The Unifying of Gravity with Energy (Eric Ashworth)

The following paper has been submitted by Eric Ashworth.

The Unifying of Gravity with Energy:


This paper is about energy as understood from the perspective of understanding gravity. Gravity is energy and energy is gravity. There is nothing other except that which it constructs. This no doubt you could find difficult to believe but the statements to be made can be substantiated by geometry, maths and an embodied mechanical mechanism referred to as a ‘Bipolar Unifying Field Oscillator’ (B.U.F.O.)
that is able to demonstrate the understanding in a practical way.

To understand energy you need to understand the complete cycle that involves understanding the conservation of energy. This paper will not deal with the atomic structures as they are well understood as being involved with the permutations of the hydrogen atom i.e. complex mathematical formulae. What it will explain is hydrogen and its direct relationship to the basic format of gravity. In other words, the format of the hydrogen atom is a micro image of the Cosmos with regards its geometry, maths and states i.e. active and static.

Also this paper will deal with the Exotic Vacuum Object (E.V.O.) and the part they play in the
geometric manipulation of the hydrogen atom whereby the curvature forces transition to linear forces and the linear forces transition back to curvature forces. This two stage transition provides an understanding of the Conservation of Energy with regards potential energy and kinetic energy and
has a direct involvement with the recent new source of energy obtained from Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (L.E.N.Rs) as that demonstrated by Andrea Rossi.

Also it will in tandem explain how an ElectroMagnetic drive (E.M. drive) generates propulsion in outerspace for interplanetary commuting. These technologies when fully understood will open up new frontiers in the understanding of energy of which there is nothing other than and therefore this paper will be incomplete to those wishingfull disclosure on every level i.e. I will make a statement without in-depth elaboration even though such statements can be elaborated upon because the subject can become too intense and overwhelming. Therefore this paper has had Occam’s Razor applied to it and can be considered to be in skeletal format but nevertheless informative.

The unifyiing of gravity

COVID-19 Thread 6/16/2020 (Steroid Dexamethasone Found in Trial to Reduce Risk of Death in Severe COVID-19 Cases))

Here’s an excerpt from an article on Yahoo News about results of a clinical trial carried out in the United Kingdom in which a steroid was used to treat people suffering with COVID-19:

‘A cheap steroid called dexamethasone has been found to reduce the risk of death by up to one-third among coronavirus patients with severe respiratory complications, University of Oxford researchers have said.

‘Scientists working on the Recovery Trial found the drug could benefit patients on ventilators or oxygen, but had no effect on those who did not need help breathing.

‘“Based on these results, one death would be prevented by treatment of around eight ventilated patients or around 25 patients requiring oxygen alone,” researchers said in a statement.

‘Matt Hancock, the health secretary, tweeted: “This global first exemplifies the power of science.”

“I’m absolutely delighted that today we can announce the first successful clinical trial for a treatment for Covid-19,” he added.’

Full article can be read here:

‘Million Mile Battery’ Confirmed by EV Battery Manufacturer

In what could be an important advancement in the field of electric vehicles, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of the Chinese company CATL, which supplies batteries to Tesla and Volkswagen, told Bloomberg News that CATL is ready to supply manufacturers with batteries that can power a vehicle 1.24 million miles during a lifespan of sixteen years. This would be a big improvement for over current EV batteries which are guaranteed for up to around 150,000 miles/8 years.

Neither Tesla nor Volkswagen have commented on Zeng’s statement, but Tesla had been planning to hold a “Battery Day” event this spring, where they have stated exciting news will be announced. The event has continued to be delayed, however.

The following video from the Torque News YouTube channel gives further details and perspective about the CATL development:

Mizuno Technology Inc. Website Published, Company Claims to Lead the Field in Excess Heat Production

Thanks to Gerard McEk for sharing the following link for the website of Mizuno Technology, Inc., a company that claims to be commercializing the LENR technology developed by Tadahiko Mizuno for practical applications.

