electrical and thermal power comprising (i) at least one reaction cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos identifiable by unique analytical and spectroscopic signatures, (ii)reaction mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of ¾ 0 catalyst or ¾ 0 catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of ¾ 0 catalyst or H20 catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; and a molten metal to cause the reaction mixture to be highly conductive, (iii) molten metal injection system comprising at least one pump such as an electromagnetic pump that causes a plurality of molten metal streams to intersect, (iv)an ignition system comprising an electrical power source that provides low-voltage, high-current electrical energy to the plurality of intersected molten metal streams to ignite a plasma to initiate rapid kinetics of the hydrino reaction and an energy gain due to forming hydrinos, (v) a source of ¾ and O2 supplied to the plasma, (vi) molten metal recovery system, and (vii)a power converter capable of (a) converting the high-power light output froma black body radiator of the cell into electricity using concentrator thermos photovoltaic cells or (b)converting the energetic plasma into electricity using a magneto hydrodynamic converter.

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Rossi: E-Cat Orders from Four Countries, Some Already Installed and Operating

I asked a few questions today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the status of E-Cat SK orders and installations, following the product announcement in January:

Frank Acland
March 27, 2019 at 11:41 AM
Dear Andrea,

Regarding the orders you are receiving:

a) Are you already building the E-Cats that have been ordered?
b) Are you already installing the E-Cats that have been ordered?
c) Are new E-Cats already operating with new customers (not including the first customer you have already mentioned?)
d) From how many countries have orders been received so far?

Here are Andrea Rossi’s responses:

Andrea Rossi
March 27, 2019 at 1:23 PM
Frank Acland:
a) yes
b) yes
c) yes
Warm Regards,

At the January presentation, Rossi mentioned three countries that he thought would be the first to receive E-Cat deliveries: USA, Sweden and Japan. So there’s apparently now another country in the mix, maybe he will reveal that soon. Knowing Rossi, I doubt that he will name any of his first customers, he has said that it will be up to customers to make those announcements. How long that will take, is hard to know, but he did say recently that an industrial partner may reveal itself “sooner than expected”. He made this comment to Gerard McEk:

Andrea Rossi
March 23, 2019 at 3:46 AM
Gerard McEk:
Sorry, but, obviously, “sooner than expected” does not mean “tomorrow”. In this specific case, means that I hope it will be within months, and please rememberthat I did not say I am sure of this, I said that it is possible, not that it is certain.
Warm Regards,

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“If Gravity can do This, What is Gravity?” (Bob Greenyer Video)

Bob talks about a 1999 article written by Shu-wen Zhou from 21st Century Science Technology titled “Abnormal Physical Phenomena When the Sun, Moon and, Earth are Aligned”. Prof. Zhou states in the introduction to the article:

“During the period when the three bodies — the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth — are in an approximately straight line, there appear some inexplicable anomalies of physical character. These include an unusual force of horizontal oscillation, strange charges in the pattern of grain sequence in crystals, changes in wavelength of emission spectra, and changes in the rate of speed of atomic clocks.”

Bob sees a connection between these ideas and those of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov whose book “SPACE. EARTH. MAN.” he is preparing to translate.

Bob also reviews an interview published in Infinite Energy magazine with Martin Fleischmann in which Dr. Fleischmann discusses other areas of interest such as gravitation, thermionic diodes, and the behavior of electrons in metals. He also sees connections between these ideas and the recently published patent from the U.S. Navy dealing with room temperature superconductivity, and also the work of John Hutchinson.

Bob’s discussion is in this video on YouTube.

March 23rd 2019 – Thirty Years Since the Pons and Fleischmann Cold Fusion Announcement

Today is March 23, 2019 — thirty years ago in a news conference at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City a news conference was held in which it was announced that two scientists working there, Drs. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann had discovered a means of achieving fusion at room temperature.

The proceedings of that conference can be seen in this video:

I can remember as a young man being very interested in the announcement which was covered widely in the news – not really understanding it very well at the time – but later feeling a lot of disappointment hearing the news reports it being a big mistake, or a even a fraud. I lost interest for many years, and really only started to get interested in the cold fusion/LENR field again after the Rossi/Focardi presentation in January of 2011.

Thank goodness that some people never gave up on the cold fusion project. A small group of researchers continue to try to understand and develop CF/LENR technology. Yes, we are thirty years down the road now, and cold fusion still is underground to a large extent, but I think progress has been made since 1989 and at some time we’ll see the efforts bearing fruit.

Thanks to Drs. Pons and Fleischmann for the courage to stand up and share what they discovered. It did not go very well for them at the time. They were treated very poorly by some in positions of influence, and it is heartbreaking to learn of their ruined reputations and careers. However, I believe their presentation 30 years was as a very important moment in the history of humanity and I think that at some point be recognizes more widely as such.

