Video: Tom Darden Reflects on Life in Environmental Cleanup, LENR Businesses

A reader sent me a link to a video which he recorded at a Clean Tech Summit at the University of North Carolina held in March 2017 of an address by Cherokee CEO Tom Darden, where he discusses a lifetime working in the field of investing in brownfield cleanup and in supporting LENR research, and some of the lessons he has learned.

He refers to talking to many top researchers in the LENR field, and initially investing in about a dozen. At the time of this talk, he states that there are about three of them that they still felt were promising (not naming any names). He makes no mention of the Rossi v. IH lawsuit which was going on at the time.

The audio quality is not great (it’s really quiet), but with my headphones on and turned up I can hear it fine.

Settlement Good News For E-Cat Development

I can remember well first getting the news about Andrea Rossi filing suit against Industrial Heat et. al. In early spring 2016, Rossi had previously announced that the 1-year test was over, and followers of the E-Cat story were anxiously awaiting the release of a report about tests performance.

Then on April 6, I got an email from an attorney representing Andrea Rossi containing this press release announcing that the test had been a success, but that Rossi was suing Industrial Heat for breach of its license agreement, and misappropriation of intellectual property. I was shocked, as I know were many others. What could be one of the most important technological advancements in history would now be tied up in court for an unknown period of time, and who could predict the effect on the dissemination of E-Cat technology?

Since that day, we have been following closely the unfolding events and debate surrounding the lawsuit. The discussion hasn’t always been pleasant, to say the least, and personally I have tried to avoid joining the fray.

As far as I am concerned, the most important issue has always been that the E-Cat gets deployed in the real world and gets put to use in the service of mankind. So I was delighted, and very surprised, to learn yesterday that case had been settled.

I think it was the best possible outcome, and something I had hoped would happen, although I admit I was not convinced that it would, given the fierceness of the battle at times. Regardless of the verdict in this trial, I felt there would almost certainly be an appeal from whoever lost, and the whole suit would have to be fought again, sapping more money, time and energy.

Regardless of the terms of the settlement, in my mind one immediate benefit is that Andrea Rossi is now able to return to doing what he does best — the development of E-Cat technology — without being distracted by legal issues.

Andrea Rossi wrote yesterday, “I will never anymore talk about the issues of the litigation. They belong to the past. The war is over, now we must build a constructive future.” A constructive future is what the E-Cat needs. My hope is that these developments will hasten the public unveiling of the QuarkX, and its eventual commercialization. I’m sure there will be future problems to deal with, but I felt that this lawsuit was dark cloud overshadowing the whole field of LENR, sucking positive energy from it. I’m glad it’s gone.

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Rossi vs. IH: Case Settled (Rossi: “Satisfied” with settlement, Joint Statement to be Issued)

Thanks to Abd Lomax for posting the following on his Cold Fusion Community website:

“All claims and counterclaims withdrawn. Jury dismissed. Agreement, if any, was private. Full details, such as I have, when I get home.”

What an interesting turn of events. We don’t know how things will pan out going forward — does this mean that IH and Leonardo are again partners, or was there an agreement to part the ways with certain terms settled on? I hope we will find out, but it does mean a new chapter for the E-Cat has opened.

We will certainly be following this news, and reporting on any developments, but since the details are private we may never know the terms.

Thanks to Engineer 48 for this:

From LENR Forum:
PAPERLESS Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga:
Jury Trial completed on 7/5/2017.
Case settled.
Total time in court: 48 minutes.
Attorney Appearance(s): Francisco J Leon de la Barra, Rodolfo Nunez, Christopher Rebel Jude Pace, Erika Stephanie Handelson, Bernard P. Bell, Christopher Martin Lomax, John William Annesser, II, Brian W. Chaiken, John Charles Lukacs, Court Reporter: Stephanie McCarn, 305-523-5518 / (cmz) (Entered: 07/05/2017)

UPDATE: Here is a comment from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
July 5, 2017 at 5:53 PM
The terms of the settlement will remain under NDA for ever, as per request of the Attorneys of both Parties.
Personally, I am glad to be free to return to work full time for my E-Cat.
I will never anymore talk about the issues of the litigation. They belong to the past. The war is over, now we must build a constructive future.
From now I return to talk with our Readers.
Warm Regards,

UPDATE (July 6, 2017)

Some Q&As on the Journal of Nuclear Physics

July 6, 2017 at 6:25 AM
Dr Andrea Rossi:
1- will you make the presentation of the QuarkX within this year? AR: Yes
2- are you still preparing the manufacturing of the E-Cat in the USA and in Sweden? AR: Yes
3- are you satisfied with the settlement? AR: Yes
4- will the general terms of the settlement be explained in a joint release from the attorneys of both parties? AR: Yes
5- will remain under NDA the economic terms of the settlement? AR: Yes
Thank you if you can answer,


So it sounds like we can expect a joint statement from attorneys of both parties — should be interesting reading.

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Tear-down and Testing of Orbo O-Cube Cells (Greg Daigle)

The following post has been submitted by Greg Daigle
The last threads from Frank about Steorn’s Orbo “OCube” reported in this forum had mixed results. In E-Cat World you can reference these postings:
In summary, the O-Cube appeared not to perform as claimed and the electronic circuitry was suspected as the cause.
Since then (February/March 2017), Steorn closed shop, liquidated its assets, and founder Shaun McCarthy and some of his former emploO-Cube Report v2
yees have gone on to new ventures.
In early October 2016 Frank sent the OCube he had received from Steorn to me (I am a former member of the Steorn Knowledge Data Base) and I began a teardown of the components.  I acquired a digital oscilloscope and other software to do some analysis of the individual blue cells.  The blue cells were the battery-like components, covered in mastic and purportedly containing rolls of Shaun’s “magic film” capable of recharging themselves.  Testing was as time allowed.
This report highlights that testing of the blue cells and the results.  From these tests the following conclusions were reached regarding individual blue cells:
  1. They do not harvest energy from the environment
  2. They do recharge themselves as claimed by Steorn
I remain open to doing additional tests as time allows.  Looking forward to critiques and ideas to test.
O-Cube Report v2

MFMP Begins Testing of ECCO Fuel

Bob Greenyer has been posting on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Steemit site about their progress in testing of fuel that has been sent to them from Indian researcher Suhas Ralkar, the inventor of the ECCO reactor, which he claims to be a working LENR device.

The MFMP are planning to visit Suhas in India, but before taking that trip, they have been sent fuel which they have begun testing. Bob posted this today:

For those that are unfamiliar with Suhas Ralkar’s process for creating Nickel foil – please check out our previous article here. Nickel Sulphate is mixed with de-ionised water, the combination of which is used to electro-deposit Nickel foil onto 304 Stainless Steel by way 300khz of 200V DC ultrasonic ‘hydrogen plasma’ and in sympathy vibrations.

According to a previous MFMP post, Suhas’s fuel starts out with this:

There are two types of fuel Suhas produced and ran, both of which contain 60% Titanium + 5% Carbon black + 5% Potassium Carbonate + 10% Lithium Hydroxide

In addition, during processing:

“1x” fuel has 10% Nickel + 10 % Molybdenum
“final” fuel has 20% Nickel

In their most recent post, the MFMP now states that testing suggests that the used fuel has been shown to include gold, silver, palladium, holmium and tantalum, which was not in the original fuel.

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Ross v. IH Trial begins on June 28th.

We have had plenty of discussion here over the last year and a half or so in connection with the Rossi v. Industrial Heat et. al lawsuit, and there have been hundreds of documents posted in connection with the case. Now the moment that Andrea Rossi has been waiting for — his moment in court…

ECW Website Issues

This is just to let people know that there have been some problems with the E-Cat World website that are going to require me to migrate the site to a new server. I hope to have the migration accomplished in a day or two. Hopefully this will be accomplished with the minimum of downtime. The […]
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Me356 Gives Feedback to MFMP

Following the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s inconclusive testing with me356’s AURA reactor last month, many people have wondered what the status is with that situation, and whether there will be any follow up. A new post on the MFMP’s steemit account today gives provides some information on this subject. From the quotes from me356 it […]
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“Isotopic and Elemental Composition of Substance in Nickel-Hydrogen Heat Generators” (Alexander Parkhomov et al.)

I received the following presentation from Alexander Parkhomov, along with this introductory explanation: Dear Frank, I think that it is useful to readers of the E-Cat World website to pay attention to the presentation of Parkhomov’s report with co-authors, «Isotopic and Elemental Composition of Substance in Nickel-Hydrogen Heat Generators» presented at the  12th International Workshop […]
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ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Report Breakthrough in Algae Biofuel Research (Press Release)

The following press release was published on June 19th, 2017 jointly by ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics here: Algae strain developed and modified by Synthetic Genomics more than doubled oil production Additional research and testing required before commercial application Results published in peer-reviewed journal Nature Biotechnology IRVING, Texas & LA JOLLA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ExxonMobil and Synthetic […]
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