The site is rather sparse on detail, but they state that Mizuno’s technology has been replicated, and that more replications are under way. No details about these replications are listed on the site, however. Regarding their business plans they state:

“Now we are developing a safe, controllable and powerful reaction to supply nearly unlimited heat to transform poor societies with alternative cooking fuel, heat for agriculture, space heating and clean water. We are moving from the lab to the commercial testing phase.”

They that they currently lead the field in excess heat production, and that “output power is exponentially related to operating temperature.”

There are no team members named, and it is not clear if Mizuno himself is one of the team members. They state that they are based out of Hokkaido, Japan, which I believe is where Mizuno still resides (he was a professor at Hokkaido university), so along with the name of the company, perhaps that is an indication that he is a team member.

The website states that we should “stay tuned” to find out more about the team members.

COVID-19 Thread 5/5/2020 (Researchers Identify Antibody that Neutralizes COVID-19 in Lab)

A research team from Utrecht University (Netherlands), Erasmus Medical Centre and the company Harbour BioMed (HBM) has published an article in Nature in which they state that they have identified antibodies that neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a laboratory setting, and which they think could play a role in treating the COVID-19 disease

Link to article:


The emergence of the novel human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan, China has caused a worldwide epidemic of respiratory disease (COVID-19). Vaccines and targeted therapeutics for treatment of this disease are currently lacking. Here we report a human monoclonal antibody that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 (and SARS-CoV) in cell culture. This cross-neutralizing antibody targets a communal epitope on these viruses and may offer potential for prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Thread 5/2/2020 (Study Finds Correlation Between Vitamin D Levels and Deaths)

A United Kingdom study by researchers from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust and the University of East Anglia has found that there is a correlation between low levels of vitamin D and mortality rates in COVID-19 patients in some European countries.

The researchers looked at vitamin D levels of people living in 20 European countries and correlated them with the rates of death from COVID-19 in those countries. They state: “Vitamin D levels are severely low in the aging population especially in Spain, Italy and Switzerland. This is also the most vulnerable group of population for COVID-19.”

A preliminary report has been published here:

Here is the abstract of the paper:

Background/Aims: WHO declared SARS-Cov-2 a global pandemic. The aims of this paper are to assess if there is any association between mean levels of vitamin D in various countries and cases respectively mortality caused by COVID-19.

Methods: We have identified the mean levels of vitamin D for 20 Europeans Countries for which we have also got the data regarding the morbidity and mortality caused by COVID-19.

Results: The mean level of vitamin D (average 56mmol/L, STDEV 10.61) in each country was strongly associated with the number of cases/1M (mean 295.95, STDEV 298.73 p=0.004, respectively with the mortality/1M (mean 5.96, STDEV 15.13, p < 0.00001).

Discussion: Vitamin D levels are severely low in the aging population especially in Spain, Italy and Switzerland. This is also the most vulnerable group of population for COVID-19.

Conclusions: We believe, that we can advise Vitamin D supplementation to protect against SARS-CoV2 infection.

Rossi: Skype Testing is With Multiple Companies Around the World.

After my previous post regarding Andrea Rossi doing Skype testing, some readers had pointed out that Andrea Rossi mentioned “clients”, rather than a single client. I thought that was an important point, so yesterday I decided to follow up on the Journal of Nuclear Physics with another question on the subject.

Frank Acland
April 27, 2020 at 7:21 AM
Dear Andrea,

Are you currently doing the online/skype testing you describe with just one company, or are you doing it with multiple companies?

His reply:

Andrea Rossi
April 27, 2020 at 1:39 PM
Frank Acland:
I am doing the test via Skype with companies of America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Warm Regards,

This response was quite surprising to me because I had assumed that the testing was with one party only. That there are apparently multiple companies involved makes the situation quite interesting, and probably quite efficient for Rossi if he is trying to generate interest in his E-Cat. By doing it all online, he probably feels his IP is quite secure (he says the E-Cats are with him), and he can do the same kinds of experiments with different companies from his lab which saves him the time and expense that would be involved in travel.

