SAFIRE Project has New Mandate – ‘Create Beneficial and Commercially Viable Transformative Technologies for Humanity’

Thanks to Artefact for posting this video.

The SAFIRE project is going to be presenting at the GlobalBEM Conference to be held November 9 & 10, in Breukelen, The Netherlands.

It appears that SAFIRE project is moving into a new phase. Until now their presentations were rather understated in terms of the claims they were making. The would show things in their plasma engine that was unusual and interesting but not make any bold claims about what was going on.

This video is has a different tone. They are announcing themselves as “Transformative Technology”, and say that their “new mandate” is to “create beneficial and commercially viable transformative technologies for humanity”, with these captions:

Efficient Clean Energy
Remediation of Nuclear Waste
Transmutation of Elements

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Plasma Compression Fusion Device (US Navy Patent)

Thanks to Bob Greeyer for posting this link to a patent application from the US Department of the Navy published on September 26, 2019 for a “Plasma Compression Fusion Device”.

Here is the abstract:

A plasma compression fusion device which includes a hollow duct and at least one pair of opposing counter spinning dynamic fusors . The hollow duct includes a vacuum chamber disposed within the hollow duct . Each dynamic fusor has a plurality of orifices and an outer surface which is electrically charged . In combination, the pair(s) of dynamic fusors create a concentrated magnetic energy flux and electromagnetic radiation within the vacuum chamber, whereby the concentrated magnetic energy flux compresses a mixture of gases that are injected through the orifices to the vacuum chamber such that a plasma core is created, and the to electromagnetic radiation heats the plasma core, while
produced magnetic fields confine the plasma core between the dynamic fusors, such that when an additional mixture of gases is introduced into the plasma core through the orifices, an energy gain is created .

In the description section of the application it explains:

All these methods of plasma confinement have grave issues, such as an extremely large size ( commensurate to that of an aircraft carrier ) requirement, plasma instabilities for tokamaks, and power losses and short confinement times for magnetic mirror / cusp machines. None of these confinement methods to date have been able to achieve break-even fusion reactions, namely the condition for fusion power output to equal the power input, let alone achieve the ignition condition whereby a fusion plasma burn is self sustained, without need for external power input. As a result, there is a need for an effective plasma compression fusion device, which creates an energy gain.

So it seems that this invention is intended to self-sustain without the need for energy input, an achievement that would of course be a huge breakthrough in the fusion field. We don’t know, however, if here is any experimental evidence that this method actually works, or whether this is just an idea that researchers think could work.

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Brilliant Light Power Claims COP of ~5, 100 kW Excess Heat with Suncell

There is a news report in the News section of the Brilliant Light Power website reporting on calorimetry results from recent testing done with the SunCell:

In addition to highly accurate power balance measurements by the recording the temperature change and water boil off of the water bath calorimeter (August 23rd video), SunCell® power measurements are being performed in molten gallium metal calorimeters. Rather than a water bath for cooling, a pool of 20-50 kg of gallium metal serves as a large heat sink, and the power is recorded by the increase in temperature of the gallium bath that is well mixed by an electromagnetic pump that also serves as a molten metal injector and an electrode of a pair to maintain a unique very low voltage plasma. The uniformity of the temperature is evident in the post-run SunCell® photo. The power is developed as soon as the hydrogen flows into the cell. The theoretical power from conventional chemistry with hydrogen addition is zero. The reaction of atomic hydrogen to hydrino or dark matter form of hydrogen catalyzed by HOH catalyst present in trace is the basis of this extraordinary hydrogen power source. A current result is an output of 120 kW for 25 kW input corresponding to about 100 kW of excess power from the hydrino reaction with no-hydrogen-addition runs showing energy balance (zero excess power).

It’s good to finally see some energy balance reports from BrLP, and these results in terms of COP and volume of power production show an impressive performance. Comparing runs with and without hydrogen is also important and confidence-building in their process.

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Mike McKubre at ICCF-22 — We Need Strategies to Move LENR Forward

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for providing another video from the ICCF-22 Conference.

ICCF22 – McKubre – 30 Years on – Italy 2019

Michael McKubre, former director of the Energy Research Center, SRI, California, USA, reflects on the past 30 years in LENR – the challenges the community faces and thoughts on how it could move forward.

