Portugal Fires Prove World must Deal with Global Warming

A tragedy in Portugal demonstrates why the world needs to invest heavily in new energy solutions such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). Global warming might have led to the deaths of more than 60 innocent people. Around 30 people were burned to death in their cars trying to escape what was described as a [...]

Global Warming could Cause Food Shortages

There’s another very good reason to be afraid of global warming it could cause serious food shortages. Reports from NASA and other organizations indicate that rising temperatures created by greenhouse gases could make it a lot harder to grow food in the near future. More and more regions of the Earth are simply getting too [...]

2014: The Year in Cold Fusion

2014 turned out to be a really exciting year in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion even if we didn’t get the breakthrough we wanted. The field made progress and took some surprising twists and turns. The biggest and most important LENR story of the year had to be the entry of the [...]

Climate Change is already Affecting USA

Climate change caused by air pollution created by the burning of fuels is already having catastrophic effects on the United States a study mandated by the President has found. The National Climate Assessment prepared by a large panel of scientists provides even more reason to speed up investment in new energy technologies such as low [...]

Global Warming Real and Worse than Ever Need for LENR Research Greater than Ever

The need for more investment in real alternative energy technologies such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) is greater than ever because of the growing threat of global warming. A recent study confirmed that 97% of the scientific studies verify the fact the fact that human activity is causing global warming. We need new energy [...]

More Indications of Global Warming Show Need for LENR

The need for forms of energy that produce no greenhouse gases such as low energy nuclear reaction is becoming more urgent. Circumstantial evidence that global warming and climate change are real and getting worse is mounting. Soon even the most vocal skeptics are going to have to change their minds. Satellite photos indicate that Greenland’s [...]

Global Warming is Real LENR could be the Solution

US and British government scientists have concluded that climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions are making the Earth warmer and causing extreme weather events like last year’s drought in Texas. In other words global warming is real and we need to do something about it. The State of Climate Change report prepared by the [...]

US Electricity Shortage and Sky High Utility Bills Possible LENR could be the Solution

Evidence seems to indicate that the United States and Canada could soon be facing an electricity shortage like those already plaguing India, Pakistan, Japan and Chile. Wholesale prices for a kilowatt hour of electricity in New York City rose to an astronomical $1,647.56 on May 29 Bloomberg reported. New York’s electrical utility Consolidated Edison or [...]

Record Temperatures Provide Evidence of Global Warming and Demonstrate Need for LENR Research

Rising temperatures provide evidence that global warming is real and has begun. The increasing temperatures also provide a compelling reason to start major investments into Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or cold fusion research. Last month was the warmest March on record in the mainland United States. The average temperature in the country was 51.1 degrees [...]