Climate Change is already Affecting USA

Climate change caused by air pollution created by the burning of fuels is already having catastrophic effects on the United States a study mandated by the President has found. The National Climate Assessment prepared by a large panel of scientists provides even more reason to speed up investment in new energy technologies such as low [...]

Home Experiments show Independent Inventors are the future of Cold Fusion and Energy

Recent developments show that independent or back room inventors are the future of cold fusion and possibly nuclear energy in general. Slate magazine writer Charles Seife is right on in his criticism of big science’s efforts to harness fusion. If we rely on giant government projects to solve our energy problems solutions like low energy [...]

California Company working on Small Scale Hot Fusion for US Department of Defense

A company called Impulse Devices Inc. has received a US Department of Defense (DOD) grant to fund research to see if hot fusion could be produced by a process called cavitation. Impulse apparently met all the requirements of a DOD program called Advanced Cavitation Power Technology. This program set aside $35 million to fund real [...]