Here are the points from his Conclusions slide:

– We must look in the mirror and learn from what others see
– Attempt to communicate better both inside and outside our community
– Encourage viewing the words you speak this week (and after) through the lens “outsiders” not “insiders”.
– Given what we know now, what do we do next? What strategies?
– EEC funding for non-carbon energy research explicitly including LENR
– US government funding options
– Corporate involvement

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Condensed Plasmoids and Strange Phenomena (Mario Menichella)

Thanks to Artefact for posting about the following:

Mario Menichella, physicist and science writer for the E-Cat The New Fire website has written an article titled ‘Condensed Plasma, a theory for many “strange phenomena”‘ in which he reveiws the recent presentation by Lutz Jaitner at the ICCF-19 conference looks at scientific reports throughout history in which strange phenomena have been observed in experiments “where electrons and matter form a special state which is predicted to produce extreme internal forces that lead to non-standard behavior”

The article can be read here:

Menicella writes:

“The form of nuclear energy production that you can obtain with condensed plasmoids is in alignment with that discussed recently in the literature by Andrea Rossi (2019) as embodied in his SK configuration. It is a nuclear process but one without harmful radiation. It embodies neither conventional nuclear fusion nor fission and the process is harmless to humans. The energy obtained from the process is largely due to an induced change in the atomic mass of participating materials.”

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“EXCLUSIVE – SAFIRE Contacted me in RESPONSE to my REACTION video to ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!” (Video by onehundrednine)

The following post and video has been submitted by onehundrednine.

When I created my reaction video to the SAFIRE video I based mostly of my analysis on their released video.  I made some extrapolations and requested that they release the information as quickly as possible.

The Safire team even viewed the video and liked my unbiased analysis and wanted to arrange a call to discuss this and help answer my questions and cover any misconceptions I may have had.

This video is my analysis of that conversation as well as the unedited version of it.  It has certainly answered a lot of my questions and yes there are still many questions to be answered but to be fair even they don’t know the answer to all of these questions.

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‘Substantial Modifications’ Made to E-Cat Based on Rossi’s Theory

In response to a request for an update on the current E-Cat R&D, Andrea Rossi posted the following today:

Andrea Rossi
September 12, 2019 at 3:00 AM
Yesterday we made an important step forward and substantial modifications have been made to the Ecat SK Leonardo. These modifications derived not from experimental phases, but directly from theoretical considerations and this fact not only improved the system, but reinforced the theoretical bases.
Warm Regards,

Rossi has recently stated that the E-Cat is not a LENR technology, and now points to his Researchgate paper on ‘long range particle interactions’ as being the best explication of this theory. If his current theoretical work is guiding his development of the E-Cat, and if he is seeing improvements, then he might be onto something.

He talks here about making “substantial modifications” to the E-Cat SK Leonardo, which imply that they are still in the problem resolving phase, which is probably why we have not seen signs of commercial activity with the E-Cat.

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SAFIRE Update: “Have achieved High Energy Discharges with Low Power Input” In Experiments Designed to Replicate the Sun

Thanks to Teppo for posting about a new video published by the SAFIRE project. Their goal has to replicate the operations of the sun in a plasma engine they have built for experimentation. They presented at the Electric Universe conference in Bath, UK in July and state that they find no disparities between their findings and their electric universe theory.

They are now saying that they have discovered the following

Stable self-organizing plasma double layer shells
Stable plasma tufts analogous to stella plasma tufting in the photosphere
Trapping of ions, electrons and molecules within double layers
Energy densities analogous to the sun
Electromagnetic confinement of matter
Steep voltage drop just off the surface of the anode
Acceleration of ions from the SAFIRE core
Spectral line broadening showing higher energies in plasma corona
Uniform thermal radiation emission
Creation of concurrent collisional and non-collisional plasma
High energy discharges with low power input
Chemistry as a catalyst to double layer formation
Slowing speed of light by 5x
Analogous transformer/capacitor behavior
Continuous spectrum from plasma double layers

From the YouTube video description:

“The SAFIRE Project is now able to make a number of definitive statements supported by concrete evidence, statements about: energy production; transmutation/creation of elements; remediation of radioactive materials; and the sun and interstellar medium – “If the process used to create the SAFIRE sun turns out to be similar to the process that creates the real sun … and stars … the scientific community would have a field day with door opening.”

At one point in the video, Montgomery Childs, the lead presenter states that during heat experiments, they were getting 100% — maximum power — with only 7% input. He says “the chamber shouldn’t be doing this”.

