Where Will the Electricity Come From to charge Growing Numbers of EVs?

In the fight to de-carbonize the world, governments around the globe are pushing hard to phase out vehicles that use internal combustion engines. For example, in the United Kingdom and France, new gasoline and diesel cars will banned from 2040. Norway has a goal to have every new car electric by 2025. Just this month California governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order requiring all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California starting in 2035 to be electric.

Along with these kinds of actions is the push to also de-carbonize electricity generation. Of course EVs need to be charged, and the more EVs that are in operation, the greater the capacity required to charge them. The natural question is, can the grid keep up? California is trying to lead the wave in renewable power generation, but its grid has been under pressure lately, due to heatwaves and wildfires, and they have had to introduce brownouts and/or blackouts for periods of time.

There are many advantages to electric vehicles (e.g. no emissions, longer lifespan, low maintenance) , but only if there is sufficient electricity, at a reasonable cost, to charge them.

I see this whole scenario as a perfect market for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat SKL to enter. I can’t think of a government entity or auto manufacturer who would not be able to see the tremendous advantages to drivers that would come if electricity generation was either on-board vehicles themselves, or a device you keep at home to plug into, independent of the grid. Of course there would be other consequences to deal with (e.g. how to replace revenue from fuel taxes), but if the SKL worked well and reliably it would take emissions from both transportation and electricity genertion out of the equation

Rossi: Third Party Test Scheduled for this Week with Another ‘Partner’

Andrea Rossi commented on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that this weekend there was no third party testing going on, but that another “important” test would be taking place this week in his lab. I asked him whether this would be the third party test by the certifying agency that he said has been scheduled, but he replied, “No, it is with a Partner.”

It sounds to me like he is inviting the various parties with whom he did Skype demonstrations over the last few months to come in and do hands-on testing. Presumably he and they feel it is safe to do so. One cannot help but wonder how many such visits he will now have, how many potential partners are involved, and which industries they might represent.

There could be wisdom in a multi-pronged strategy from a business perspective. Rossi has stated that he does not plan to do exclusive deals. If he can open up his technology to multiple companies and industries at once, assuming the E-Cat SKL is all he has described it to be, there could be a widespread adoption of the technology all at once, making a somewhat level playing field for all involved. This could lead to a kind of ‘goldrush effect’, with no one wanting to be left out of a potential technological revolution.

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New MFMP Video: ‘How to Reliably Make Strange Radiation’

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has created a new video discussing research carried out by Russian scientists who report detecting “unusual radiation” being produced by water that has been magnetized, and then irradiated with a laser. They also investigate what role this kind of radiation might play in biology.

Bob goes on to discuss some of the possible implications of this research and how it might relate to other reported findings; here are some questions he poses in the video description:

– Why does Ryushin Ohmasa’s vibrated water cause fish and eels to grow big so quickly and without diseases?
– Why does corona discharge treated water cause seeds to grow faster and be more resistant to disease?
– Why does Alexander Shishkin’s cavitated water promote healthy plant growth?
– Why does ‘structured’ water promote bacterial life?
– What even is ‘structured’ water?
– could this form the basis of a radically new energy storage system?

All references can be found in the video description on YouTube.

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Rossi: E-Cat to be Certified for Both Industrial and Household Use

There is an interesting Q&A on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today regarding the scope of the certification for the E-Cat SKL testing that Andrea Rossi has said has been scheduled.

Mason asked:

A few days ago, you said that the certification testing has been scheduled. As such, it seems right that the protocols have been agreed to with the certifying agency, otherwise what is the point of scheduling the testing.

Logic says this mean that the purpose and goal of the certification has been defined. If this is so, are you able to share whether the certification is for industrial use, household use, or both?

Andrea Rossi replied:

Andrea Rossi
September 26, 2020 at 6:29 AM
Thank you for your kind wishes,
Warm Regards,

In the early days of the E-Cat, Rossi had been focusing only on industrial applications, he said because he believed that the product would pose safety concerns in domestic applications. This was when the E-Cat was designed primarily as a heater.

However the development of the E-Cat SKL seems to have changed all that, since it is now primarily a stand-alone electricity generator. Rossi has stated that there has never been any dangerous radiation been detected from the SKL, so maybe he feels there are not significant safety concerns that would preclude it from being used in homes.

