Hydrofusion Sells eCat Juice?

On Andrea Rossi’s blog today, the inventor implied that Hydro Fusion (the Swedish licensee) has found a company to act as a showcase for the 1MW eCat and that it is one he approves of. While I do not pretend to understand why this is needed, I do find the development interesting. There have been too many disappointments in the past but I have no reason to suspect Hydro Fusion of being anything but legitimate and if the sale goes through, it may shine a much-needed light on what is going on. Something must change if the credibility logjam is to be broken.


Gian Luca

Dear A.R. is it possible that the same choice made in sweden can be replicated in Italy by Prometeon? It would be a great & good chance, for the italian industry, to know LENR and your tecnology for a great future!

best regards

Gian Luca

>Andrea Rossi

Gian Luca:

The Swedish formula depends on the Licensees, not from us. Leonardo Corp sells the 1 MW plants, and the owners of the plants can use them the way they prefer: if they want to invest in a plant to sell energy, they can do it. We just make a due dioligence on the final Customer who buys the energy, before accepting the solution. Our Swedish licensee has proposed to us a Customer we like, therefore they are free to buy a plant to put it in the concern of their Customer and sell the energy. We gave them green light, but this is an initiative of theirs, not of ours.

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Donning a positive cap and taking a giant leap by assuming the eCat is real, it is fun to consider what company or organisation might fit the bill. Given their obvious interest, available funds and their positive comments regarding the HotCat tests, the R&D consortium of Elforsk would be the perfect candidate. If Hydro Fusion pulls of such a feat with them (or a similarly credible) body, I for one will applaud and immediately reassess my position. In that spirit: Good luck, Hydro Fusion.


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Psst! Wanna Buy Some eCat Juice?

Hydro Fusion, the Swedish license holders for Andrea Rossi’s eCat is making an interesting offer to entice a potential Swedish customer to test the water and act as a showcase for the technology. I’m not sure what to think of this. On the one hand it is interesting but I cannot help wonder why such a complicated dance would be required if the device simply worked as advertised. Potential customers could send their own engineers to Rossi to check the system out prior to buying. Why is it so hard?

I put the development under Interesting and Confusing

Wanted: Pilot Customer for ECAT 1 MW plant

10 Jun 2013/in News/by Hydro Fusion is looking for a Pilot Customer for the first ECAT 1 MW Plant to operate in Sweden. The customer will only pay for the energy produced by the ECAT, i.e. Hydro Fusion and Leonardo Corporation will take responsibility for all associated costs including: the plant itself, installation and any transportation costs. In return the Pilot Customer agrees upon

  • Scheduled Installation time by late fall 2013.
  • Hydro Fusion and Leonardo Corporation to use the Pilot Plant as a Showcase where external customers can be introduced to an ECAT 1 MW in operation.

Hydro Fusion is open to any type of heat application given the restriction of a maximum 120 C temperature. The ECAT’s energy specifications are:

  • Heat energy is produced according to specs.
    • Heat energy 1 MW thermal at up to 120 C
    • Heat exchanger from ECAT system to customer heat application.
  • Electricity is consumed according to specs.
    • 250 kWe maximum power consumption
    • 166 kWe average power consumption, i.e. COP=6

Hydro Fusion would like to receive quotations from Pilot Customers on both thermal MWh price and electric MWh price, based on an assumption of 7,000+ operating hours per year. Please specify clearly if your quotes depend on the outdoor temperature.

Pilot Customers, with an interest in this game changing technology, are kindly asked to contact us at info@hydrofusion.com. Please write “Pilot Customer” in the subject of the email.

For more info see, ECAT 1 MW Plant.

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Colonel Outed – E-Cat Schizophrenia Spreads

Details of the mysterious figure presented as the 1MW customer rep in October of last year have now been revealed. Many sceptics doubted he even existed but now they will most certainly doubt his impartiality (or assume he is Rossi’s employee or partner). Indeed, accusations fly that the more we know the more it stinks. To me, while the revelation is hardly good news for Rossi, it is difficult to conclude anything definitive. It is just one more brick in the wall.

Domenico Fioravanti, it seems, is ‘Cures’ – the handle responsible for the ‘leaked’ information about the so-called hot-cat. The unfortunate revelation that this is the person who supposedly gave the thumbs-up on behalf of the secret military outfit touted as the first e-Cat customer (who did not seem too bothered about picking up their purchase) is a double whammy bound to put the nail in the coffin for some and understandably so.

