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Sometimes WP screws up comments when they build up and sometimes not. This is one of those times. With luck, this post will fix it.

For those thinking that I may have shut the site down, I promise to give warning. If I pull the plug, I will announce the last open post and how long it will run before adding a final conclusive article that will stand without comment. Unless unexpected developments warrant reopening, I will leave the blog up for at least a year as a research tool and as a warning to others.

I said I would give time for the Rossi UniBo claim to play through October. I am not hopeful that he will deliver but am willing to wait and be surprised. Beyond that, developments in the LENR field look interesting. I would only switch to that if I could give it my full attention to do the subject justice as I will not repeat the hands-off moderation when things get ugly.

That said, within that sometimes nasty debate, lay many insightful posts that I am grateful for. Thanks to all who contribute without constant insult.

Where Are We Now?

According to Andrea Rossi, the eCat is now breaking the 1,000 C barrier and although we might have to wait an indeterminate time for domestic certification, at least the secret 1MW plant customers are happy. The building of the secret eCat factory continues apace and the secret partners are helping him innovate the secret process he can’t talk about but is happy to announce.

If you are new to this party, I would not blame you for thinking that eCat News is a den of negativity, but here’s the truth. I retain hope over experience that the eCat will deliver us the energy revolution we desperately need. If you doubt the honesty of this site, pick a handful of articles written over the months of last summer, autumn and winter or even into this spring and you will see that I was doing my best to fight off what I saw as disinformation and FUD from the toughest sceptics determined to pull the house down. I deliberately gave them their lead because I felt that their tactics would be more transparent when seen through a single window. As a hopeful sceptic myself (I felt there was enough smoke to warrant checking for fire but not to believe without seeing) I also felt they were an annoying necessity lest we close our minds to being wrong.

It is with a heavy heart that I find it ever harder to argue against them and although their certainty grates on me, the longer this goes on without Andrea Rossi delivering something concrete, the greater the likelihood there never was anything in the first place. I am not there yet. It is hard to believe all those people close to him have been fooled. The waters AR is swimming in are truly filled with sharks and the argument that he should operate by their rules is risible. So far, that argument has taken him a long way but it is wearing thin.

If he or Defkalion suddenly pulls the cat from the bag, no words from any sceptic will make a blind bit of difference and this period of frustration will be history. For now, however, I believe the sceptics are winning the argument. Thankfully, the aggregate evidence for LENR (as an unexplained heat effect) is more substantial and the cloud of derision the researchers often work under is beginning to slowly lift.

As always, I appreciate the continued comments and assure readers that I will report with absolute honesty whenever something of substance comes from the eCat or Defkalion camps, even if I do not like what that is. Unfortunately, I am not happy to report the recent succession of spiraling claims and urge the two companies to think again if they care for their public image. There is a small army out there waiting to support you but only if you start delivering what you promised. The clock is ticking.





My pm box is busy with people, wondering if I have given up on AR and the eCat. The answer is, No. That said, I do not wish to report on such a potentially important subject unless I can do so with all engines running. Although eCatNews appears to be popular, there were no offers to my request for help in running it. To do the site justice, I often read, research and write on a full-time basis and span the 24 hour clock. After almost a year, I do not grudge that work. It is a priviledge to be involved in some small way in helping fellow obsessives and potential investors find their way through the mass of information and misinformation coming at us from all directions.

It would be easy to simply post whatever anyone says about the subject. Ironically it takes time to post less. If eCatNews is to be useful, it requires full attention. I will only make that commitment while I am confident that I can bring value to its readers and that I am not steering them down false paths. The stakes are too high.

While I do not accuse Andrea Rossi or Defkalion of fraud, I cannot tell the difference between their actions and the eternal shifting promise of certain dodgy schemes of the past. If I had the resources, I would use them to find out the truth but I do not. There are so many people close to AR and Defkalion that it is inconceivable for all to be unaware of that truth. If there is no million-unit factory, someone close knows this and is scratching their head. That they would all then bury it in the sand is hard to believe. Can we therefore deduce that it must be true? Unfortunately, no. While I think too many hardened sceptics act on belief in place of logic, I agree with their take on the powerful tendency for people to delude themselves. That is not an insult; I include myself.

If Rossi and/or Defkalion are on the level, we will soon know (there’s that word again… “Soon” [You said it was just around the corner, Daddy!]) but my scepticism will remain strong until they deliver on their promises.

The case for LENR, in my opinion, is entirely different and I appreciate the scientific arguments here from both sides of the fence. The case against seems to be this:

We are not sure, so we will not investigate.