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Upcoming Interview with Dottore Andrea Rossi

Last year E-Cat World member Greg Daigle gave a presentation at Minnebar 14: Minnesota’s Great Tech Get-Together on “LENR: A Primer”.

This year in early October, over six days, a virtual version of the Minnebar15 conference will be convened and Greg has signed up to host an interview between Frank Acland and Andrea Rossi.

Because of the number of sessions offered may exceed the number of spots available for the virtual conference, the conference announced today that they are going to ask those attending to vote for 5-10 of their favorite sessions by selecting “Yes! I am interested in attending “ on the session page.

So that the session and interview with Andrea Rossi does not get bumped, we need those interested in attending to sign up here for a free virtual ticket:


Then go to the session “LENR: AN ENERGY PRIMER – FOCUS ON ROSSI’S E-CAT: https://sessions.minnestar.org/sessions/1144 and click the “Yes! I Might Attend.” button.

We have asked for the session to be online at 9am CST on Tuesday, October 13.
The interview will last only 25 minutes, so don’t be late! Hope you can make it!

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First Third Party Test Successful, Certifying Agency Testing Scheduled

Apart from providing information on things he considers confidential, I think Andrea Rossi is quite open about what is going on in the story of the E-Cat, it’s just that he prefers to provide information by answering questions with short answers, rather than coming out and stating what is going on.

We have learned that a third party representing a potential business partner had visited his lab to do hands-on-testing (with their own instruments). According to this Q&A the test went well and has now concluded

Rick 57
September 23, 2020 at 3:54 AM
Dear Andrea,

a few questions, if I can:
– The important test planned last Friday has been successful ?
– Can you tell us a little bit more about it ?
– By when do you expect the tests with your partner will be completed ?

Andrea Rossi
September 23, 2020 at 9:30 AM
Rick 57:
1- yes
2- no
3- with that specific partner the tests have already been completed
We have other to make.
Warm Regards,

I followed up with a question about the next round of testing. Rossi has stated that an entity that certifies products will be coming to test the E-Cat SKL, and that the report of this test will be made public at some point.

Frank Acland
September 23, 2020 at 10:13 AM
Dear Andrea,

Has the test with the certifying company been scheduled yet?

Andrea Rossi
September 23, 2020 at 1:19 PM
Frank Acland:
Warm Regards,

I do trust, based on various experiences with him over the years, that Rossi is giving a true account of events (albeit without much detail). To me this is all good news. If the E-Cat is working well, and outsiders are now getting to see that first-hand, I think that bodes well for the future of this technology, and that in time there will be a public revelation of what has been going on behind closed doors for so long.

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Tesla’s ‘Battery Day’ – Sept 22, 2020

On Tuesday, September 22 2020, Tesla Motors will hold a much-anticipated event billed as ‘Battery Day’ as part of their annual stockholder meeting. The event has been delayed a few times this year, but they are now ready to make some important announcements.

Elon Musk has been building the anticipation, saying that “many exciting things will be unveiled”, and there has been considerable speculation about what will be revealed. Some people are thinking that Musk will talk about a ‘million-mile’ EV battery that over its lifetime of charging and discharging, would be able to power a vehicle to run for one million miles.

His latest tweet about Battery Day is this:

Musk and Tesla have never really expressed interest in LENR-related topics, but they are all about transforming the energy landscape in positive ways, so I think that many readers here will be interested in learning what Battery Day is all about, and thought it might be a good idea to put up a thread about it.

The Battery Day event will be streamed live on the Tesla website starting at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Link here: https://www.tesla.com/2020shareholdermeeting

Rossi: E-Cat SKL Tester is Potential Manufacturing Partner

Naturally, many people following the reports of Andrea Rossi about the third party testers who he says is currently testing the E-Cat SKL in his lab, are wondering which company or organization they are from.

Regarding this identity, Rossi has stated that it will only be revealed when both he and they are in agreement about making the disclosure. But he has given some information about some of the characteristics of this group. I asked couple of questions today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about them.

Frank Acland
September 20, 2020 at 8:48 AM
Dear Andrea,

Is the third party currently testing the SKL a potential manufacturer of the E-Cat SKL?