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Infinity SAV Q&As

Here is a post from the Facebook page of Infinity SAV in regarding their ‘magnet motor’ technology, and a recent 5-hour video demonstration they did on a small island in South Korea.

One of the comments that Infinity SAV made explains that like many other companies, they are not as yet willing to explain fully how this motor works:

“If we wanted to clear all doubts we would’ve done it long time ago. But we’re careful with what we’re willing to show.”

Article: “LENR energy: Science or pseudoscience?” (David Bailey)

Thanks to Mats Lewan for pointing out a new article written on the Math Scholar website by David H. Bailey, titled “LENR energy: Science or pseudoscience?”.

Link is here:
It’s well researched, and provides may excellent references to papers in an appendix citing thirty-nine scientific articles from the LENR field and I think should prove to be a valuable resource for people looking into the scientific evidence for LENR.

In his conclusion, David Bailey writes:

However this turns out, the present author only wishes to add the following: If the LENR researchers truly have something, they have a moral obligation to the world society to come public with their methods and make this technology available worldwide as soon as possible. The author obviously recognizes the need for reasonable privacy of intellectual property, but as Huw Price has noted, missing a desperately needed new energy source could be catastrophic.

So is LENR a revolutionary new form of energy, or merely a new chapter in the long and sordid annals of pseudoscience? Read some of the papers below and decide for yourself. One way or the other, the next few months will be very interesting. Hold on to your hats!

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Primer for Kickstarter to Translate Alexander Parkhomov’s book – SPACE. EARTH. MAN. (Bob Greenyer)

Here is a video from Bob Greenyer who is preparing to launch a Kickstarter fundraiser to fund the translation of a book originally published in Russian by Alexander Parkhomov titled: “Space. Earth. Man: New Facets on Science”

Here is a description of the book.

Dark matter research from the time of its discover was really only of interest to astronomers, cosmologists and exotic scientists.

In recent year, however, after the accumulation of a critical mass of knowledge, it has become clear that this is not just an illusive substance, dissolved in an infinite universe, but that it is an important source of connections between space and the biosphere.

We are accustomed to the fact that influencing the course of processes implies changing their speed or intensity. This in essence is the basis of all modern technology. Apparently, however, there is another type of process variability which manifests itself in the change in the order of behavior of the system’s parts. This can occur regardless of energy changes. Perhaps searching in this direction will allow us to overcome the crisis in modern natural science and open up the possibility of a new level of knowledge about in which we live.

Funds raised over and above the $7000 goal will allow Bob respond to invitations to travel to Moscow and visit five private labs and two government labs of Russian LENR researchers.

This link is to a draft table of contents for the book:

Inductance Energy Corporation (IEC) Shows Installed ‘Magnet Motor’ in Las Vegas (Video

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for posting a link to a video showing a ‘Magnet Motor’ in action at the premises of Shooting Range Industries in Las Vegas, Nevada. The motor is created by a company called Inductance Energy Corporation (IEC) whose website is here: The company states that it is the “is the worldwide exclusive licensee of Magnetic Propulsion”

The company’s flagship product is called Earth Engine. Here is a short description from the company’s website here:

“Magnetic propulsion is the science of moving a mass (such as a flywheel, vehicle, elevator) in a rotary reciprocating, linear, or vertical direction solely by means of controlling permanent, imbalanced magnetic radiation (field). Using the repulsion (opposing force) as a fuel source, the IEC Earth Engine, driven by Magnetic Propulsion, eliminates the need for any other fuel source, such as traditional fossil fuels, wind, solar, geothermal, or biomass.

“Magnetic propulsion also allows for the zero-contact operation of variable speed transmissions, drive shafts, reducers, and other devices that normally require gears, sprockets, chains, or belts. This provides a near friction-free connection between power source and final selected device, such as a pump, compressor, or generator.”

The youtube video shows what is apparently an Earth Engine which is claimed to produce 25kw while consuming 700 W of what is described as ‘parasitic load’.

From the YouTube description:

A factory in Las Vegas is home to the world’s first (and definitely not the last) ‘Earth Engine’. Fueled only by polarity-modified rare earth magnets, the EE can generate 25 kwh of power for years on end. While it’s truly amazing and potentially Earth-changing, what it ISN’T is a perpetual motion machine, as magnets eventually wear out. Many more motors are scheduled to be installed soon.


One comment on the YouTube from the video’s author states:

“The motor is not connected to an outside power source. The 700W is a parasitic load. I cannot comment on the tech specs. When patents are final it will reveal more.”

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