Paper: “Lattice Dilation of Plasma Sprayed Nickel Film Quantified by High Resolution Terahertz Imaging” (Rahman, Tanzella, Rahman, Page and Godes)

Thanks to LION for posting a link to this article by Anis Rahman, Francis Tanzella, Aunik K Rahman, Carl Page and Robert Godes, titled “Lattice Dilation of Plasma Sprayed Nickel Film Quantified by High Resolution Terahertz Imaging”.

From the Conclusion section:

A model has been proposed for explaining the increased heat energy generation from IPB-HHT experiment with the LENR tube cells. Here the fluid-like nickel lattice at higher temperatures, and under the influence of an RF electric field, is assumed to undergo a space-time crystal like non-equilibrium effect; and thus, producing increased energy via a non-radiative transition process. An in-situ monitoring of the IPB-HHT experiment has been proposed to determine the correlation between the excess energy generation period and the observed lattice dilation.



Robert Godes of Brillouin on Beta-Decay of Nickel in the Lugano Test

This comment by Robert E. Godes, Chief Technical Officer at Brillouin Energy was just made on this thread (regarding Godes’ thoughts on the Lugano E-Cat report) in response to a comment by LCD who noted that in appendix 3 of the report, copper was mentioned as being found in the fuel: I had not really looked at appendix […]

McKubre Slides From Norway Presentation Chronicle SRI’s LENR Replications — Brillouin Featured

Cold Fusion Now has found some interesting details from Michael McKubre. The slides that were presented by Michael McKubre at the symposium on LENR held in Oslo, Norway on November 5th have been uploaded to the site here. There’s a lot of interesting detail in these slides, including a list of nine replications that […]

Regulation Crowdfunding could Jump Start LENR Industry

A new kind of financing called Regulation Crowdfunding could provide an important new source of money for low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research and development. Regulation crowdfunding could also make it far easier for average people to invest in LENR and profit from it. Crowdfunding is the use of the internet to raise small sums [...]

Brillouin Signs Licensing Deal with Korean Firm

Brillouin Energy Corporation could begin manufacturing Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices by the end of 2014, the company’s CEO Robert W. George III told Sterling D. Allen of Pure Energy Systems. George also said his company has signed a “multimillion dollar licensing deal” with an unidentified firm in South Korea. The Korean firm has [...]

Brillouin Moving Forward

Brillouin Energy Corporation the Berkley California firm that is developing and testing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR)  boiler with the respected SRI (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) research laboratory in California is moving forward. The company has totally revamped its website (this one actually appears to work) and announced some more information about itself [...]

Criteria for a Successful LENR Device

With several companies claiming to be developing low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices many of us are probably wondering what criteria a successful LENR or cold fusion device would have to meet. Several different sets of criteria have been suggested some of which don’t appear that useful. Simply creating a low energy nuclear reaction isn’t [...]

US Electricity Shortage and Sky High Utility Bills Possible LENR could be the Solution

Evidence seems to indicate that the United States and Canada could soon be facing an electricity shortage like those already plaguing India, Pakistan, Japan and Chile. Wholesale prices for a kilowatt hour of electricity in New York City rose to an astronomical $1,647.56 on May 29 Bloomberg reported. New York’s electrical utility Consolidated Edison or [...]

More Information about Brillouin LENR Technology Available

Brillouin Energy Corporation is making a lot more information about its low energy nuclear reaction technology available to the media. In a lengthy interview with Pure Energy Systems News’ Sterling D. Allen Robert Godez Brillouin’s chief technology officer and inventor of a process he calls Controlled Electron Capture Reactions or CECR made some very interesting [...]