Laser-Induced Nuclear Processes in Ultra-Dense Hydrogen Take Place in Small Non-superfluid HN(0) Clusters (New Holmlid Paper)

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As per can, a new, recently published paper from Leif Holmlid. This one is open access.

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Laser-Induced Nuclear Processes in Ultra-Dense Hydrogen Take Place in Small Non-superfluid HN(0) Clusters

Abstract: Charged and neutral kaons are formed by impact of pulsed lasers on ultra-dense hydrogen H(0). This superfluid material H(0) consists of clusters of various forms, mainly of the chain-cluster type H2N. Such clusters are not stable above the transition temperature from superfluid to normal matter. In the case studied here, this transition is at 525 K for D(0) on an Ir target, as reported previously. Mesons are formed both below and above this temperature. Thus, the meson formation is not related to the long chain-clusters H2N but to the small non-superfluid cluster types H3(0) and H4(0) which still exist on the target above the transition temperature. The nuclear processes forming the kaons take place in such clusters when they are transferred to the lowest s = 1 state with H–H distance of 0.56 pm. At this short distance, nuclear processes are expected within 1 ns. The superfluid chain-cluster phase probably has no direct importance for the nuclear processes. The clusters where the nuclear processes in H(0) take place are thus quite accurately identified.


H3(0) is a flat triangular 3 atom molecule


Brilliant Light Power Publishes 4th Quarter Update

Thanks to a reader for pointing out that Brilliant Light Power has posted a 4th quarter Update on its website here:

Actually there are two updates, a business one and an analytical (scientific) one. In the business update they talk about the evolution of the SunCell and state that they are now working on a quartz version whose construction the have outsourced to a vendor.

They have also posted a new video, linked here on their Twitter account, in which they state they have a planned meeting with scientists from the Department of Defense.

LENR Claimed to Work –Future Cities About to Blossom (JD Sweeney)

The following post has been submitted by JD Sweeney — his original post is at:

Continued use of fossil fuels and nuclear plants are the biggest risks to human health and safety. Yet those invested in fossil fuels and radioactive nuclear have trouble in acknowledging the real hazards involved with polluted air and water and inevitable aged reactor failure.

In any case, to avoid the next disaster, many nations have to catch up in research, engineering and deployment of cheap, non-polluting and radiation-free energy sources. On-site generation of electricity and heat, called LENR, suitable for agriculture, industry, residential complexes and unlimited-range vehicles is now being engineered for farms and future cities.

“On-site Ecat power, offers a measure of energy independence, and avoids the huge losses from distribution power line grids. In the near future the Ecat could help provide desalination, and very importantly provide the energy needed (heating and cooling/electricity) for greenhouse crops, hydroponics and dwellings.”

“LENR Cities are Ultra Designed Environments, totally self-sustainable with agriculture and independent energy supply …incorporating state of the art infrastructure and ideal ways of building homes and communities …which attracts, investment, tourism…”

LENR cities will likely blossom first in oil-rich desert nations, followed by progressive Asia, Australia and Scandinavia. Hot and arid Arizona/New Mexico will likely be among the first movers, with hurricane-prone Caribbean nations gradually rebuilding their energy infrastructure with LENR and micro-grids. In much of Europe and the rest of North America we will likely see a few LENR subdivisions plus retro-fits of coal-fired generating plants and even some Alpine resorts energized by the New Fire.

For the environment and humanity, legacy energy infrastructures are costly and destructive; by comparison, LENR is benign and inexpensive. What the world now needs is the proliferation of pollution and radiation-free energy. Yet, the UN’s nuclear watch-dog acquiesces to proliferation of nuclear electricity generation, even though the uranium process is used by rogue nations in production of nuclear missiles.

The outcry by the scientific establishment, “LENR is not possible,” gradually shifts to “I always believed in the idea.” Yet, the nuclear industry and its regulators persist with the claim that old nuclear has the cleanest and safest track record of any power sources. Given the imminence of the LENR alternative, the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency — as it moves to reinvent its self — might plan on sponsoring a few LENR-powered communities in the poorest African countries and in war-torn Near-east.

Early implementation of LENR provides the means to arrest rising temperatures, rising coastal waters, air pollution, hunger, and in turn diminish the threat of nuclear war. Yet, we again celebrate New Year’s optimism by dancing on Titanic’s tilting deck.

And, the children cry, “I’m hungry, Mama. How high is the water, Papa?”

Sober Holidays to all, and to all a good hike.

Rossi ‘Thinks’ E-Cat SK to be Shown at January Presentation will be Heating a Factory

Here are some recent Q&As from the Journal of Nuclear Physics where Andrea Rossi is suggesting that the E-Cat that will be presented on January 31st will be providing heat for a customer.

Von Fukuda
November 27, 2018 at 8:31 AM
Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,
will we see the SK in operation in a factory during the presentation of January 31st?

Andrea Rossi
November 27, 2018 at 9:57 AM
Von Fukuda:
I think so.
Warm Regards,

Frank Acland
November 27, 2018 at 1:32 PM
Dear Andrea,
Do you mean that you think at the Jan 31 presentation, you will show an E-Cat working at a client’s factory doing actual work for them?

Andrea Rossi
November 27, 2018 at 3:26 PM
Frank Acland:
I think so,
Warm Regards,

Lillian Davis
November 28, 2018 at 7:55 AM
What is used for the Ecat SK that we will watch during the streaming of January 31st?

Andrea Rossi
November 28, 2018 at 8:42 AM
Lillian Davis:
Factory heating.
Warm Regards,

By ‘factory heating’ I am assuming he means simply space heating for a factory, which I would expect is probably on of the simplest way to use heat provided by an E-Cat. If the customer is in a cool winter climate it could be very valuable to cut the space heating costs, especially if there is a large volume to be heated.

LION 4 Unboxing Video (Bob Greenyer)

LION has sent Bob Greenyer a pair of reactors that he used in a recent experiment, which apparently ended suddenly. This video is of Bob unboxing the package he was sent. At the beginning of the video the audio is very garbled, but it does get better soon.

Bob will be doing further inspection and analysis and I am sure we will learn more as time goes on.

The slides from the presentation can be downloaded at this link: