The Aether, Black Holes and the Standard Model (Chapman)

The following post was made originally be Chapman in the Always On Thread The topic of “The Aether” recently popped up in the thread about the EM Drive. I have much to say on the topic, but I did not want to divert that thread from it’s primary topic, so I will just post a […]
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LENR Patent Update – Ceramic Element (Dennis Craven Patent Granted)

The following post has been submitted by Greg Goble Dennis Craven (of the Baker Craven Taylor group) has updated the patent, Ceramic Element. LENR Patent Update – “Ceramic element” US 8485791 B2 – Assignee – Brown-Cravens-Taylor (GRANT) Issued: Jul 16, 2013 – Priory date: Aug 31, 2009 A new name, new wording, abstract, etc. “Ceramic […]

EM Drive: The Race To Rediscover, Redevelop, and Rename Thomas Townsend Brown’s Electrogravitic Technologies (Henry Black)

The following post has been submitted by Henry Black EM Drive: The Race To Rediscover, Redevelop, and Rename Thomas Townsend Brown’s Electrogravitic Technologies Author’s preface: Townsend Brown’s Electrogravitic technology, which manipulated the aether filled medium of our physical reality to produce thrust, is being re-developed under a variety of names – including the EM Drive. […]
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Rossi: 24 Volt Battery Input Required to Run QuarkX

We get precious little detail about the QuarkX from Andrea Rossi, but yesterday there was a question and answer on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that might shed a bit of light on the battery requirements: XL May 10, 2017 at 1:59 PM Dear Dr Andrea Rossi, Which is the voltage you need from the […]
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LENR and Jobs

In recent months I have been noticing an increasing number of news stories and media commentary on the expected impact of automation on jobs. The basic premise of the articles is usually the same: that a large percentage of jobs that are currently done by humans will disappear within the next few decades as robotics […]

Hot Fusion Heats Up

Hot fusion might be closer to reality than some of its critics think, but still facing some problems News stories indicate that two important hot fusion milestones might be achieved in the near future. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) in France is scheduled to begin generating hot plasma by December 2025, Wall Street Pit [...]

Rossi v. IH — Joint Pretrial Stipulation Published

A “Pretrial Stipulation” document has been jointly published by the attorneys from all parties in the Ross v. IH case which seems to be a summary of all the issues at stake in the trial. It includes statements that all parties agree on (“Statement of Uncontested Facts”; p. 8-23, and Issues of Law on Which […]

First Plasma in New Reactor Brings the UK a Big Step Closer to Fusion Energy (Tokamak Energy Press Release)

The following press release was published by Tokamak Energy here: First plasma in new reactor brings the UK a big step closer to fusion energy + Tokamak Energy turns on the ST40, it’s third reactor in five years + + The reactor will reach 100m degrees in 2018, the temperature required for fusion + […]
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Images of me356 AURA Control System Published

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing some interesting images on the MFMP Steemit page of the control system for the AURA device which have been shared by me356. The control system has been custom built by me356, and apparently has all the electronics needed to stimulate the reactor (no details about that have been provided […]
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Not Just Another Conspiracy Theory (Michael Rion)

The following post has been submitted by Michael Rion Not Just Another Conspiracy Theory This is a story about something that took place back in 1980. I’ve even seen it mentioned briefly in passing here on ECW, quite a while back, but I don’t believe you’ve heard about it from my particular perspective. First a […]
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