I try to balance the over-belligerent sceptics with a dose of non-judgmental caution but Rossi does not make it easy. The new information is highly suspicious. That said, our suspicions have been aroused for a while and this is just one more concern among many. Yet again, it seems to be a point score for the meannies. We can believe that this is an innocent conjunction of old acquaintances being reunited in a mutually beneficial contract or we can see it as an attempt to paper over the fact that the ‘Cures’ post was a fake leak by an insider (who was actually working with Rossi all along) to spin a photo of a standard furnace as ‘proof’ that miracles were happening in e-Cat land and to cover the cracks propagating along the secret customer’s independent tester story.

When Defkalion painted themselves into a corner by promising to reveal details of seven independent ‘well-known’ testing organizations and their results, I thought no company would do such a thing if they did not intend to deliver – it would be stupid. When they simply stood up and walked through the paint when the time came, I decided to accept nothing they said in the future until they demonstrate something substantial. That did not happen in NI Week and we are still waiting with nothing but a sliver of wishful thinking. Our next opportunity to be surprised will come at ICCF 17 in Korea. I wait in hope but not expectation. To me, Defkalion has a long credibility hill to climb and all the signs are that they will struggle to make it. While it is not in my nature to accuse people of criminal acts without solid proof, it is sensible to distrust anything they say until they back it with evidence. As soon as they do, they will be championed and deserve it.

I hope the same sorry pattern does not unfold for Rossi. With his new claim of October testing at the University of Bologna, the credulous part of me thinks that he would not paint himself into such a time-limited corner if there was no substance to his word. The sceptic within then slaps me in the face and recalls all the previous misdirections and ‘misunderstandings’ and chastises the other half of me for being a mug. Who knew schizophrenia could be so entertaining?

I cling to hope by my fingertips but the rock-face is crumbling.

Andrea… Show the world that you are the man you profess to be. I for one will applaud you. The University of Bologna has been a key player in indirectly lending its reputation to this saga from the beginning. I look forward to finally hearing from them that the eCat has landed. Those who accuse you of being a lying con artist willing to use the suffering of sick children as a prop in your game need to be shown how mistaken they are.

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Luca Salvarani:
    All this mess around Cures is much ado for nothing. Yes, somebody has leaked information regarding the 16 July test, made by 9 Professors and 1 Army Engineer. The names of the validators and the text of the test had to remain confidential until the end of the validation process, which will be within October 15th. Somebody, overwhelmed by enthusiasm, leaked. I want not to know who he is and the issue is not important to me, what is important is that now we have the capacity to heat water with a wall over 1000 Celsius (the reactor is operating every day and confirms all his performance and safety)-
    I am sorry for Cures, who will have some troubles, but it is not my problem at this point.
    The COP will not change; the Hot Cat is limited to industrial applications; a full and complete report will be published by the University that will complete the validation.
    Warmest Regards,

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Antonella:
    About the tests: the precise dates will be decided in an agreement that we should reach at the beginning of September: obviously we have to accept their needs.
    About Cures: He has been identified as Domenico Fioravanti, it appears that the data from the test made on July 16th comes from him. If it is true, it is due to an excess of enthusiasm for the results, that have been obtained in a test directed by him and by 6 Professors from two Universities. The data had to remain confidential, but he could not help to talk about this event and the remarkable results.
    He is making these tests as a Consultant of a military Customer of us and now probably he will have problems for the leakages, even if I do not think it has been so important: sooner or later the same data will be published. I knew Ing Fioravanti when he was a Student of the Politecnico di Torino ( the Engineering University of Turin, Italy) because he was making a research for Prof. Cesare Boffa (one of the best Engineering Prof. of the time) regarding the new technologies of Electrostatic Precipitators. It was the year 1976 and even if I was 26 years old, I was at the times considered an expert of the sector, so I gave to Domenico Fioravanti much papers I had wrote and he also sisited the electrostatic precipitators I manufactured in my factory of Caponago (Milan, Italy). The we never met again. After 35 years (!!!) I received an email from him in the blog of the Journal, in which he congratulated for the E-Cat, and for me has been a delighting surprise to hear from him again. I contacted him privately and he explained to me that he was a Colonel Engineer, expert of missiles tests. One year later, when with our Military Customer we had to choose a neutral Consultant for the test of the well known plant of 1 MW, I proposed Fioravanti, whom they knew very well, because he wrrked with NATO, with the Pentagon at the highest levels and always for engineering connected with thermodynamic tests. So we all have been glad to choose him.
    His intellectual integrity and his knowledge of the matter has allowed a job that has been considered highly professional from all the parties involved.
    This is it.
    Warm Regards,