Andrea Rossi
September 20, 2020 at 11:50 AM
Frank Acland:
Warm Regards

Frank Acland
September 20, 2020 at 12:33 PM
Dear Andrea,

Is the current third party tester an entity that is already established with the ability to mass-produce products?

Andrea Rossi
September 20, 2020 at 2:14 PM
Frank Acland:
Warm Regards,

I do think that this is quite encouraging information for those who are hoping that the E-Cat can be commercialized. If the company is already involved in mass production, they should have the technology and expertise that Rossi/Leonardo really need to get E-Cats out there, rather than having to start from scratch and build a manufacturing base.

If, as Rossi says, the E-Cat SKL has so far performed well during the current testing regimen, it will surely have opened the testers’ eyes to the potential of the product, and I would guess they will be very interested in finalizing a deal with Rossi/Leonardo.

It could be a delicate negotiation, however, knowing Rossi’s famous protective attitude regarding the E-Cat’s secrets, and his desire to have control over the destiny of his invention. I do think, however, that Rossi will be wanting to make a deal. He is seventy years old now, and I am sure he wants to see his technology proliferate widely during his working lifetime. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Rossi is still saying that he believes there will be a public presentation of the SKL in 2020, and maybe by then we will have a better idea of who this mystery partner is.

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‘Important’ E-Cat SKL Test Scheduled for Today

Andrea Rossi has reported that today, September 18, 2020, there is an important test scheduled with the testers who are currently visiting his lab at an undisclosed location in Europe.

So far, he says that the testing has gone ‘well’, and that the mood of the testers is ‘positive’. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Bill Conley asked some questions about the testing that has been done so far:

Bill Conley
September 17, 2020 at 9:32 AM

I’m very encouraged by the current testing going on in your lab and wish you continued success with them. A few questions if you can:

1) Do the current 3rd Party tests include the replication of tests they previously viewed remotely via Skype?
2) If so, did the 3rd Party bring their own instruments to perform these tests?
3) If so, have the results of the remote and in-person tests been consistent so far?
4) Do any of these tests involve examination of the reactor core before and after operation (or will it remain sealed)?

Andrea Rossi
September 17, 2020 at 11:58 AM
1- yes
2- yes
3- yes
4- no
Warm Regards,

So, according to Rossi, these testers have previously seen the E-Cat SKL via Skype video conferencing, and what they are seeing now first hand is confirming that performance, which of course is very important, since it would be much harder to fake a test with people who are doing hands-on testing with their own instruments.

Now what further testing could be deemed by Rossi to be so important is unclear this point. Maybe the visitors will be trying to do some tests of their own, that Rossi himself had not done.

Robert Dorr today asked about the response of the testers to the things they have been witnessing:

Robert Dorr
September 17, 2020 at 9:33 PM
Dear Andrea,

I understand that the people doing the test must be a combination of scientist and/or engineer. With respect that they have a scientific background, before the test began, I would think that they must have been a bit skeptical that your device would work as well as you had described. During the test have they expressed their surprise that, yes indeed, it does work just as you indicated? Have they ever expressed amazement that someone has been able to construct such a device? People, including myself, are getting very excited with your success so far. Keep up your fantastic work, I have a feeling you will be totally successful.


Robert Dorr

Andrea Rossi
September 18, 2020 at 3:27 AM
Robert Dorr:
I’d say yes to your questions, that make sense.
Thanks for the kind sustain,
Warm Regards,

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Brilliant Light Power Video: “SunCell First Internal Field Trial”

This video from Brilliant Light Power was published on their YouTube channel on September 15 2020. It is titled “SunCell First Internal Field Trial”

From the video description:

“Specifically, we ran the first internal field trial of our 250-kW thermal reactor with a molten gallium to water heat transfer system to produce boiling water and steam on a continuous basis for the planned 45-minute duration of the trial. A real time excerpt of 20% of the run time is shown in this video. Inspection of the SunCell following the run showed that it was in mint condition and ready for the next trial. We plan to run a series of internal field trials in preparation for deploying SunCells to commercial customers to perform field trials in their facilities.”

BrLP claims that the SunCell has a power density of 5 MW/liter, surpassing the power density of fossil fuels, and that it can be deployed in situtions where there is no grid connection or available fuel infrastructure.