NASA Researchers Respond to LENR Critic

The US Space Agency NASA has spent about $778,000 on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction research over the past three years. The agency plans to spend another $212,000 on cold fusion research at its Langley Research Center (LaRC) this year. This information came from the responses that Langley senior scientist Dennis Bushnell and his colleague Joseph [...]

NASA LENR Research

Some of the inner workings behind the decision to fund LENR research at NASA have now been revealed. There are no great shock-waves and no-one should get carried away into seeing things that are not there or implied. Even so, in answering Keith Cowing’s questions (published on the NASAWatch site) Dennis Bushnell and Joe Zawodny clarify a few important points. Funding is modest but useful at under $1m so far. The decision to fund was subject to internal peer-review and NASA HQ is briefed on progress. My guess is that the latter is just par for the course and we should avoid jumping to conclusions. While it is too much to assume HQ cheer-leading (if they were, I expect serious money would flow) but given the contentious arena where most scientists still consider the field junk science, this is significant. No-one can now deny that LENR research is real science.

It is easy to shout down the efforts of a few maverick’s but that becomes ever harder when the leading edge of those brave and smart enough to look into the glass includes credible institutions such as NASA’s  Glen and Langley RCs. Tiny steps but important science and a huge leap for LENR politics and potential future funding.


[With thanks to Daniel Maris]