There will have to come a point, however, where customers will want and need to have hands-on experience with the E-Cat. No company is going to make a business decision on a product like this unless they have absolute knowledge that it is working as claimed, even if Skype tests seem convincing.

COVID-19 Thread 4/24/2020 (Australian Company Claims “Remarkable” Success with Stem Cell Treatment)

A Melbourne-based medicine company called Mesoblast has published a press release in which it claims that COVID-19 patients on ventilator support have responded very well to being treated with their product remestemcel-L, which they describe as an “allogeneic cell therapy”. The treatment is usually used to treat disease in people who have had bone marrow transplants, and is being used to treat COVID-19 patients on a compassionate use basis.

From the press release:

Key points:

• 83% survival in ventilator-dependent COVID-19 patients (10/12) with moderate/severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) treated with two infusions of Mesoblast’s allogeneic cell therapy remestemcel-L within the first five days under emergency compassionate use at New York City’s Mt Sinai hospital during the period March-April 2020

• 75% (9/12) have successfully come off ventilator support within a median of 10 days

• These results contrast with only 9% of ventilator-dependent COVID-19 patients being able to come off
ventilators with standard of care treatment and only 12% survival in ventilator-dependent COVID-19 patients at two major referral hospital networks in New York during the same time period

• This compassionate use treatment experience has informed the design of the clinical protocol for the
randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 2/3 trial of remestemcel-L in ventilator-dependent COVID-19
moderate/severe ARDS patients across North America

COVID-19 Thread 4/23/2020 (Researchers Suggest Temperature and Humidity Affect Virus Spread)

Researchers at the Institute of Virology at the University of Maryland suggest that there is a relationship between climate and how efficiently coronavirus spreads in communities.

‘In a new paper published on the open-data site SSRN, the researchers found that all cities experiencing significant outbreaks of COVID-19 have very similar winter climates with an average temperature of 41 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit, an average humidity level of 47 to 79 percent with a narrow east-west distribution along the same 30-50 N” latitude. This includes Wuhan, China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Northern Italy, Seattle, and Northern California. It could also spell increasing trouble for the Mid-Atlantic States and — as temperatures rise — New England.

‘“Based on what we have documented so far, it appears that the virus has a harder time spreading between people in warmer, tropical climates,” said study leader Mohammad Sajadi, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine in the UMSOM, physician-scientist at the Institute of Human Virology and a member of GVN.’

The paper referenced is titled “Temperature, Humidity and Latitude Analysis to Predict Potential Spread and Seasonality for COVID-19” and is available at:

COVID-19 Thread 4/21/2020 (Researchers Report More Encouraging Results using Remdesivir Treatment))

U.S. News is reporting that researchers reporting early results from clinical trials using Gilead Sciences’ drug remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients with both moderate and severe disease is encouraging.

‘A number of the patients are now recovering and have been released from the hospital. While it’s too early to tell, the researchers said there are also indications that remdesivir can possibly stave off being put on a ventilator.

‘”Early results are promising, and that is important right now. Much of what we are learning about COVID-19 management is centered around preventing quick deterioration. Timing is everything. I can’t say for certain they [patients] would have been intubated otherwise, but it’s encouraging,” said Katherine Perez, an infectious diseases pharmacist who is co-leading the trials.

[. . .]

‘Quick treatment is critical, said Dr. Kevin Grimes, an infectious diseases physician and co-leader of the trials.

‘”If given early enough, we’re hoping that remdesivir interferes with the virus and blocks its ability to replicate in patients’ cells,” Grimes said in a Houston Methodist news release. “The goal is that it staves off the deadly inflammatory cascade that leads to respiratory failure and the need to be intubated and put on a ventilator.”