Christos Stremmenos Dies

The following was posted by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today.

Andrea Rossi

Dear Readers:
Today Nicos Stremmenos, son of Cristos Stremmenos, has informed me of the fact that his father has passed away today.
I want to say that Cristos is one of the most honest, genial, sincere persons I ever met in my life.
A hero of the Greek resistance, a great Professor of Physics of the University of Bologna, Ambassador of Grece in Rome, I had the honour to make with him many very important experiments, in collaboration with Prof Sergio Focardi, who was his Dean and also a friend of him.
I am very sorry, I can’t deny my emotion in this moment.
I present to his wonderful family my deepest condolences,
Andrea Rossi

Christos Stremmenos was a Professor of Chemical Physics, University of Bologna (Ret.)and former Ambassador for Greece in Italy. He was one of the early supporters and proponents of the work of Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi. He subsequently helped with the formation of Defkalion Green Technologies.

Here is a video of him talking about cold fusion.

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Condensed Plasmoids and Strange Phenomena (Mario Menichella)

Thanks to Artefact for posting about the following:

Mario Menichella, physicist and science writer for the E-Cat The New Fire website has written an article titled ‘Condensed Plasma, a theory for many “strange phenomena”‘ in which he reveiws the recent presentation by Lutz Jaitner at the ICCF-19 conference looks at scientific reports throughout history in which strange phenomena have been observed in experiments “where electrons and matter form a special state which is predicted to produce extreme internal forces that lead to non-standard behavior”

The article can be read here:

Menicella writes:

“The form of nuclear energy production that you can obtain with condensed plasmoids is in alignment with that discussed recently in the literature by Andrea Rossi (2019) as embodied in his SK configuration. It is a nuclear process but one without harmful radiation. It embodies neither conventional nuclear fusion nor fission and the process is harmless to humans. The energy obtained from the process is largely due to an induced change in the atomic mass of participating materials.”

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Ecalox Turning Scrap Aluminum into Hydrogen and Aluminum Oxide

An article has been published on the British Institute of Engineering and Technology website about a company called Ecalox run by Alan Smith — who is also an admin at LENR Forum — which has developed a system to convert scrap aluminum into hydrogen and aluminum oxide in a facility in Essex, England.

The article provides a good written explanation of the Ecalox process, along with excellent photos showing the technologies involved. It is available here:

With $500 to $600-worth of aluminium scrap, Smith reckons his reactor could squeeze out $1,500-worth in aluminium oxide, plus all the energy it produces, he says.

The catalyst for the hydrogen-water reactor is fully recoverable, and is said to be an inexpensive material but kept a business secret for now, though it is certainly traceable in public scientific literature, Smith admits.

Alan’s goals are to develop a business operation with just a small portion of the scrap aluminum market: ““If we only get a tenth of the landfilled post-consumer aluminium waste we would be able to process 50,000 tonnes a year, sell almost 100,000 tonnes of aluminium hydroxide and create a 400,000MW energy business on the back of it.”

Thunderbolts Project: “The SAFIRE Results Now Proves Cosmologists and Particle Physicists Don’t Understand Stars”

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for linking to this video from the Thunderbolts Project YouTube channel discussing an alternative to the conventional theory based on Sir Arthur Eddington’s assumption that the sun and stars are gravitating balls of hydrogen gas.

The alternative theory discussed on this video is the Electric Sun video where it is proposed that the sun “is plugged into a galactic circuit, and galactic circuits are the basis of plasma cosmology.”

In this video Wal Thornhill, chief science advisor to the Thunderbolts project, discusses the results of the recent presentation by the SAFIRE project.

Thornhill explains that the SAFIRE project is funded by the International Science Foundation. He states, “The SAFIRE results now proves cosmologists and particle physicists don’t understand stars”

Video is below:

ICCF22 – Celani – Progress in Anomalous Heat Effects using Constantan and D2

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for another interesting report from ICCF-22.

ICCF22 – Celani – Progress in Anomalous Heat Effects using Constantan and D2 – Italy 2019

Progresses on understanding LENR-AHE effects, using thin and long Constantan wires multi-elements coated, under D2 gas mixtures at high temperatures, by DC/AC Voltage stimulation in coiled coaxial geometry.

Slides can be downloaded from here:

Below is the slide titled “Conclusions”

US Military Acknowledges Reality of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’

There has been an interesting comment posted on The Black Vault webstite from the US military about videos that were released by To The Stars Academy last year

U.S. Navy Confirms Videos Depict ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’; Not Cleared For Public Release

“The Navy designates the objects contained in these videos as unidentified aerial phenomena,” said Joseph Gradisher, official spokesperson for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare. When asked why the phrase “UAP” is now utilized by the U.S. Navy, and not “UFO,” Mr. Gradisher added, “The ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ terminology is used because it provides the basic descriptor for the sightings/observations of unauthorized/unidentified aircraft/objects that have been observed entering/operating in the airspace of various military-controlled training ranges.”

Joseph Gradisher also stated that the Navy did not authorize the videos for public release, implying that the release by To The Stars Academy member and former Pentagon official Lou Elizondo was unauthorized. Below are some clips of Elizondo discussing the videos.

If the US Military really does not know what these objects are, and how they do what they do, then we are looking at something very mysterious. One reason I have taken advanced energy technologies such as LENR/Cold Fusion seriously is because it seems obvious to me from countless witness testimony about strange craft doing seemingly impossible things, that in fact these things are not impossible at all. It’s just that humankind in general simply doesn’t have a full understanding of the possibilities that nature affords.

“EXCLUSIVE – SAFIRE Contacted me in RESPONSE to my REACTION video to ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!” (Video by onehundrednine)

The following post and video has been submitted by onehundrednine.

When I created my reaction video to the SAFIRE video I based mostly of my analysis on their released video.  I made some extrapolations and requested that they release the information as quickly as possible.

The Safire team even viewed the video and liked my unbiased analysis and wanted to arrange a call to discuss this and help answer my questions and cover any misconceptions I may have had.

This video is my analysis of that conversation as well as the unedited version of it.  It has certainly answered a lot of my questions and yes there are still many questions to be answered but to be fair even they don’t know the answer to all of these questions.

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ICCF22 – Condensed Plasmoids – Lutz Jaitner

Thanks again to Bob Greenyer for sharing another presentation from ICCF-22

ICCF22 – Condensed Plasmoids – Lutz Jaitner

Lutz Jaitner talks through some of the observations of strange phenomenon from the middle of the last century to the present day where electrons and matter form a special state which are predicted to have extreme internal forces that lead to non-typical behaviour.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from here:

Condensed Plasmoids web site:

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CCF22 – Nuclear Transmutation with Carbon and Oxyhydrogen Plasma – Slobodan Stankovic

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for the following post.

ICCF22 – Nuclear Transmutation with Carbon and Oxyhydrogen Plasma – Slobodan Stankovic

Slobodan Stankovic of Swiss Oxyhydrogen Energy presents his findings in an oral presentation.

Apparent Synthesis of elements from exposure of electrolysed mixed hydrogen and oxygen gas is discussed.

Slides can be downloaded from here:

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