Given the potential prize, this is the greatest delusion of all.

eCatNews is unique in trying to bring all sides of the discussion together – where genuine, honest and healthy scepticism is encouraged along with its optimistic sibling.

Our energy needs are small and the solution is out there for the taking. Neither the eCat nor LENR is too good to be true (if the eCat falls, this statement still stands). Someday, we will reach a metaphorical finger to the sky and tap a fraction of the energy available as the planet screams across the universe. On that day, cold fusion’s stitch-up will be history and the technology of the day will seem a fantasy now. It may or may not include LENR in the mix.

The journey and the fight in getting there will pass through many fronts. This is one of them. The men and women at the coal face need help. It is tough enough dealing with the inevitable dead ends at the head of any pioneering research but they do so on an uneven playing field.

Right now, the best service eCatNews can offer its readers is to act as a focus for cautious hope with regard to any single group and a forum for realistic exploration of the field as a whole. I want to encourage a real effort by those who hold the levers in business and politics to do something meaningful. If a fraction of the enviromental costs of fossil and current nuclear fuels is put into the hunt for the future miracle we know is waiting for us, that future will speed our way. Bring to the table the cost of war and diplomacy, bribes and corruption, theft and political lobbying and the true waste is astonishing. One of our greatest triumphs is the scientific method and one of our greatest failures is the lack of support for a scientific push into the one thing that would change everything. If it takes trillions, we should spend trillions. It is that important.

While the eCat or Hyperion offers even a small hope of leveraging that effort, I am happy to wait. If Defkalion proves nothing by the end of summer, I will lose interest in anything they say.

I intend to use this lull to catch up on my work. The instant credible evidence comes our way, eCatNews will commit to helping whoever gives it.

Happy Christmas SNAKE!

Andrea Rossi has his own inimitable style when it comes to language. Entertaining, if nothing else.

  • Andrea Rossi
    Dear E-Catering:
    Have a Merry Christmas and a lucky 2012 you too, as well as all the Readers of this Journal ( I am so good: Merry Christmas and lucky New Year also to Puppet-Snakes and to their Puppetteers!)
    Warm Regards,

Happy Christmas SNAKE!

Andrea Rossi has his own inimitable style when it comes to language. Entertaining, if nothing else.

  • Andrea Rossi
    Dear E-Catering:
    Have a Merry Christmas and a lucky 2012 you too, as well as all the Readers of this Journal ( I am so good: Merry Christmas and lucky New Year also to Puppet-Snakes and to their Puppetteers!)
    Warm Regards,

Defkalion Spokesman: "“I Know What He’s Got in the Reactor, I Know Everything."

According to this new NY Teknik article the University Of Siena ran a spectroscopy of Rossi's eCat at some point and consequently it revealed to them the contents of the reactor, presumably revealing the secret catalyst which enables the Nickel Hydrogen to fuse.

Excerpt of Ny Teknik’s conversation with Alexandros Xanthoulis (Defkalion Spokesman) August 5, 2011


"Let’s say I have the formula of Rossi, but I’m not saying it officially. My scientists found a way to make it. They need three months, but I’m not going to play game behind Rossi. I’m  not a cheater. We started together and if he has to be paid, he will. But his problem is scientifically solved by us.
Because we believe that his reactor cannot operate more than 24 hours.
When we requested 48 it was a problem. But my scientists found out the problems. I cannot reveal it right now. But the problem can be fixed by us. It’s very simple but they didn’t think about it. The same way more than a year ago when Rossi had never thought that his invention could create electricity. He had never thought about it until we told him."

"First of all, the first problem was with 48 hours, that’s for sure. And he had a huge fight with one of my scientists, Mr Hadjichristos, you’ve heard of him most probably, Yiannis, because we were insisting on 48 hours. But we know the problem; we didn’t tell him of course, we know the problem.
I know what he’s got in the reactor, I know everything. It was a spectroscopy (Greek: ‘fasmatoscopy’) made by the university of Siena. It was an equipment made by the University of Siena. It understands everything that’s inside the reactor. So we know the components."

Ny Teknik: Who did that?

"The University of Siena. They tried his reactor without him understanding what they did. They checked it and we know what’s in the reactor. So it’s a matter of two or three months that my scientists can reproduce that, but I’m not going to try it. I’m playing a fair game.

We solved the problem. The problems he’s got, we solved them. Because the problem is that he cannot spread the reaction all over the pipe, and all the heating is concentrated in the middle. So we found the solution."

Read the full article at NY Teknik