The full video can be seen here:

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New article by Leif Holmlid Makes the Case for Ultra Dense Hydrogen as Dark Matter

Thanks to Camilo Urban for the following post.

Leif Holmlid just got published an open access article that proposes theory from experimental results to explain Dark Matter as being formed by ultra dense hydrogen, and provide experimental basis for a reinterpretation of red shift and cosmic background noise that put the Big Bang idea to rest.

In certain ways is parallel to Mills hydrinos, and besides the monumental cosmological implications it also has monumental energy production implications.

Link here:


50 experimental publications exist on ultra-dense hydrogen H(0) from our laboratory. A review of these results was published recently (L. Holmlid and S. Zeiner-Gundersen in Phys. Scr. 74(7), 2019, The importance of this quantum material in space is accentuated by a few recent publications: The so called extended red emission (ERE) spectra in space agree well (L. Holmlid in Astrophys. J. 866:107, 2018a) with rotational spectra measured from H(0) in the laboratory, supporting the notion that H(0) is a major part of the dark matter in the Universe. The proton solar wind was shown to agree well with the protons ejected by Coulomb explosions in p(0), thus finally providing a convincing detailed energy mechanism for the solar wind protons (L. Holmlid in J. Geophys. Res. 122:7956–7962, 2017c). The very high corona temperature in the Sun is also directly explained (L. Holmlid in J. Geophys. Res. 122:7956–7962, 2017c) as caused by well-studied nuclear reactions in H(0). H(0) is the lowest energy form of hydrogen and H(0) is thus expected to exist everywhere where hydrogen exists in the Universe. The so called cosmological red-shifts have earlier been shown to agree quantitatively with stimulated Raman processes in ordinary Rydberg matter. H(0) easily transforms to ordinary Rydberg matter and can also form the largest length scale of matter, with highly excited electrons just a few K from the ionization limit. Such electronic states provide the small excitations needed in the condensed matter H(0) for a thermal emission at a few K temperature corresponding to the CMB, the so called cosmic microwave background radiation. These excitations can be observed directly by ordinary Raman spectroscopy (L. Holmlid in J. Raman Spectrosc. 39:1364–1374, 2008b). A purely thermal distribution from H(0) and also from ordinary Rydberg Matter at 2.7 K is the simplest explanation of the CMB. The coupling of electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom observed as in experiments with H(0) gives almost continuous energy excitations which can create a smooth thermal CMB emission spectrum as observed. Thus, both cosmological red-shifts and CMB are now proposed to partially be due to easily studied microscopic processes in ultradense hydrogen H(0) and the other related types of hydrogen matter at the two other length scales. These processes can be repeated at will in any laboratory. These microscopic formation processes are much simpler than the earlier proposed large-scale non-repeatable processes related to Big Bang.

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Rossi: The E-Cat is not Cold Fusion or LENR

For many years, Andrea Rossi has stated numerous times that the E-Cat does not operate on principles of cold fusion, preferring the label LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) to describe it. However, in recent comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, he says that LENR is now an incorrect description.

Here are some of his recent comments:

Andrea Rossi
August 23, 2019 at 11:08 PM
Rodney Nicholson:
besides semantic interpretations, the issue is that what I am learning from experiments is totally strange to what is intended by Cold Fusion and LENR.
We are seeing long range particle interactions. Our work and our most recent theoretical discoveries, after our experiments, have presently nothing in common with all has been done and is being done in the Cold Fusion-LENR community.
That’s all and is a fact.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
August 23, 2019 at 4:25 AM
LENR is a so wide definition, that it is not a definition and it makes a lot of con-fusion. Since this term is commonly used to connotate “cold fusion”, I prefer to say we are out of it, also to be honest with the recent development of our R&D. Isotopic changes do not imply fusion.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
August 22, 2019 at 2:11 PM
No. I arrived to think that cold fusion does not exist.
At this point of our theoretical and technological development, after 20 years of hard work, we think that cold fusion does not exist. I am sorry, but I feel us lightyears far from the LENR community, to which we, actually, never belonged. My effect depends on atom’s potentials that have nothing to do with cold fusion or LENR. This, by the way, is clearly put in evidence in my paper here:

So is it time for us to make a distinction between LENR and LRPI? I have to say, I don’t pretend to understand what is going on, and maybe it is not that important. What’s important is whether we can have an alternative energy production technology that is clean, safe and more efficient than currently available sources. I think we’ll get there somehow.

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