Rossi threatens Puppeteers with Law Suit Celani’s CERN LENR Presentation Available

  Andrea Rossi is now threatening to sue the puppeteers the shadowy group he blames for smearing his reputation and his ecat in the press and online. Rossi did not identify the “puppeteers” or their “puppets” although New Energy Times and the New Energy Institute would presumably be among them. Dick Smith could be another [...]

Dick Smith and his Million Dollar LENR Challenge

Australian millionaire Dick Smith is apparently still offering $1 million US (630,080 pound sterling in Britain or 753,920 Euros at current exchange rates) to anybody who can demonstrate cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction. The self proclaimed skeptic’s challenge is still up even though both Andrea Rossi and Defkalion rejected it. Smith has posted [...]

High Noon As Defkalion Accept $1 Million Dollar Challenge

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